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03-01-2004, 04:08 PM
Almost forgot, KAren...hope everything is well...please keep us posted!!!!!!!

Caitlee's Mommy
03-01-2004, 05:05 PM
Hey Girls,

I know it has been a long time but I wanted to get back on and tell you all my story. I went into the hospital after going to my 25 week check up and the doctor checked me and I was dialated 4cm. I was taken to a very good hospital in Kansas where they were able to stop my labor for almost two weeks. My boys were born last Wednesday at 26 weeks and five days. My larger son Lincoln James weighed 2 lbs 1 oz and my little guy Griffin Louis weighed 1 lb 13 oz. They are doing very, very well considering how young they were. Both boys are off of the ventalators but do have oxygen masks to help them. I was very upset about the whole thing because I felt robbed and helpless. I never dreamed that this would happen to me. I wish I was still pregnant and laying in that bed but now I have to move on. I pray more than one time a day that my babies remain in good health. I don't want to bring any of you down. I just wanted you to know what happened to me and that my husband and I are taking one day at a time and thanking God for every day our boys continue to do well. I will try to check back in soon. Please feel free to say a little prayer for my guys. We thank any of you who do so. Take care girls!

03-01-2004, 05:55 PM
Ruthie! I was just wondering how you were doing. I'm sorry that your little guys were born so early, but thankful that they are doing well. It's great that they are already off of the ventilators. What hospital are they in? I have a friend who is a neonatal nurse in Topeka. Please keep us updated as often as you're able. I will be praying for you and your babies.

03-01-2004, 06:02 PM
Today it is absolutely beautiful in Oklahoma! It's about 60 degrees out, I've got the windows open, and the sky is a clear crystal blue. It gives me energy!

I hope that you all had a great weekend. We had a lot of rain yesterday, I thought I was going to die of rib pain, and I was having more contractions than normal. It calmed down, though.

My mom had the "proxy" baby shower for me on Saturday. I called on the cell phone and enjoyed it, though it sounded like a jumble. I only know what a few of the things were--diapers, wipes, clothes, some money. I'm looking forward to opening all of that stuff when my family visits next week!

I really wanted to have my church shower before the sale, as well. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was polite to ask for that, and my Mom really wants to be here. I haven't been away from home for very long, and it's a little hard on her to live 12 hours away from me and her first grandbabies. Anyway, the shower isn't until the 13th.

Oh, TL, I'm hoping to get one of those FP Aquarium bouncers, too! I bought a pretty nice bouncer at a garage sale last year, so I'm hoping they can just trade off! Is anyone getting the Aquarium cradle swing? I've heard lots of good things about it. I registered for one, but I don't think I'd pay the $100 if someone doesn't get it.

TL, my Mom had everyone address their own thank-you card!! It is nice to have that done, but my favorite thing from my wedding showers was just when the hostess bought the thank-yous for me!!

I don't know how much time my husband will be able to take off from work. He'll be able to be off until I get home from the hospital, for sure. He works in the graphics department at the NBC news station here, and May is their big ratings month, which they prepare for in April. <sigh> If we could give them a definite time, he could probably get off easier, but that's not exactly possible! Soooo, we are just hoping that they can get someone to fill in for about a week after they're born. Then we think he'll take off more time in another month or so. My mom will probably be here to help for about a month, so it would work well to have some close family time after that. The girls already love their daddy's voice!

Pat, I'm sure that you are doing your very best for your babies. Hang in there! Can your husband bring you some things that taste better that you could keep on hand? At least some things like nuts, cheese in an ice chest, celery sticks and peanut butter? All you can do is your best, and under the circumstances, we know that you are!! It does sound like your babies have great weights, and I'm glad that the Dr. isn't concerned.

We ordered carpet for the nursery this morning. It's supposed to get here by next Monday and my family is coming Tuesday. They'll get in in the morning, we'll rush across town to the peri, then come home and my brothers will help Kirk connect the heating ducts....I'm sure hoping this works!

I've been trying to look over our budget and see where to come up with an extra $50-$100 for diapers every month. I'm sure hoping to only have to co-pay on a vaginal birth and not a C-section. Of course, I want what's best for my babies first of all! And I know that the Lord will continue to provide for all of our needs. I'm so excited to be blessed with these children!

Have a great week, ladies! And (I love TL's saying) STAY PREGNANT!! :) :)

03-01-2004, 09:03 PM
Hi Everyone,
TL - I am so glad you had a great shower! Sounds like all of your friends are very generous! I still have everything from my shower in a big pile in the middle of the babies' room. I don't even really know what we have and don't have. I still need to go through all of the stuff that we have in storage from when DeAnn was a baby. I think we have everything we need, but until SOMEONE puts my nursery together, I won't know!!! (no - hubby did not work on the nursery again this weekend!) He promises me he will work on it next weekend - I'll believe it when I see it!

Pat (my hubby) is planning on taking off a week or week and a half when the babies are born. I think it will depend on if they are in the NICU, or how long they are in the hospital. His work has been really understanding about everything. Luckily, he works for a woman, who is also a mother, and she has been great.

Ruthie - I am sorry your babies came so early, but I am so glad that they are doing so good - I can't believe they are off of the respirator already - that is great!

Patricia - I've lost weight, too, with this stupid GD diet. In two weeks between appts, I lost a pound, but the babies gained more than a pound each, so I guess they are taking it from me. I think as long as the babies are growing, the Dr's don't worry too much. Hey - look at it this way - less weight to lose after they are born, right?

TL - I am sorry you are feeling lousy - I hope you are feeling better soon. It really stinks being sick while you are pregnant - like you said, you can't take the good stuff!

Angela - Sounds like you really need to get off of your feet. Have you seen the Dr yet? I am sure once you start resting more, you will feel much better. I felt soooo lousy right before I left work, resting more really made a difference.

Rosalynn, don't worry about the budget - it will work itself out. I always find that the money shows up somehow.

Anyway - everyone have a great week, and like TL says - Stay pregnant!!!

8 is enough
03-01-2004, 10:10 PM
Good evening girls!
I don't want to brag buuuuttttttt.....
I'm gonna rest good tonight. I went today and got a therapeudic foot massage and a prenatal body massage at the spa. It was from a cert. that my dh got me at Christmas. I wanted to fight the girl when she told me I had to get out of the foot massage chair. He He He! Did you guys hear about the new law that husbands had to rub their preggo wives feet and legs WHENEVER THEY WANT THEM TOO? Yea, me neither. Oh, well, I went in at 3 and came out at 5, then fantasy land was over. Straight to the ball park I went. But I refused to walk when I got their. My precious pampered feet deserved better, haaa haaa! But ball season has arrived, and when you have 3 boys playing ball in 3 different leagues, walking the park has a new meaning. Maybe I shoulda waited on the foot massage.
Patricia--I love it--"I only have 25 days til I'm discharged!" But I'm glad there is an end in sight for you.
I've lost weight to since our hospital stint. In Dec., I weighed 163 at my ob appt. and still did when I went back in in Feb. But my babies we're on the target weight too, so he said not to worry. Maybe I won't "bust 200 wide open" as my mil put it after all.
Congrats on all of your showers. It's always fun to be "showered", even when you can't be there, it's fun to know you're loved and thought of.
I need some help on names. We've figured we like Reagan, even though it is definitely a trendy name right now, we can't get it out of our heads. And then my daughter named the other Robyn. Does that sound too "rhymey"? Everytime I hear it I think of the old song Rockin' Robin. But even so, we need middle names. We thought about Reagan Ruth b/c Ruth is my mother's middle name. But dh doesn't want to name the other baby after his mother. So I'm at a lost for Robyn. Naming the other after my sister was an option, but her name is Crystal Tonya. Neither of which I'm too found of. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Have a great week!

03-01-2004, 11:11 PM
I am so jealous! I want to go get a pedicure and manicure, but I can't leave the house except for Dr appts. WAAAAAHHHH! Also, I was getting weekly massages until I ended up on bedrest. Again - WAAAAAHHHHH!

Seriously, I am glad you got a couple of hours of relaxation - you deserve it!

03-01-2004, 11:35 PM
I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. My dh is starting to drive me crazy too. I keep trying to get things ready for the babies and he feels that there is plenty of time. I was going crazy looking for a new car. Then, after not being able to agree on a vehicle, I decided to concentrate on the babies room. It is now the spare bedroom and nothing has been done. In fact dh is now sleeping in there because of my constant turning throughout the night. He doesn't want to even begin to change the room or paint until after the babies are here.

Well enough complaining. Has anyone considered cloth diapers in order to save money? I will have 3 under the age of 2 so diapers are going to be a huge expense for awhile.

Also, Is anyone else planning on going back to work? I need to start looking for a nanny and I'm not sure how to begin looking. Daycare would cost about $500/wk and we can't afford that. I'm not the stay at home type of person. In fact when I had my daughter, we were at the mall the day after we got out of the hospital. Even on the weekends I get so tired around the house that I can't wait to return to work on Mondays. I know, I not normal, I just need to stay busy keeping up a house is not anything that I'm good at doing.

03-02-2004, 11:07 AM
Hi Girls,

Wow! There's been a lot going on since I checked in yesterday morning!

Ruthie - Congrats on the birth of your boys. I'll keep them in my prayers, and hopefully they'll get bigger and stronger every day and be home before you know it. Keep us updated.

Frances - I'm going thru the same thing as you. I need to get all of Jimmy's stuff out of our attic, but I can't climb up there myself, plus I have no place to put it when it does come down. DH promised he'd work on cleaning out the spare room/office (the babies's room) last weekend, but didn't do a thing. Now he's on a business trip until tomorrow nite. Next weekend I'll have to think of something to get him moving. Maybe when I tell him that at the most it will be 8 weeks until the babies are born he'll get moving.

