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    Question which nursing pillow does everyone use?

    Hi everyone-

    I am about 21 weeks pregnant with b/g twins and plan on nursing them. My question is what nursing pillow do you all use and which is most comfortable, washable, etc...

    I am trying to get everything I need now -- also, has anyone used one of these giant nursing pillows with a standard size glider or rocker chair from say babies r us? Babies R Us had one bigger sized glider but it only came in Pink Checkers!

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    DS Cameron 9/16/02
    b/g twins due 9/22/04

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    Hi Lynne -

    We purchased the foam nursing pillow from www.thebabyoutlet.com and it has been a life saver. I usually nurse on our bed or our couch but last night was the first time I tried to nurse in the glider in the girls room. It worked out okay because it supported my back but the pillow was a little too big. The arms on the glider are a little higher than my lap so the pillow sagged in the middle. I had to use another pillow to put between my lap and the nursing pillow.

    I looked for a bigger glider too but couldn't find one I like well enough - but if you have someone who could make a slip cover for one, it may be worth it.

    Alexis Lynn and Alyssa Mae
    3/28/04 (36 weeks)

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    I used a twin boppy pillow until the girls were about 4 or 5 mos or so. Then I got the Anna Double Nursing pillow and loved it because it supported each of the girl's bodies so much better. Also, I was able to use the twin boppy in the glider for the first couple of months but I don't think I would have been able to use the Anna Double in the glider; it's just too big.
    Kate & Suzanna (12/02)

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    EZ2Nurse pillow from www.doubleblessings.com is the my choice. I had another one but it lost its shape and didn't hold the boys when they only 2 months old. I ordered the one from doubleblessings and we are still using it at 7 months!

    Honestly the best place to nurse is on the couch. The arms on most rocker/gliders are two narrow and tall to fit a double pillow. We bought a nice LazyBoy rocker/recliner. It is great to sleep in when a baby won't sleep anywhere but on you.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
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    Wink double nursing

    I use the EZ nursing pillow when both babies wanted to eat at the same time. For us it actually works much better to nurse seperately. I found it to be uncomfortable to nurse both babies at once and they did not seem to eat as well. I also have two toddlers and if I nurse both babies at once there is no way to get up quickly to deal with the small emergenices toddlers are so good at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollieg
    We bought a nice LazyBoy rocker/recliner. It is great to sleep in when a baby won't sleep anywhere but on you.
    I would have loved a recliner. We had a big chair with big arms that was great to nurse in, but it didn't recline, so it was not good for sleeping in, so I'd sit there with sleeping babies on me and I couldn't move for fear of waking them. It would have been nice to just lie back and sleep too.
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    I use the EZ2 nurse pillow on the couch. It is too big for a glider, or much else besides a couch. I use a boppy or a molded foam changing table cushion to hold one baby on the couch while I strap into the EZ2nurse pillow, pick op one child, sit down and then grab the other one from the cushion or boppy. My dd didn't take to the breast until 2 months, so I would nurse my ds, and pump in the glider. I now use the glider for nighttime feedings if only one wakes up, and to comfort a crying baby. If you can, look for 2 boppies at yard sales (they can go in the washer and dryer to be cleaned). Both of my babies have enjoyed being held in them.
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