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    Default Twin Connection with each other...

    A few things the boys do make me wonder if there really is a twin connection..have you noticed it with yours? Ours can be where there is other children...even though they may play with another child for a minute they always manage to find each other and you will usually see them playing together more than with other kids, now ours aren't around other kids that much so that may be the reason... they never get far from each other. Then this week with the nice spring weather we decided to let them try to ride their John Deere Gator...right off the bat one (Preston) takes over the steering wheel, Triston automatically goes to the passenger seat and while Preston steers Triston pushes the pedal...just automatically like they were a team doing their own part to make it work and go. Thought it was so darn cute how one knows to steer and the other knows to push the pedal. We also watch them sometimes playing across the room from each other and they will be doing the same exact thing at the same time. They also like and dislike the same foods. they got a popcycle after dinner tonight and Triston was playing with his hitting it on his tray..Preston reached over held his hand down and said "No Triston..Stop"...and so Triston stopped playing with it and starting eating it...if we had told him to stop and eat it he would have just kept doing it...LOL! Preston was the bigger at birth and the first one born...he seems to be the leader still. I just think it is so fasinating to watch their behavior and connection with each other...sometimes I swear they know what the other is thinking. We are all so blessed to be able to get this privilege.
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    That's so cute about how Triston listens to Preston!

    What I've always noticed is that when I'm tickling or playing "piggies" with one of them, the other one will laugh, too. They've always done that, and I'm sure it is a "twin connection" thing!
    Maeve and Micky, June 25, 2008

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    michelle, marlee & cade do that too. they just switch stuff!! or how about when they are both sitting on a stool in the kitchen with a popsicle (because i told them they need to stay in the kitchen with it). then without a word, they look at eachother, get up, & run at the exact same time. or one creates a diversion for the other!!

    m & c ususally stick to playing with eachother too. i babysit 2 little ones (boys about 2 & 3 months younger than the twins on fridays. m & c will play with the other kids, but 80% of the time they play together & maybe one of the others will come over too. i used to think marlee would be the one telling cade no because she was the first born & is a girl afterall =) but it turns out cade is usually telling her "no, no" she doesn't listen though (again, she's a girl!!!). most of the time she just laughs!!
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