Jennifer - a pedicure and a massage? You go girl! I have always heard that pregnancy massages are the best thing ever, I think I'm going to get one just to see what it's like. I have a gift certificate for a mani and a pedi, but I figured I'll wait until right before the babies are born so I'll look nice in the hospital.

Debby - God bless you if you can handle cloth diapers for three kids! I know I couldn't. Jimmy is potty trained, but the few times he had an accident and pooped in his underwear I threw them away so I wouldn't have to deal with cleaning them. Terrible I know, but luckily it was only a couple of times. My sister-in-law used cloth diapers for her three oldest, and didn't mind it too much. Her oldest was potty trained by the time she had her twins, so she never had three in cloth at the same time. For her 4th child she went straight to disposable, I guess she was tired of washing the cloth. She did tell me that she hated diaper service, though, and never used it. She said they only came once a week and she couldn't bear to have the dirty diapers sit around for that long.

I also can't blame you for wanting to go back to work. I've been home for a year, so by now I have no desire to go back. Plus, I don't know how I could ever get myself plus three kids dressed and out the door in the morning. But after Jimmy was born I remember getting sort of jealous watching my husband get dressed and go to work every day and I didn't even know if I'd get a shower before 4:00 in the afternoon or not. I stayed home for 4 months before I went back, but by the time I had to go back I could go anywhere or do anything with Jimmy, so I wanted to stay home.

Jimmy started at Tutor Time when he was a year old (a friend watched him until then), I know they give discounts for each kid after the first, so maybe you could look into something like that. I don't know anything about nannies, I never knew anyone who had one. Good luck with it, though.

Are any of you going to bank your babies' cord blood? I think it's very worthwhile (my husband had a stem cell transplant last year and it would have been easier on him if we had something like this), but it costs a ton of money and you never know if you will need yours or not. I looked into donating and I was shocked to find out that most places won't take cord blood from twins. Apparently there's not enough cord blood from twins for them to use, but you can bank your own because supposedly the technology will be there in a few years to allow them to use it (plus the private banks will be happy to take your money whether you ever use the cord blood or not). I did call one donation place and they said they used to take cord blood from multiples, but they stopped because they ran into a problem because there's no way to know for sure which twin the blood came from. I didn't fully understand her reason, but they definitely won't take it. Let me know if any of you have found a place that will take a donation from twins.

Sorry this is so long, I guess I'm just looking for someone to chat with today!

03-02-2004, 02:58 PM
Good Morning Ladies

I had my peri and ob appt. today. I am happy to report that my peri said everything looks normal. They are both weighing about 2.5. Their heads are in the down position, Baby A (carlos) is alot lower than B (Cristian) they say that carlos will be the first one out since he is so low. They checked my cervix it measuerd 3cm. He says is sitll normal but on the low side of normal. He is gonna want to keep an eye on that. My peri explained that the placenta of baby B (Cristian) isnt completely "embedded" into the uterus. (He says it is common in twins, but more common in tripplets or more.) That dosent mean there is worry for placental seperation. He just wants to keep an eye on the growth of this baby to be sure his growth keeps up with Carlos.

OH!! the cutest little thing Carlos was opening and closing his mouth during the u/s it was so cute.

Then I went across the street to my ob. When I was weighed we noticed I still havent gained any weight. The last 3 visits I have gained nothing he's not concerned considering that both babies are doing real well and growing. Not to mention I was a big girl to begin with. Everything I'm eating is going to them. My peri did suggest taking iron supplements. As far as leaving work my ob left it up to me. I just dont want to be looked at as someone who just wants an excuse to get out of work, but to tell you the truth I cant even step on my right leg without pain in my lower back. Most likely I'll be leaving work soon.

Ruthie~~Congratulations on your boys, glad to hear they are off the resperator. I'm praying and thinking of them. Looking forward to hearing about their sucess. Keep us Posted.

Thanks to all of you for the advise about getting off my feet and resting. That sounds like the best thingfor me. Thank You!

I'll check the posts later today. Unitl then Take care.

03-02-2004, 03:55 PM
I am glad to hear that things seem to be going well for everyone. I haven't posted in a while but I read the board daily to see what is going on with everyone. My wrists have been hurting quite a bit (carpel tunnel), so it is hard for me to type on some days. To compound the problem my hands are swollen. I went to the Dr's yesterday to make sure the swelling wasn't a sign of preclampsia. All my tests came back normal except for my urine, which had a little protien in it. She said to watch the swelling and she will see me again at the end of the week. Otherwise, than the obvious discomforts of carrying twins I am doing well. On the nursery front...we had progress this weekend but we still have a long way to go. My DH is more motivated now that my stomach is growing by leaps and bounds and the babies could come by the end of next month.

Angela- I am glad to hear that appoitments with your doctors went well. I agree with the rest of the group that your body is probably telling you to get off your feet. It sounds like you are going to take time of from work to rest. Good for you.

Ruthie- Congratulations to you and your DH on the birth of your babies. I am sure that it is a trying time for you both but it sounds like they are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please keep in touch so we know how they are doing.

Jennifer- I just had a manicure and a pedicure last week because it was my birthday and my DH thought that would be a wonderful thing for me to do. It felt so good too. I am glad that you enjoyed yours as well.

Debby- I don't think I could do cloth diapers, but I applaud you if you decide to do it.

Karen- How are things with your babies? I can't wait to hear.

Pat- I hope things are going well in the hospital for you. I am sorry to hear that the food is so bad. I know it must be hard to think of yourself being in the hospital for so long, but think of what a good thing you are doing for your babies for "baking" them for so long. Good luck and keep us informed.

If I missed anyone I apologize but my wrists are starting to hurt so that is my cue to get off the computer. Everyone keep up the good work of taking care of yourself and your babies and I'll tak to you all soon.

03-02-2004, 05:48 PM
Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I, too, can't believe we're in the home stretch. I wrote earlier that the doctor took me out of work as a precaution, so tomorrow is my last day (1/2 day). I'll be 28 weeks Friday. I've been so tired lately and having a lot of pressure if I walk too much, so it's going to be great to be able to lounge around all day.

Have any of you measured your belly? Just curious. I've been measuring around my belly button, just to log in my journal, and it's starting to grow by leaps and bounds. :)

We don't know the sexes of the babies, so we're doing a neutral "baby jungle" themed nursery. My girlfriend is in the process of painting a mural and it's all coming together so nicely. I'm excited!

Patricia - glad to hear you are hanging in there!!

Talk with everyone soon - I don't know what I'd do without this message board...


03-02-2004, 06:54 PM
Hello Everyone

Ruthie- Congrats on the birth of your twins!! I am really glad to hear that they are off the ventilator, which is a great milestone!

Michelle: My Dr has been measuring my fundal height and as of 2 weeks ago I was measuring 38cm and I was only 29wks he expects it to get to 45-47

It seems that everyone is doing well and we are all in the same place regarding the nursery!! DH has been pretty good last night he moved everything out of the office so I can start cleaning and getting the room ready!! He is away for the next 3 days so I decided to take that time to try and get as much as possible done! Once he gets back he will most likely start putting up the cribs and we can finally have this room done. The only problem is that we have the rest of the apartment to disinfect before the babies get here so the work is only starting!! I wonít be able to paint the walls since we rent but I have bought these Winnie the Pooh stick ups to make it feel a bit more like a nursery I hope they work.

Although my DH has been good in terms of helping with the room and getting things organised the funny thing is I believe that all the first time father sometimes forget about the big change that will happen. My DH called me yesterday and told me he spoke to some friends and they will coming into town the last weekend of April (when I will be 37wks) and I said that is great where are they staying?? He paused and wondered why I was asking and I had to remind him that we may have 2 extra people living with us by that time  and he might not even be able to see them especially if I am just getting home from hospital or in labour!! He replied Oh yeah thatís right!! I had to laugh!!

I had my baby shower on Sunday which was really nice and got some great stuff!! The only shame was that since Australia is not my where I am originally from my mom, sister and cousins couldnít be there but they did join in some of the games via e-mail!!

I have my almost 32 week ultrasound on Friday and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good weight and both head down!! I canít believe we are almost there!! HANG IN THERE EVERYONE !! KEEP THEM COOKING!!


03-02-2004, 07:26 PM
Wow, everyone sure was in a chatty mood !!!! :)

I forgot to mention this yesterday. But it turns out those FP aqarium bouncers are totally the "in" thing. I really wanted a set as a gift. Well, out of all the gifts i recvd at the shower that was by far, the most popular. I recvd 4 of them as gifts!!!! All from new moms. I was going to return two of them, but my MIL insists that I keep them at her house for when the babies are visiting. AS IF!!!!!!!!Anyhow, I thought it was funny how much we all wanted them!!
I dont think that i am the "stay at home" kinda mom. I think that i would go crazy...I wanted to go back to work, but daycare for two babies over here is also about 500.00 a month. Turns out my next door neighbor just retired and said she would watch both of them for 450.00 a month-- total!!! That, i can totally live with!!!
I love the name Reagan!!! Get this, now this may be kinda corny, but....when we didnt know the sex of the babies and were experimenting with names, i decided in Regan and Kennedy for two girls....Get it?? the presidents??? Well, not really after them, I just like the names and thought it was kinda funny about the president thing.....anyhow, i guess that wasnt much help.
Angela, Im glad you had a good doctors appointment. I would really consider staying home for the rest of your pg. ENjoy it!!:)
Nikki, it was good to hear from you again, i was wondering about you. I also had problems with my hands, expecially at night. But you know, since i've been on bedrest its completely gone away. y feet swelling has also gone down, so maybe it has something to do with that.
Michelle, I love the junge theme. I had considered that theme also. BOMBAY has childrens items, and they have bedding sets, and the accessories for the nursery. they have the cutest jungle theme. For the accessories, they have like animal patchwork to hang in the room, its sooooo cute. Check out thier website for ideas.
Anne, i'm glad you had a good shower. Im working on thank you cards right now. ( My MIL graciosly reminded me that people are waiting for them...) Its so hard to express to people how extremely grateful you really are. Needless to say, its gonna take me a while.
I forgot to mention who mentioned taking iron....I started iron suppl about two weeks ago, and let me prepare you....they sure do work a number on your bowel movements!!! All the books talk about the possibility of constipation....but I never thought constipation could be so uncomfortable while being pg!!! My doctor recommends if you take iron, that you also take two stool softeners everyday. Check with your doctor about that.

