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    Question How early did you test ++ with an HPT??

    Just curious if twin+ pregnancies showed up earlier than singletons due to more HCG? So what day did you test + with an HPT and what brand.


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    I had a hpt come out positive 4 days b4 my expected period. It was first response But we dont know if it was a singlrton or a twin pg (miscarried). With the twins I took an ept when I was 4 days late and this last one was way more positive than the twins. I very much trust first response for an early accurate reading.
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    I took mine the day my period was due, I think it was a first response. I got a very faint positive line. Since it was a two pack I waited another day or two and took another one and it was really dark - positive! I kind of had a feeling early on this pregnancy because I had been SO TIRED in the very early stages, and with my first child I really didnt even think about being pregnant until I realized I was a week late.
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    I got a faint second line the day my period was due. The test was the Equate brand from Walmart. Since this is my first pregnancy, I wasn't sure if the faint line meant I was pregnant or not!
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