Hi Dr. Rachel,

Thank you for being available for questions.

I am a 40 year old woman pregnant for the first time with twins (donor eggs) and a unicornuate uterus. Both my RE and peri told me that I have a big uterus for a unicornuate which I understand is great news.

However, I am worried because my regular OB keeps telling me that I'm not high risk and only need routine twin monitoring and the perinatologist doesn't seem too concerned either. Her bottom line message was that there is really nothing proven to prevent preterm labor so I just need to not worry, follow the OB's monitoring schedule and come back to see her if there is a problem. They recommend checking cervical length at 20 weeks and every four weeks until 28 weeks.

I wish their attitudes soothed my fears, but they actually have worsened them. I understand there is very little info about unicornuates and twins, most of which is only case reports, but I am afraid everyone is blowing off my UU out of lack of understanding. The peri quoted several studies about twin pregnancies showing that prophylactic cerclage and 17-hydroxyprogesterone have not been proven to improve outcomes but those were all studies of women with no uterine abnormalities.

Am I being too paranoid and really do need to stop worrying or should I try to find a perinatologist with experience with unicornuates?