24 more days till im off of bedrest!!

03-02-2004, 11:37 PM
Today my Dr office called me and let me know that my doctor had a perscription faxed to a medical supply place for one of those pregnancy support belts. When I went to pick it up they even helped me fit it correctly that was great. Lets see how it works. I now have that to help with the weight. Has anyone used or using one of those, and does it help??

Patricia~~Thanks on your advise on taking the stool softener while on iron supplments. I was told to take 1 iron supplment a day. When I went to the pharmacy to get them. I asked what would be the best to take, they were more than happy to help me. The pharmacist actually told me it causes constipation. She even called my doctor to ask what stool softener she could reccomend and if it was ok (U know for the babies). Anyway I got them but I wasnt sure on how many of those to take and how often.

03-03-2004, 03:16 AM
For those of you ladies that have already stopped working, are you reciving disability payments? Can anyone tell me how that works how and when you fill out the papers. Any input is useful. Thanks

03-03-2004, 09:01 AM
Hi Angela, When I stopped working, I had to call the leave center with the company I work for. If you have your disability insurance through your job, just check with your boss or your HR dept, they should be able to point you in the right directionl.

Good luck!

03-03-2004, 02:34 PM
I started out by taking one stool softener a day, but it didnt work. My doctor said that normally that should work, but because of my inactivity with bedrest, I needed two a day. --Two seemed to do the trick!

As for the disability, I also went through my HR dept at work.They set it all up. Check with them.


03-03-2004, 02:37 PM
almost forgot, I tried a mat belt also, but since baby a was on the bottom, it was really uncomfortable to have the belt on over her...it actually made me feel a lot more pressuie in the lower abdomen when i wore it. But that could have been just me....Im sure others have had a much better experience...

ok, let me eat NOW...

03-03-2004, 04:43 PM
Jennifer, I'm not even going to try and help you with names! We've decided on "Julia" and other than that we keep changing our minds! I sure hope they don't get here until they have names....

Tomorrow I'll hit the 30 week mark!!!!! I'm very excited about that. My Dr. said she'll breath easy once I hit 32.

I had a good OB visit yesterday. I told her that I couldn't figure out how they were laying, so she pulled in the u/s machine for a quick peek. Baby A is still mostly head down, but kinda curled around. This is because her sister is laying tranverse across the top of my uterus!! That's right--she's bumping my ribs all the way across now! Thankfully I haven't been in the same intense pain that I was a few days ago.

Oh, the Dr. said, "Your weight gain is EXCELLANT"!!!! That was so good to hear. I've put on 43 lbs. so far. I've only gained 2 lbs. in the last 2 weeks, which is actually under what I should have gained, but it is ABOUT TIME for it to slow down IMO!! I was at the top end of a good weight to begin with--145, I'm 5'4'' and a little big boned/athletic looking. Anyway, I needed that confirmation.

I don't think that I want to try cloth diapers. Not times 2!! Maybe next time. We have a couple of diaper outlets here. I don't know anything about them, but I do want to check their prices. You might check your phone book. Also, I've heard that Albertson's store brand work well and are inexpensive.

I'm not planning on going back to work. I'm so thankful to be able to stay home and raise my babies myself! I can't imagine letting anyone else take my place. I do miss working, home life is a little hum-drum, but my kids just outweigh all of that.

Angela, I'm about 2 1/2 weeks ahead of you, and 2 weeks ago my cervix was 3.1cm. Both my peri and OB thought that was "great". Did you jump to that? Mine has been shortening pretty gradually. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that your Drs. were a little more worried than mine. But then, mine are watching me as well, and yours would let you keep working, so I guess it's about the same anyway.

Also, I'm taking an iron supplement from Wal-Mart called "Feosol". I haven't had any bowel trouble whatsoever. Don't know if it's me or just a good supplement!

Nikki, I'm so sorry that your wrists have been bothering you so much! Thanks for checking in, I'm glad you're doing well.

Michelle, measuring around the largest part of my "waist", I'm 43 inches!! I was about 29 (?) before. Fundal height I measure 37.5 yesterday, at 29 wks. 5 days.

Not much else to report, I guess. Yesterday was very long and stressful. I had a great OB appt, visited my DH during his lunch break, then came back to this side of town where some friends were making some meals for me to have in my freezer. (Great idea--I paid for the groceries, but they helped by cooking and bagging up stuff and had lots of fun!) Well, we had fun until one friend started to feel faint. She felt her pulse and started to panic, "My heart stopped!" It sounded so crazy that I thought she was kidding at first. We didn't know that she'd been having heart palpitations the last few days. Within 5 minutes we had tons of medical people there. They were calm until it happened again while they were there, then they rushed her to the ambulance. We were so worried! We learned a few hours later that apparently she has an arithmia (sp?) and it's not going to kill her, even though her heart is pausing/stopping for a second. It happened about 5 times in 5 or 10 minutes. It was so scary!

After we heard that she was going to be okay, I decided that I should go ahead and go to the twins meeting that I've been trying to go to for about 4 months. It was good. I met some nice people.

Of course, I also had contractions all day long!

Then, on the way home, I got a speeding ticket. I balled for the next hour. After we've just been going over our budget.... My DH wasn't mad, only worried that I was so upset. I feel like he's so overworked right now and look how I contribute! Well, it will probably put a damper on my spending spirit at the big sale this weekend. I feel like I have to go, though. The babies need stuff! Maybe I'll stick more to the things they really need, though.

Today is going better so far! :):) Take care ladies, and STAY PREGNANT! (Just a little longer....)

03-03-2004, 06:17 PM
Hi Everyone,
Rosalynn - sounds like you had a stressful day yesterday! I am glad your friend is OK. Hopefully, today was more relaxing for you.

So - I had my OB appt today, and I have to go see the Peri tomorrow to probably get put on insulin. :-( When they checked my urine, there were ketones present, which can harm the babies at high levels. My levels weren't quite there, yet, but the OB was concerned. Plus, my sugar levels were not as low as he wanted them to be. He said I will probably just have to do one dose of insulin at night before I go to bed. Yet another needle stick!! Sometimes, I feel like a pincushion. Between the blood sugar tests 4 times a day, and changing the line for my terbutaline pump every 5 days (and, no - that is not a small needle like the nurse said!!), plus adding one more shot (for now, maybe more later!). I am about over this!! These babies better come out healthy!

OK - enough whining! It could be a lot worse, right! I asked about my fundal height measurement today, and he said it is 36 cm. I am 31 wks, 2 days today, so I guess that is normal. I also get to start having NST's weekly starting in 2 weeks. That should be pretty interesting. I get to have them at the hospital I will be delivering at, and they put you in a private room to do the test, so at least I will be able to get the lay of the land. I have not been able to do a hospital tour, since I have been on bedrest.

I also asked about the epidural. He said that I don't have to have one, but I just have to realize that if they need to do emergency surgery that I will have to go under general anesthesia. I asked him how that would affect the babies, and he said that there could be some effect on them, but they worry more about the mom when they do that. Apparently, it is more dangerous for her than the babies. So, of course, my husband was there and he said "then I guess you will be getting an epidural, so just suck it up!" (He's such a sensitive guy, huh??) I talked to him about the birth defect in my back, and he said all I need to do is get the x-ray report from my dr to find out exactly where the defect is. He said they do the epidural at L-2 or L-3, and I think the defect is at L-4 or L-5, so it may be a moot point. I am still terrified of the needle in my back, but everyone tells me that it is not as bad as I think it will be. I'll probably get it, and be like, "That's IT???!!". I hope so anyway!

I guess that is it for now. I'm glad everyone seems to be doing OK, considering we are all carrying around two extra people! Stay pregnant!!

03-03-2004, 10:08 PM
Today at work I had the opportunity to see the dates for our ending pay periods, and when the checks come. Since we get paid on the 5th of march, we already sterted a new pay period. I figured out that this pay period ends on the 14th of march, that will be for the check on the 19th. Since I dont work on sundays, it looks like my last day will be March 13th. I'm excited to get some rest.

Rosalynn~~I really don't know if my cervix jumped to 3cm. The first u/s report stated that it was measured at 4cm. That was when I found out I was carring twins back in January. But that was taken by u/s. The last one was done vaginal, as they explained is more accurate.

Patricia & Francis~~As far as disability goes my job dosent offer anything. I really need to know about is state disability. I have the paperwork for it but a little confused.

Patricia~~I wore the belt today it didnt bother me too much, considering the fact thet one of the babies is real low. They were practly on my bone just to get a good look at the head during the u/s. Anyway I felt ok working today with the belt, but by the time I had an hour left I took it off it got itchy.

