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    Default Positive Downs Result on the Quad Screen

    We got our test back saying that our twins are at risk of having Downs Syndrome, and we are trying to figure out what to do next. The test was vague and did not give the percentage, but we already went to a counselor and discussed options. We have been reading loads about how the tests are not accurate and have a amnio scheduled for Monday. The thing is we are reading about the risks of the amnio and are scared to death of M/C, but also feel like we will need to know for certain in order to have these babies.

    I am 33 years old and have a healthy 2 year old daughter delivered naturally and neither my husband or I have any history of Downs in the family.

    Any advice or stories appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome. This is a tough one. All three of my children were at "high risk" none of them have it and it was a different reason each time. What exactly makes you high risk? I didn't have an amnio either time but I'm not advocating do it/don't do it, that was just our personal choice. I've heard high risk for Downs a lot, I think it really depends on how important the answer is to you. You really have to go with your heart. I wish I could be more helpful. Good luck whatever you decide.

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    sorry the results came back that the blood levels tested positive for Downs Syndrome. Spinal Bifida and everything else was negative, but the Downs Syndrome came back positive.

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    One of my twins had several visual markers for Downs spotted during an ultrasound.

    I declined the amnio. I felt like the risk of the test was too high when I knew I'd be keeping the babies no matter what they amnio told me.

    Both twins were born completely healthy.

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    I have a friend that had been told her baby would have downs and she had an amnio and it said she would have downs and the baby was born without downs. I wish I could tell you what to do for yourself, but I can't. I willpray for you!

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    my sister in law just had her twins 2wks ago at 30weeks gestation. She just recently told us that the little boy Alexander has down syndrome but the little girl is fine. I dont know weather she knew thru out her pregnancy or since the bubs were born. They r both young parents and healthy and went thru 3yrs of ivf to get these twins.............hang in there

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    Bless you i am considered high risk because of my age, we werent going to have the amnio whatever but my results came back normal anyway, we went against docs advice for amnio last time too and son was born fine, can i just say like trish i had a friend who had her baby terminated because they were told tests showed there baby was badly sinabifida, (this was about 6 years ago now, when the baby was delivered there was nothing wrong with him.
    Im sorry this isnt much help but just want you to know things arnt always as they seem,i havent had the amnio this time either and dont intend to even though my score was one in 564 for one twin and one in 674 for the other doc told me that was about normal for my age ,im 43. so sorry you have this decision to face.
    good luck hope all goes well whatever you decide il pray for you.
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    Default thanks

    for all the advice and help. We are going to go ahead with the Amnio because we both decided that would be the best thing to do for us even though we are scared about m/c. We just need to know and this is the route we are going, so fingers crossed and prayers appreciated. I know that next time we will not bother with the test.

    thanks again and please continue with experiences if possible.

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    a year ago i had a baby (just one, not twins). quad screen taken at 18 weeks gestation came back as 1 in 30 chance of having down syndrome baby. we're both healthy, so we couldn't understand - and were told to have genetic counseling. i did research instead. quad screen tests for 4 chemicals. chemicals A, B, C, D (i'm being brief). they read your levels and look at a chart. if you are 32 years old, and baby is 18 weeks along, and chemical A is high and chemical B is low, etc. - then you have a 1 in X chance of having a down syndrome baby. in my case, that was 1 in 30 chance. what that means is of 30 women who were my age, whose baby was 18 weeks at the time of the test, and whose 4 chemical levels were a, b, c, d - then of those 30 women, 1 of them ended up delivering a down syndrome baby. problem is it's only a screening and not an exact science. my baby wasn't 18 weeks at the time of the test like the doctors thought - we later discovered she was closer to 16 weeks - and that's what gave me the incorrect results. had they used the 16 weeks in their calculations, my quad would have come back "normal." i chose not to go with any more testing for fear of problems (no amnio, etc.) bottom line is she was born with no down syndrome.

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    Default Level II Ultrasound

    I'm glad I found this post! My doc recommends I have a Level II Ultrasound done because I am high risk (my age, I recently lost a baby, and it's twins). I have to drive 5 hours to have it done, so finding daycare for my 4 kids is a nightmare so far!!!
    Anyway...I've been debating whether or not to even have it done. I refuse to have an amnio. I know I would not terminate if one or both babies have downs.....so, what's the point of the test?
    So, I just really don't know what to do. I would hate to have it done and have these soft markers WORRY me the rest of my pregnancy. I have enough worries/stress.
    But, not having it done, I feel like I'm neglecting my babies in some way...
    I'm so confused, haha

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    Default Abnormal quad for twins

    I found out 4 days ago that my quad screen was abnormal for Neural Tube Defects. We were absolutely mortified. But then we had our ultrasound today and found out that we are expecting twins! Plus I was a week earlier in the pregnancy than previously thought. So, although the doc told us that the risk for NTD was now gone, the risk for Downs Syndrome had drastically climbed. For the twin girl, it is 1:33 and for the boy it is 1:144. Are these numbers extremely bad? Doc called me after we had already got back home and tried to explain everything on the phone to me, but due to the language barrier, I had a hard time understanding. I am worried that 1:33 is a bad number I am only 28, but have type one diabetes. Any thoughts on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msbehavin View Post
    Anyway...I've been debating whether or not to even have it done. I refuse to have an amnio. I know I would not terminate if one or both babies have downs.....so, what's the point of the test?
    If it were me, I would NOT have the test done. If you are absolutely sure you will not terminate, why worry yourself? I made the mistake of having the 1st set of tests done. They came back 1:23 for Down syndrome on Baby B (1:5000 or so for Baby A). I spend 3 agonizing weeks waiting for the results from a CVS test. Everything came back just fine. I decided then and there that if I get pregnant in the future I will NOT have these tests.

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    I hope the amnio comes back normal for you! This is such a difficult decision to make. But your not alone, many of us have some sort of marker for Downs. At 13 weeks, I had the nuchal cord test and blood tests done which came back great, low risk. Then at 18 weeks, my level 2 showed my boy having a calcification in his heart, a marker for Downs. We decided against the amnio, because it scared me after having a few miscarriages already. But I kinda would have liked to know. It's been in my head since, and until I see that my baby is fine, I will worry a bit. It's a personal choice, I really hope and pray yours turns out well. We also knew we wouldn't terminate but we would raise this baby is he does have it. But not knowing is hard!

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    I refused to have this test while I was pregnant with my boys due to the very fact that these tests have a high false positive rate...I was worried enough carrying two babies and I didn't want to add any more stress...So many ladies on these boards have had positive screenings only to find months later that their babies are perfectly healthy...

    I did have a scary level 2 us during my 7th month--they noticed a "soft marker" for downs and I worried daily and of course my boys were born healthy, not a thing the matter...
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