I'll be counting the days till I get to stay home. You ladies take care.

03-03-2004, 10:44 PM
Hi Everyone,

I went to my Obgyn last Friday and he said that I probably wouldn't be working much longer. I think next week will be my last week--I'll be 31 weeks by then. It's getting really hard to work, even my part-time schedule. I come home and get right into bed to rest. Many of you have mentioned the measurement of your cervix. My Obgyn hasn't measured mine, I actually haven't had any exam of my cervix area since 10 weeks. Is this unusual? I've had several ultrasounds and regular visits where the doctor takes my vitals and listens to the babies heart rates, but that's it.

Debbie - I will be returning to work after 3 months. When I read your thread I thought I was reading my own life story about trying to get my DH motivated. I have a list of stuff for him and it takes weeks/months to get him to do it.

Michelle - My belly is measuring 41" around at 30 weeks.

Roslyn - I hope your feeling better. You and I are due just about the same time. I'm glad you mentioned the weight. I'm 5'2" and my Obgyn told me in the beginning that a 30 to 40 lb. weight gain with twins would be ideal. At 30 weeks, I've gained 35 lbs. With about 7 to 8 weeks left I figure I would be well over the recommended weight gain. But the babies have been doing very well, so that's what's important. I have an ultrasound this Friday to see how much the babies weight this month.


03-03-2004, 11:34 PM
Hi there! Can I join you ladies??

My name is Shelli and I'm currently 28w5d along with b/g twins. We didn't find out we were having twins until our 1st u/s at 22 weeks. It was quite a shock!! I have a wonderful husband, Jason and we have a 2-1/2 year old son, Jake. So I'll be busy once these babies are born. I am still working part-time (25-30 hours a week) at this point. I plan on giving my notice to my boss tomorrow and become a SAHM as of April 1st. Daycare costs would exceed what I make, so that wouldn't make any sense. So far, my pregnancy has been progressing well. I had a little scare last week though. I think I may have had food poisoning or something. I couldn't keep anything down, even water didn't agree with me. It ended up causing me to have contractions. So I was admitted to L&D and given 3L of fluids intravenously. Fortunately, the contractions weren't enough to cause any progression. I am feeling much better this week and hoping to not have another episode like that again!! I hope to get to know you girls better. This seems like a fun group of people!

Mom to Jake 6.15.01
B/G Twins EDD 5.21.04 (40 weeks)

03-04-2004, 02:01 AM
Welcome shelly looking forward to getting to know you. You will see this group of ladies will help alot.

03-04-2004, 09:53 AM
Welcome Shelli! What a shock to not find out until 22 weeks! Don't hesitate to ask us anything - we are all here to help each other.

03-04-2004, 05:06 PM
Hello ladies,

Good news! My doctor said it was okay for me to get out of my room once a day for 1 hour. I cant leave the hospital, but I can cruise along the halls in a wheel chair. This hospital has a beauty salon on the 10th floor, so he said get up there and get a pedicure done!!! And I was so jealous of ya'll who were getting some done this week!!

Welcome Shelli!!! Cant wait to get to know you!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Looks like lots of ya'll will stop working soon. Good for ya'll!!!! Relax and enjoy it!

Ohhh, my DH and I have been arguing about him taking his sweet time about fixing the nursery up. It was his day off yesterday and He didnt call me all day, i thought maybe we were still mas at each other. WEll he finally stopped to visit me about dinner time, and he said the Nursery is done!!! The painting is done, cribs out up, curtains hung. I mean he could be lying to me, I wouldnt know any different. But just the possibility that he may be telling me the truth makes me soooo happy!

Talk to ya'll later.

03-04-2004, 07:47 PM
Hi Everyone,

Patricia - You cracked me up about your DH - about how he could be lying. I read that to my DH, and he cracked up, too! When I had my OB appt yesterday, the Dr actually told him to get his butt in gear with the nursery, I did not have to say anything. (He's the one that told the Dr it was not done yet!). I think it has finally hit him that these babies will be here soon!

I am so jealous that you get to have a pedicure. I hope you really enjoy it. It will be so nice for you to get a change in scenery.

I had my appt with the peri today, and I have to get an insulin shot every day before dinner. At least it is only one. My DH has offered to give me the shot, so when we had to practice in the office today, he did it. It was not that bad. I would much rather him do it, it grosses me out when I have to put a needle in my skin. I have to do it every 5 days for the terb pump, and it is gross to feel the needle go in my skin.

I guess that is it for now. Everyone stay pregnant!

03-05-2004, 03:53 PM
I'm so happy to have passed the 30 week mark!! I know some of you are ahead of me and some are behind. It kinda feels like I'm getting somewhere!

Frances, I'm so sorry that you have to take insulin! Will you get to stop as soon as the babies get here? You're really going through a lot to get those little ones here--just keep focusing on that wonderful goal!

GUESS WHAT?!?!? (Drum roll, please...) After much deliberation...(I was starting to think they might stay Baby A and Baby B!) OUR DAUGHTERS FINALLY HAVE NAMES!!!! And, in the end, it was easy after all! We were in bed Wednesday night and Kirk said, "How about Clarissa?" I wrinkled my nose--another negative name association came to mind. And besides, this isn't the first time he's mentioned it in the last 7 months! So I said, "How about Karisa?" As soon as I said it, it felt right, and Kirk went, "I like that!" So now we have it--Julia and Karisa!! Also, we found that Karisa means, "loving"--how sweet! Sooo, on to middle names!

Tonight is the twins sale. I kinda got the idea at the twins meeting that it's not as big a deal as I thought. Maybe "statewide" means that all the groups in the state have it that day and "$10,000" was the statewide total! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to it. Have fun at your sale TL!!

My DH's work gave us a shower yesterday. We got some diapers, wipes, 2 diaper bags, some darling little matching onesies, a bathtub and other little stuff. I was surprised at how giving they were!

Angela, Cherie and Shelli--glad you're getting to stop work soon! Rest while you can!

Shelli, welcome to the group! I think it would be so much more of a surprise to find out so late in your pregnancy! Can you look back and see symptoms that you didn't notice? Glad you're joining us, and that you're feeling better.

Pat, congrats on your nursery!! I would be a basketcase if I let myself worry about mine! I'll be thrilled if we were just able to throw stuff on the *carpet* and shut the *door*. Hopefully we'll get carpet on Monday, then we could do the door, then the trim....Don't know where all this new baby stuff is going to go until then!!

Oh, did any of you get some of that big storm that's swept TX and OK the last few days? We have just been dumped on with rain! Yesterday I had to spend the rest of the day at DH's work because of the tornado warnings. We live in the country and our long driveway has a big dip/little valley in it. Anyway, the water washed huge ruts in the road. My husband drove the cars to the end, and I have to walk out to them before I can go anywhere! Maybe my brothers could help with that when they get here Tuesday...

Ya'll have a great weekend! We're doing good! We're getting close!

03-05-2004, 05:37 PM
Hi -

I've written a few posts on here, but now can be a regular! Wednesday was my last day of work, so I sit and read these posts all day long. I'm 28 weeks today and feeling pretty good. Other than not being able to sleep and pregnancy/hormone rash, I can't complain. :)

Cherie - my belly is measuring 40 inches around my belly button. It's been fun to journal this and lately it's been growing pretty steadily.

Pat - I bet you can't wait to see your nursery!! I may have missed it in an earlier post, but are you doing a special theme?

We are not finding out the sexes in advance, so chose a jungle theme. My girlfriend is painting a mural and should be done this weekend. Then we can get everything organized.

FlaMom - that's funny that my screen name is floridaboater. I think I answered my exact location in another post (memory slipping), but I'm actually in St. Pete. Isn't the weather beautiful today? I can't wait to get my lounge chair out and read a good book!

Well, I need to think about dinner. Is anyone else extremely hungry lately? I feel like I'm back in my first trimester. I don't know if I'm just not eating enough or what...

Have a great weekend.


03-05-2004, 08:22 PM
Hi Ladies,
I had my ultrasound today, I'm at 30 weeks now. Baby A weights 2 lbs. 13 oz. and Baby B weights 3 lbs. 11 oz. I was a suprised that they are almost a pound off, the last ultrasound they were only 5 oz. off. I'll see my doctor next week and get her opinion. We could actually see hair on Baby A's head--it was so exciting.

Rosalynn - those are great names. I really like Karissa. My DH and I have decided on Kelsey and Kylie.

Everyone stay well and have a great weekend.


Emily Ann
03-05-2004, 08:41 PM
Hi ladies!!
I'm a new to the board. My name is Emily (you can call me Em), I'm 29 yrs. old and I'm 30 wks and 3 days preg. with g/g twins. This is my third pregnancy, I have two beautiful daughters, Madison and Emma. We're all so excited about the twins! Everything is going great with me and the babies--they are weghing 2 lbs. 14 oz and 3 lbs. 2 oz as from my last appt. 2 days ago. Heartbeats are great, and my BP was a little high but they found no protein in my urine, yay!

doublyblessed--Congrats on finding the perfect names! I LOVE them!! My DH and I have no names in mind yet! We have a never ending list and haven't narrowed it down yet....It's just so hard, it's not only one baby you have to name, but TWO! We might just wait until they are born and big enough so they can choose their own names! lol

FlaMom & floridaboater--I'm from Florida too! I'm in Weston, Florida,very close to Ft. Lauderdale! and yes, it was very nice and sunny today.

Well I'm looking forward on chatting and getting to know you all!!

Best wishes and have a great and save weekend!


03-06-2004, 09:43 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm glad to hear everyone's doing well. Welcome to all the new moms!

Frances - don't worry about getting the needle in you back if you need it. When I went in for my c-section with my son I was scared to death of the spinal, but it really was no big deal. It was in before I knew it and I don't think it hurt at all.

I guess a lot of us see our doc's at the end of the week. I saw my OB and my peri yesterday and had good visits with both.

My OB did a non-stress test, he said everything looks good, no contractions, and good heartbeats and movements. My second 1-hour glucose came back fine, so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I tried to get him to schedule my c-section, but he said it's still too early, and I probably won't make it to any day that he does schedule me for. He said if I make it to April he'll schedule me then, so I figure in just a few weeks we'll have the date picked out. It should be some time the last week in April, I'll be 37 weeks then, and he said he wouldn't let me go past there.

He gave me a prescription for Zantac. He said I could take one or possibly two pills a day. Is anyone taking this for heartburn? Mine has gotten so bad that I'm practically living on Tums, but I'm still a little scared to take a prescription drug for it. Maybe it would be better to take one or two pills a day instead of a ton of Tums, I'm not sure what to do.

Lastly, he told me I really have to take it easy - no walking on the treadmill, no doing anything much. I think his words were, "I know you still have to live, but be off your feet as much as you possibly can". I'll do it, the last thing I want is to get put on real bedrest. My husband even did the dishes after dinner last nite, so I guess he realizes that I have to take it easy, too.

I also saw my peri for a measurement ultrasound yesterday. My blood pressure was 114/72, which is a little high for me, but they told me it's fine. And my cervix was 3 1/2 cm, so they're very happy about that. Baby A weighs 2 pounds, 15 ounces and is still head-down; Baby B weighs 3 pounds, 3 ounces and is a frank breech. I guess they still have enough room to flip round, two weeks ago both were head-down. Since I'm having a c-section it doesn't matter if they're breech or not. I mentioned to the u/s tech that I hardly feel any kicks from Baby B, and she is the first person who ever told me that B's placenta is kind of in the front, so it acts as a cushion for the baby's kicking. She told me I'll start to feel more kicks on that side since the baby is getting so big. I did see the babies playing with each other, A was playing with B's foot, it was so cute. I got a really great profile picture of A, but Bwouldn't cooperate, so for the first time I didn't get any pics of B. Hopefully next time I'll get some good ones.

Well, that's about it for me. I hope you all have a great weekend.

03-06-2004, 12:16 PM
Hi Ladies!

Em - welcome! I look forward to getting to know you. We have yet another mom from central Florida on this thread - Tara Laine - I have not heard from her in a few days, hope she is OK - but she is a riot!! I am in Orlando - looks like we have most of the state covered. Now, we just need someone from the panhandle. Must be something in the water around here! As far as the weather - I am hot! I like it so much better when it is a little chilly. My DH is from up north, and he says he will never move back, but I am working on him! I have lived here all of my life, and it would be nice to live at least one winter somewhere where the season actually changes!

Thanks for the encouragement on the epidural. My DH thinks I am being a big baby, and I am sure that I have built it up in my head to be so much worse than it actually is. I used to get cortisone shots for a problem in my elbow, and my family Dr told me that those hurt more than an epidural. Oh well - I guess we'll see!

Also - I took Zantac throughout my entire first trimester. I have really bad GERD, and I could not take Prilosec in the first trimester, so they gave me Zantac. It is relatively safe (check out a website called www.safefetus.com for more info on any drug). As of 18 weeks, I have been back on Prilosec, and I still have to take Tums a couple of times a day. I am on bedrest, and I get to the point where I can't lay down at all, my stomach acid comes right back up, the Tums holds it under control until it is time for my next prilosec. I am not sure what I am going to do after the babies come and I am breastfeeding. According to that website I mentioned, none of those drugs are safe to breastfeed with. I will have to talk to my lactation consultant about it.

Patricia - where are you?? I am starting to get worried. Hope everything is OK.

I had my nurse visit yesterday about the diabetes, and I have another nurse who is a dietician visiting today. Should be interesting. The nurse last night told me that GD always goes away when you give birth, but then I was reading the literature she left, and it says that 10% of moms with GD end up having it after pregnancy also. I really, really hope I am not in that 10%. I am pretty sure it is just because I am pregnant with twins that this happened. I did not have any problems at all with my first pregnancy, a singleton.

Rosalynn - I really like the names you picked - they are beautiful. Did you make it to the twin sale? Ours was this morning, but I decided to wait until the next one when I can go. My DH is completely useless when it comes to shopping, and I am pretty sure we have everything we need for the first few months.

I guess that is it for now - everyone have a wonderful weekend, and stay pregnant!

03-06-2004, 04:41 PM
How is everyone enjoying their Saturday? I spent all morning at the twin sale. I actually went last night as well. I found a bunch of great stuff! I got an Exersaucer, crib mattress, EZ-2-nurse pillow, Johnny Jump Up, carrier and some onesies for about $50. And it was all really nice stuff! Today I went back to shop for some friends who've recently had babies.

Michelle, so glad that you get to stay home now! You'll have more time to get ready for your little ones. Can you stay home afterward as well?

Em, welcome! Glad you decided to come on over and join us!

Thanks for the thumbs up on our names, ladies! I keep double checking that my DH hasn't changed his mind!

Lauren, I've been taking Zantac every now and then through the whole pregnancy. Just the OTC strength, though. Congrats on getting to pick your day soon! My Dr. would let me go to 38 weeks, then induce. That will be the end of April for me, too. I'm hoping for closer to the middle of April, though! I also have a placenta in front, and I didn't feel kicks there for a long time.

My next ultrasound is Tuesday, and I can hardly wait! It's so exciting to see how much they've grown, and know we've made it that much further!

Frances, I know what you mean about missing the seasons changing. I lived in South Texas until about 1 1/2 years ago. We pretty much had perpetual summer. My favorite season was "winter" when we'd get cold fronts and have a few days of 60 degree weather! It's a little strange to stare at all of this dead brownness all winter here. I'm really looking forward to everything exploding with Spring, though! (Hmm...me included! :):))

I've realized recently that I need to take a little more time to just stop and ENJOY being pregnant, because SOON WE WON'T BE!!! I know a lot of people miss this time. As uncomfortable as I am, it's still nice to feel these wonderful little lives stirring inside of me. I want to remember this!

03-07-2004, 01:13 AM
Hey y'all,

Sorry I have been out of pocket. Last weekend was my shower, and I have been fighting a sort of sore throat/yucky crud thing all week. It started out last Friday, and while the sore throat is thankfully gone, I have that sort of 'black lung' cough as a souvenir. DH finally came down with it the other day, so when I wasn't dealing with it myself, I was seeing about him.

Well, last night was the Twins Pre-Sale. I'd won an 'early ticket' at a GOMOTT mixer in January, and I'm so glad I got to go early. I spent $313.50 and got a butt-load of stuff!! We planned my shower for last weekend on purpose - so I'd know what I was missing. Last night, I got two Pack 'n Play sets, an exercauser and a Fisher Price Piano walker, a 3-stage musical piano thingie, two bath seats w/ suction, a pop-up sun shade, a wooden puzzle with pegs and sound, a Tiny-Love symphony mobile, a Fisher Price aquarium crib sounds thingy, a Fisher Price take-a-long swing and finally....one of those big double bike trailer/stroller thingies with the big wheels. You can use it as a jogger, take it on trails/beaches or remove the front wheel and pull it behind your bike. It costs between $160 and $240 online, and this one was $75...whooohooo! The only reason she was selling it was because her Mom had just bought them a new one. So anyway, we loaded our wagon for $300.....wonderful.

So now, it's time to take a trip to Babies R Us to get what's left...things like safety gadgets, baby gates, washclothes and bath stuff, diaper stuff, last minute onesies and blankets, etc...

Oooh, speaking of baby gates, I'll pass along some advice I got from a friend I met at the local Mothers of Multiples group. She has 3 year old twin boys, and she is a big fan of 'pack and plays' and baby gates. While many people say that their kids 'don't like pack 'n plays', she stresses that the biggest thing is introducing them the right way. In other words, when they are first born, you can do tummy time, but do it in the pack 'n play....have the activity gym in the pack 'n play...same for bouncy seat or whatever. Don't use it as punishment or isolation and always keep some of the favorite toys in there - those toys only live in the pack 'n play. Many people make the mistake of using the pack 'n play only when you're leaving the room or when they're acting up -- not a good message. If they get used to it early, if you play with them in the pack 'n play - they'll be more likely to accept it.

As for the baby gates - same thing. She said, as soon as the babies started rolling, the gates went up....and she didn't take them down until they were 2 or 2 1/2. She gated in large areas where they could play. I'm going to use the Configure Gate that they sell at Babies R Us. It can be expanded and fits odd shaped areas. Anyway - once again, if you start the gates early, they aren't offended by them, because they seem to just be part of the house. - Much in the same way that they aren't offended or upset by other parts of the house. Along those lines -- use your furniture placement to your advantage. Sometimes a sofa or ottoman can close off an area without having to use a gate. Just remember that two babies are stronger than one - so they can sometimes move things (or scoot things) that a singleton could never budge. Super-human twin strength, lol...

Welcome new May Mommies, by the way. It sounds like some of you ladies have had some pampering -- good for you. Remember that even a 5-minute foot massage can do wonders. My husband loves to smell that Cocoa Butter, so he's willing to rub to smell the lotion, lol...just a thought.

I know what you all mean about the nursery. I was starting to get panicked last week, but I'm calming down some now. I still have a ton to do, but it's not as frantic, lol.... We're doing an under the sea theme, and I have a friend doing a mural for us too. The whole room will be underwater. We need to get some higher shelves up in our closet so we can clean out the nursery closet. That will help us get better organized in there - I think.

I was so excited to hit 30 weeks on Friday....yay!! My next milestone is 32 weeks. My Dr. doesn't want me to go past 37 weeks, so that's roughly April 22/23... The 22nd is his surgery day, so I'm sure he'll want me to go then... I'm just hoping and planning to get that far. He keeps trying to warn me that they could come any time before then and that 37 weeks was a long shot.....but I keep reminding him to keep his voice down, that the boys can hear him, lol.... I'm determined to surprise him and carry these as long as I can. So far, he has been amazed at my pregnancy - considering his last twin mommy started having problems at 14 weeks, poor thing. Anyway, I'm hanging in there.

I am so sorry that so many of you are on modified/complete/hospital bedrest. Since about Thanksgiving/Christmas, I have been trying to do what I call pre-emptive bedrest. Basically, I am just resting myself so nobody will make me do it. I limit my outings to the ones I really want to take, and I try to stay on my side as much as possible. I work from home, so this has made it easier. Anyway, some folks probably didn't understand it, but I thought it was worth a shot. Thankfully, my cervix was 4 cm the last time they measured, so hopefully it will stay long and closed.

I agree with the Florida ladies - the weather has been great. I'm going to going outside and float in the pool for a while. Our actual pool is still a little chilly, but we have an attached hot tub/spa that I can heat to any temp. We have the water at 85 degrees right now (today's high is 87?), so I can lay in that and float and get some sun while I read or talk on the phone... It's great to reduce swelling...

Can y'all believe it's already March??? When I went to the Dr. the other day, he let me know I had 7 weeks left -- TOPS. Well, I came home and told hubby, and he nearly stroked out, lol... That really makes it real. I'd been playing around with dates, but now that I have a 'latest date' - wow....

I am with some of y'all getting the munchies. I seem to be starving one minute and then full after a few bites, lol... I read in a book where we're needing protein and calcium at this stage. That might explain why I love roast beef sandwishes (w/ cheese) and orange juice (w/ calcium)..... So be sure and get in your protein and calcium right now... I'm sure you 'Tums Connoisseurs' are getting plenty of calcium...poor gals.

Well, I should get up from here. I'm glad to see everyone seems to be holding steady. Congrats again to our New Mommies...kiss those babies and keep us posted on how they're doing.

(sigh) - Today, I was a little tired so DH said, "Here...why don't you go take a nap...I'll take care of the last bookshelf and get some other stuff done around here... Well, first of all, my 'nap' ran fro 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. when he finally wakes me up to see what I want for dinner. -More concerned about the nursery, I asked him what he'd been doing. "Copying some more files on the computer (as if he has to sit there and watch the icon papers move across the screen)....cleaning up the garage and tearing down boxes to throw away (now granted, many of them are baby gear boxes, but still...for nearly 6 hours??). I'm like, okay so if the babies get here next week, are they going to care about the garage and your/my computer files? So he quickly let me know about the one baby infant carrer base that he apparently put in the Beetle. Whooooooooo.

I swear, I hate it when he sends me to rest with promises of progress and then has little or nothing to show of it. Does he not understand that it makes me reluctant to rest when I know he picks his own priorities if I'm not standing on top of him.....dang! So anyway, that's my vent. He did this over the holidays when we were trying to clean up for company..."Here, you go in here and rest and I'll take care of everything..." Gya....just makes me crazy.

Okay, I'll unvent now.....just picked up my laptop and realized that I still hadn't sent this post I started today. I hope you all are having more productive weekends......lol....

03-07-2004, 02:28 PM
Hi Everyone-
I am 28 weeks and really starting to get uncomfortable. I notice it the most when I am trying to roll over in bed, get out of bed, or re-position myself on the couch. I am sure you are feeling the same too but for me this week has been a "awakening" to how uncomfortable the next 8 or so weeks will really be.
I went to the doctor's on Friday and everything seems to be going well. My iron was 11.8 (which is really good for me), my weight seems to be fine (so far I have gained 36lbs), and I measured 36 cm when she measured my "ever-growing" belly. For my 5'4" frame my stomach feels big and the weight gain seems like a lot since I have many weeks to go. I was glad to hear that my cervix is still around 4cm. All in all a good visit. I go again on the 15th and my doctor said that if Baby B is still breech and larger than Baby A than she will discuss scheduling a c- sction. I have told her that I do not want to have one vaginaly and one c-section in the case Baby B won't or can't be turned.

On the nursery front- My DH has friends over today helping with the room and assures me that it will be completed by the end of the month. It is cutting it close but I am happy to see progress on the room. I am also happy to have a "target date".

Frances- I know what you mean about watching the seasons change and how wonderful that is. I have to be honest with all you girls in Fla...I would die to have 87degree weather right now, and have the ability to go into a pool. Today it is 32 degrees here and my driveway is a virtual ice rink. I find it difficult to get all bundled up to go out and then have to be extrememly careful not to fall on the ice.

Welcome to the board Em and Shelli. I have found all the people here to be wonderful and supportive.

Pat- I hope that all is well for you in the hospital. I am glad to hear that you can leave your room now. I hope that you followed through and got a pedicure. You should pamper yourself while you have the chance.

Well that is all for right now. I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you soon,

03-07-2004, 08:08 PM
Hey Everyone,

Wow we have had a few additions to the group in the last week welcome everyone!!

Patricia- Glad to hear that you can leave the room and have a bit of a look around even if itís only the hospital but you take what you are given and I am sure itís great to be able to see a different scenery

Frances: Sorry about the daily insulin shots!! But I am sure once the babies are born everything will go back to normal!! Well as normal as can be with twins!

Rosalyn!! 30wks and 1 day is great I believe everyday is a milestone!! The longer they stay in there the better it will be

Michelle: You are so lucky about your last day of work I still have 3 wks left and I wonder if I should have just taken time off a little earlier!! I will be almost 35wks by the time I am off work! Oh well at least I am on reduced hours so only 5hrs a day for me but the getting to the office and home is sometimes a bit of a hassle! Glad to hear that your nursery is coming along

Lauren: Glad to hear that you have had some good results from both the OB and your Peri

Nikki: I am just about 32wks and I am so uncomfortable especially when I got to bed at night I usually do a nightly transfer from the bed to the couch because I just can take the bed anymore!!

As for me I had my ultrasound on Friday and the babies are doing great one was 3lbs 15ounces and the other was 3lbs 13 ounces which was is a pretty good weight for 31wks 2days from what I am told!! Another big milestone so me is that I have had no signs of TTTS and at 31wks that is great!! When I was first told we were having identical twins and that I had a chance of TTTS I was so worried and concerned but those concerns have calmed down a bit!! Another good sign was that they are both head down so unless they move we will be trying for a vaginal birth!! They also checked my cervix and that was 3.7cm long and closed so I am very relieved and can hopefully I can make it to 38wks!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!


03-08-2004, 09:09 AM
Wow - it sounds like everyone is moving along nicely. We had a pretty good weekend. My husband and two of his brothers spent the whole weekend working on the new cabinet for downstairs, which we need to store a lot of the books and junk that's in the babies' room. So we're slowly making progress. The cabinet's not done, but my brothers-in-law are supposed to be back today to keep working until it is done. After that they have to rip up some carpet downstairs, lay some tile, then we can move the desk and the rest of the junk out of the nursery and finally work on turning it into a nursery! Yeah!

TL - one bit of advice on the gates...When we had to get gates for Jimmy we got the kind of gates that roll up like window shades then you're not using them. We have one at the top of the stairs, and one at the bottom. When you don't need them you don't even realize they're there. They're still up (and Jimmy's 4 now), and they get used whenever any of my little nieces or nephews are here, now they're ready for our babies. So if any of you have stairways or that size openings, look into this kind of gates, they are the best.

I only have one doctor's appointment this week - my NST on Friday, so it will be a pretty quiet week. I have my Moms of Twins meeting tomorrow nite - it's bingo nite. I just found out that their clothing swap is scheduled for May, hopefully at the end of the month so I can get out of the house by myself and check it out. I have to find out if they have an equipment sale, I haven't heard anything yet. It would help me a lot, since I'm not getting a shower.

Have a great week, ladies!

03-09-2004, 05:57 PM
Hi Everyone,
First - the Good News - remember how I was freaked out about the epidural because of the birth defect I have in my back. Well, it is called spina bifida occulta, all it means is that one of my vertebrae did not form correctly. When I was in labor with my daughter, I told the anesthesiologist what I had, but I did not know which vertebrae was affected. I ended up not getting an epidural - they told me I had a bigger chance of having a spinal headache, and of the epidural not working evenly.

So, when I mentioned this to my OB, like I told you all earlier, he said the only other option was general anesthesia if they need to do emergency surgery. So, I called my chiropractor, and asked him to take a look at my x-rays and let me know exactly where the defect was. Well - I just received the report, and the defect is at L4 and L5. An epidural is put in at L2 or L3 (or L1 or L2 - I can't remember), so my birth defect is not an issue!!!!! That really gives me a sense of relief. Now, I just have to get over the needle in my back phobia!

The bad news isn't awful - they have increased my insulin shots to 3 per day. They are having trouble getting my fasting levels down in the morning. Oh well, I only have a few weeks to go. Watch - as soon as we get the levels straightened out, I will have these babies!

I hope everyone else is doing well - especially Patricia - we still have not heard from her. I sent her an e-mail, if I hear anything, I will let you all know.

Everyone stay pregnant! Have a good rest of the week.

03-09-2004, 07:54 PM
Hi Everyone,
If you saw my post last week, I went for my ultrasound on Friday and my babies were 2 lbs. 13oz and 3 lbs. 11 oz. I'm having indentical girls. My doctor received the results on Monday and called first thing. She is concerned that I could have TTTS and has scheduled me for another ultrasound next week and she will be monitoring me weekly. I'm a little over 30 weeks right now.

The good news is that Thursday is my last day at work so I can take it easy and get lots of rest.

Anne, it's great to here your babies weight and they are close together.

Frances, the insulin shots must be a major pain. My husband has diabetes and has had to take insulin shots in the past. Hang in there.

Nikki, I know how frustrating it is trying to get comfortable. I feel like a huge whale. I'm 5' 2" and I've gained 40 lbs. Uggh!

Take care everyone!


g/g twins due 5/14

03-09-2004, 08:52 PM
Hello ladies!!

I've been MIA for the last couple of days and boy did I miss ya'll! Looks like we have some new may mommies!!! Welcome ! I can't wait to get to know ya'll.

Well this weekend was not a good weekend.....As most of ya'll know I have been on bedrest at the hospital since 2/21. Well you just dont know how good you have it, till its gone, huh? I had been complaining about being in here. But really it wasnt that bad because I wasnt on any real medications or IVs or major threat or anything. Well this weekend, out of nowhere the contractions started again....This really suprised the doctors because I had just had a progesterone shot on thursday that helps the uterus relax and not have any possible contractions. Well they immediately put me on Mag Sul and boy do I hate that!!!! Even with the mag sulfate my contractions continued to get stronger and faster. They increased the mag, and thats pretty much all I remember....everything else is just a blur. I remember being soooo hot i thought i would pass out, thank god for one of the nurses who happened to find a fan! I remember seeing two of everything,, I remember my DH spending the nights. By this morning my contractions were down to 2 an hour and I was experiencing major shortening of breath and my chest felt sooo tight. The doctor felt the mag levels were too high so he's reduced the dosage amt. I finally feel awake, I can walk myself to the restroom slowly, and after three days--i even got to take a shower today! Doc says that if my contractions continue this way he can start to wheen me off the mag tomorrow.....

Anyhow, being able to come back online makes me feel like my old self again!!!! MY wheelchair rides were taken away from me...can you believe it?? I never got to experience my pedicure :(

I am 31 weeks 5 days today and the doctor told us today that by the way my body is acting, he can tell I will have these babies in 1-2 weeks tops!!! That just about woke me up from this drowsy state I've been in for days! He reassured me they should be okay. But still 2 weeks......I cant imagine. I think my DH is in shock---he hasnt said much all day.

Im soooo sad to hear that you need to add insulin to your list now. My doctor is monitoring my levels and will determine if i need insulin by tomorrows fasting bsl. I dont know why they've been so high. I barely eat anything. I didnt get your email--- i read that you sent one.....You and trillian are soooo sweet for being so concerned.

I will keep you and your babies in my prayers!!!!! Please keep us posted.

Im still very tired....I'll try to chat tomorrow....

blessings to all

03-09-2004, 09:06 PM
Patricia - I am so glad you are back!! Of course, all I could think of is that you had the babies, and we still need to cook these boogers a little longer.

I think I have the wrong e-mail address for you. I will PT you with what I have - you can PT me with the correct one. I will also put mine in there when I PT you.

The insulin is not that bad, I use such a small needle to get the shots, I don't hardly feel it. Plus, since you are in the hospital, the nurse can give it to you. Since I am up to 3 shots a day, it is a pain. I have so much to do every day, with the preterm labor and the GD, I hardly have time to do anything else! In the morning, I have to do a shot, check my blood sugar, eat breakfast, then do my home uterine monitoring, then check my blood sugar again. Then I spend forever on the phone with 2 different departments at Matria - the preterm labor nurses and the diabetes nurse. By then, it is time for lunch (plus I gotta get a mid morning snack in there somewhere!) Oh well - at least the day goes by pretty quick.

Anyway - I am so sorry you had to do the mag sulfate - I have heard such horror stories about that stuff! I can definitely see why you haven't been able to post.

OK - gotta go - time to read my DD her bedtime story. Take care everyone!

03-09-2004, 09:42 PM
Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would check in even though I guess I'm not officially a "May Babies" mom anymore, but I love to hear how all of you are doing. I'm so glad everyone is still pregnant. I know you all must be so uncomfortable the further along you go, but not to sound like I'm preaching, it is well worth every day that you can prolong the pregnancy.

Ruthie, Congratulations on your babies. Sounds like you and I are pretty much in the same situation. I know what you mean about feeling robbed and helpless. I don't think anyone can ever experience such a feeling of helplessness as when you are looking at your babies in the NICU. I also struggled with feeling of guilt, like what could I have done differently or did I do something wrong that could have made a difference. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. I find it helps sometimes to talk with someone who is going through the same thing. Just to remind you, my daughters were born at 27 weeks, 4 days, so I know exactly what you are going through.

Patricia, I can totally agree with you about the Mag Sul. It is the worst stuff I have ever experienced. I too was so hot and so out of it for about 3 days. I also saw double, had the worst dry mouth and chapped lips. I could not get my body to do anything that I wanted it to do. I couldn't roll over, move my arms or legs, etc. My husband would come in the room and tell me he was there and that was all I could remember.

Francis, Sorry to hear about the extra insulin shots. Hang in there.

Cherie, I will keep you and the babies in my prayers. Hope all turns out well.

FlaMom- I had an epidural with my c-section and honestly it did not hurt at all. Just one little ***** and that was it. So don't stress out too much over it.

I know I missed some people and I'm sorry about that. Welcome to everyone else who is new to the board and sorry if I missed anyone.

Our girls, Emily and Madelyn are doing much better. Madelyn was taken off her ventilator today and was doing great. Emily is growing a lot and her lungs are getting stronger also. It is still a day to day situation, but at least today we're moving in the right direction.

Well, gotta run, stay pregnant everyone.


8 is enough
03-09-2004, 10:06 PM
Hello girls!
For some reason I couldn't get on this board for a couple of days so I missed some posts, but, I've been reading past posts and it's good to hear all of your good news, and I'm hopeful for all of you that are still experiencing some difficulty.
Patricia, boy do I wish I could be there to give you a pedicure! You know, I don't know why they couldn't offer a service for patients who can't leave their rooms. It seems reasonable enough.
Frances, try not to worry about the epidural. The good thing is that it only hurts for a second while they give you a local anesthesia before they actually give you the epidural. Also, think of it this way, you never have to look at the needle before it goes in, and that's always been the worst for me--looking at a needle and thinking of what it's going to feel like going in. But anyway, I've had 4 epidurals and I've never had any trouble. Easy for me to say, huh?
Karen and Ruthie, its soo good to hear from you both. I really am thankful for the hopeful tone your posts have given, you are both really strong women. I am praying for all of your babies that they keep continuing to make great improvements.
Well, it's late here and 3 ball practices later, I'm just worn out. So I hope you all have a good evening and great Wednesday!

03-10-2004, 12:28 AM
Good Evening Ladies,

I haven't posted lately, but I have been keeping up with the posts. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well for the most part. I feel that every day that passes I'm getting more and more uncomfortable. I am now 28 weeks and bigger than I was when I was 9months pregnant with my daughter. I live in San Diego, CA just last week it was raining and cold, we even had a thunderstorm. This week it has been so HOT I'ts like summer already. That dosen't help the comfort leval. How are all you doing with the weather where you are?

Patricia~~Glad to hear that you're back. It sounds like you just have a little more time. Hang in there.

Frances~~I am the type of person that is deathly scared of needles of any kind. During the pregnancy with my daughter, I learned that as long as I din't see them I am fine. With my daughter I had the epidural and to be honest with you I don't even remember it going in. You'll be fine.

Karen&Ruthie~~Happy to hear from you both. Hoping that your babies continue to do well. I keep you in my prayers. Keep us all posted.

I am happy to report that my last day of work is Sunday, and since I am off on Thurs and Fri I only hav 3 days of real work left. My time to rest is coming soon. Everyone I know is actually surprised that I stayed at work this long considering I am on my feet all day.
On Thursday my sister and BIL along with DH and I are taking my daughter to Disneyland. We promised we would take her for her birthday but that's in April. So we decided the sooner the better. I know I wont be able to go on any of the rides. I am going to rent one of those automatic carts, so there wont be too much walking or standing.
I kinda feel left out with all the talk about seting up nursery's and all that. I unfortunately rent a two bedroom apartment. So we are gonna have to set up a crib in our bedroom that they will share for a while. When they get bigger however we will have to some major rearranging. But we'll figure it out.

Here is to everyone's progress. And like TL says "stay pregnant"

03-10-2004, 09:06 AM
Hi Everyone!

I just thought Iíd check in and see how you were all doing.

Karen and Ruthie: Iím glad to hear your babies are all doing well! I too will keep you and them in my prayers.

I finally decided to leave work now that Iím 32 weeks and am starting to feel the discomfort of carrying twins. Friday was my last day. I thought Iíd be stir crazy by now, but I have so many little projects and doctorís appointments to keep me busy, I havenít started missing it yet.

I have to go for non-stress tests twice a week. I havenít noticed anyone else mention this, is it uncommon? My doctor hasnít said anything is wrong so I assumed it was a normal practice. So far they have been reactive, which is what theyíre hoping for, but yesterday they recorded one weak contraction. The nurse said its nothing to worry about though. Does anyone else go for these tests on a regular basis?

I also have an ultrasound once every two weeks. One is a fluid check only, then the next is a full measurement type. They alternate every two weeks. Does this seem excessive?

In addition to those two, I have my regular OB appt. every two weeks as well, so Iím at the doctors at least three times a week. I am just curious if the rest of you are going that often also. My Dr. assures me everything is fine, I havenít had any problems to speak of. Just looking for some reassurance I guess.

We had our shower on Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of our families and friends! We received so many nice things. More than I really know what to do with. There a few things left for us to buy, but I think with exchanging our duplicated gifts, we should be all set. My parents surprised us by making the trip down from Maine for the shower. They were just here three weeks ago so I wasnít expecting them back again so soon. It made the day extra special for me!

As far as our nursery goes, like many of you, the progress is not moving as quickly as Iíd like. Itís so frustrating not to be able to just go in there and do it myself. The sheetrock is hung and there is one coat of primer finished. My DH promises to get the second coat on tonight then he can do two coats of paint over the next two nights and hopefully wallpaper this week-end. If we stay on schedule, I might be able to start putting stuff in there by next week. I think the fact that they recorded a contraction at the hospital yesterday has scared him into action.

Iíd better get going, I am beginning my interviews with pediatricians today as well as meeting our parish priest about the christenings. There is just so much to do! I feel like time is running out.

I wish you all the best of health and luck!


03-10-2004, 09:22 AM
Good morning, everyone!

28.5 weeks along and yesterday's doctor's appt went well. He said he was proud of how things were going so far and I don't have any swelling, etc. We go for an ultrasound this afternoon, so I hope to get some good photos for my scrapbook.

Victoria - glad to hear you will be off work soon. Monday was my first day off of work and it's been great. I have a very difficult time sleeping at night, so it's nice to be able to nap any time during the day and in general, just relax. I'm not on strict bedrest, but the doctor called it light duty and just hanging out. :)

I now have a doctor's appt once a week. I have an ultrasound every 4 weeks, but I go today and I'm sure they'll shorten the time between appts. I was told yesterday that I will also start stress tests at 32 weeks and these will be weekly.

I haven't had any complications (knock on wood), so I'm thankful that the doctor is being so proactive with all of the appts, tests, etc.

Patricia - glad to hear from you. I have to laugh when you said you couldn't get your pedicure. Although I'm not on strict bedrest, I didn't feel like making an appt for a pedicure, so my girlfriend came over and gave me one last week. She surprised me by bringing the little tub you fill with water, etc. and did a great job. If I was closer to you, I would come give you one myself!!

How's everyone's energy level at this stage? This past week, I wake up every morning so tired. Maybe my body is just unwinding from working full-time and now doing nothing...

We've been blessed to have 2 showers so far. My DH's dept. is throwing one on Friday for us, so we'll be able to take inventory and determine what's left to buy. I also can't wait to get the nursery organized, but with limited energy and strength, it's hard to get it done. I can only put so much pressure and work on DH!

Have a good Wednesday everybody.


03-10-2004, 10:55 AM
Hi Everyone,
I am new to the May Babies......I have posted over on the bedrest thread before. It is so encouraging to read how well everyone is doing. To make a long story short, I have been on bedrest for 11 weeks now 2 of which were spent in the hospital were I had an emergency cerclage put in two days before Christmas. I went to see my Peri and Ob last week and they both told me that they weren't going to be checking my cervix length anymore, as of last week it was 1.4. The more I think about this the more I find it odd that they won't be checking. Does this seem weird to anyone else.....and I have never had a NST done?????

Stay Pregnant Everyone!

03-10-2004, 02:36 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the message board - have been reading for a couple of weeks getting lots of great information.

It was interesting to read some of the old messages in May babies to see all the experineces everyone has had. Luckily my pregnancy has been uneventful except for some blood pressure worries a few weeks ago. The blood pressure has been better the last couple of weeks.

I have been working but Friday is my last day. Going to modified bed rest, just staying off my feet as much as possible. So I'll actually have a lot more time to read the messages here!

I noticed a lot of Florida moms on this thread. Is anyone else out there in Jacksonville?

Victoria, I go to my OB weekly, ultrasound at the Peri every 4 weeks where they check fluid and measurements, and no NST yet. I think my OB said they will start them in the next couple of weeks. I'm 31 weeks tomorrow. I thought he said they would be weekly, but I could be wrong.

This looks like such a supportive board, I look forward to getting to know all of and comparing stories.


03-10-2004, 04:42 PM
Frances - I can feel for you with your insulin shots. I've been getting two shots a day of my blood thinner since October and I am SO SICK of them. I am covered in black and blue marks! They told me when (or if) I hit 36 weeks they're going to change my meds and I may need three shots a day. I'll freak, but I guess I'll do whatever I have to do, right?

Karen - good to hear the babies are doing well.

Victoria - I'm getting NST's once a week at my OB's. He only started two weeks ago, and it's no big deal to find a contraction here or there. Sometimes they record them and I don't even feel them.

Stephanie - my peri's told me they'll measure my cervix one more time, when I hit 31 weeks, and that will be it. I don't know why, but they just don't do it after 32 weeks. That's fine with me. I was at 3.5 cm last week, so I think they just do it as a routine thing, they're not really worried about me going into pre-term labor.

I have my NST on Friday and that's my only appt. this week. It's nice to have a slow week, but I love going for the ultrasounds to see how the babies are doing. Next week they'll do my last cervix check and a quick u/s, but no measurements or anything, I only get those once every 4 weeks. Hard to believe we're all getting so close to delivery. It's kind of scary! Have a good week, everyone.......

03-10-2004, 07:09 PM
Hey Everyone

Cherie- Sorry to hear about the news of possible TTTS I did a great deal of ready and research about TTTS when I found out I was having identical twins. Here is a good website with nutritional information for the mom!! Itís no guarantee but it has great explanation of why they think TTTS happens and what you can possibly do to help!! The one good thing if there is one is that you are passed the 28wks mark
Here is the link


Pat- What an awful weekend!! But a good thing is that they are still in there cooking! I am glad to hear that your are feeling better but not good that your wheelchair privileges have been taken away.

Karen & RuthieĖ I am glad to hear that your babies are improving everyday!!

Frances- I have no experience with epidurals and I also am very scared to have one!! But I am sure we will be fine

Victoria- We are due just about the same time and between the ultrasounds and the OB appt I end up having one appt per week almost and my OB tells me everything is fine!! So I think we are all in the same boat with all these appt.

Michelle Ė Energy levels fluctuates between really good one day to pretty bad the next I guess it depends how much sleep I get in one night!! There are many nights that I wake up at 3:00 am and stay awake until 5:00 am for no reason!! So by the time I go to work I am almost asleep at my desk. But I do have the good nights when I sleep from 11:00 to 7:00 but they are rare.

Stephanie: I also have never had an NST done nor has my doctor mentioned it!! I thought it might not be common in Australia!! I would also like to know how many people are having NST??

I had an OB appt yesterday and I still havenít gained that much weight but I guess with the babies being a good weight I will try not to worry to much as of yesterday I have only gained 20 lbs and I am 32wks!! I try and eat as much as possible and even take protein drinks but nothing seems to work!! The one good things is that I was about 15 lbs overweight when I got pregnant so itís possible they are getting all the food/nutrient and I am living off my back fat.

Take Care everyone just a few weeks to go!!


03-10-2004, 08:50 PM
Thanks for the website link to TTTS. This will be helpful.


03-10-2004, 11:53 PM
Stephanie~~how many weeks are you?? I am 28 and my cervix curently 3cm. I was told by my peri that once 32 weeks hit and the cervix gets any thiner it wouldn't be such a worry. Maybe thats why. Just ask why they aren't checking you do have a right to know.

I also have noticed alot of talk about NST's. My Ob nor Peri has mentioned anything about theese. Is it something for all multiples?

03-11-2004, 11:28 AM
I ended up going to my Ob yesterday because my contractions had moved around to my lower back. She checked my cervix and the cerclage was still intack, thank goodness. She said my cervix did feel soft and mushy.......I am not sure what that means. They hooked me up to the monitors and after an hour I had about 7-10 contractions, they gave me a shot of Terb which made me feel like I had drank about 20 cups of coffee. She decided to send me home with a prescription of Procardia that I have to take every 4 hours, it gave me a wicked headache all night.
I did ask about the NST......she said because I don't have GD or bloodpressure problems she hasn't felt that I need to leave bedrest to do that.

03-11-2004, 12:35 PM
Hi Everyone,
I have my peri appt today, and I am always afraid he is going to put me in the hospital, so I wanted to say hi to everyone before I go. I have no idea if I will have internet access. I have a laptop, but I would need help getting everything set up.

Cherie - I am so sorry to hear about the TTTS - I think you said you get another US next week - good luck, and let us know what happens.

Patricia - how is everything going? Have they weaned you off of the mag sulfate yet? That stinks that you did not get your pedicure! Too bad you are not in Fla - we could meet up after the babies are born and have a day 'o beauty!! (Like we would have the time - LOL!!!)

Nikki - I was getting really uncomfortable, feeling like my pubic bone was being split in half, and my OB suggested the maternity belt. I wore it when I was working and it really helped, but since I have been on bedrest, I have not been wearing it. Well, I started wearing it again, and it has really helped! It seems like it keeps everything together when I roll over in bed, and I don't feel like the babies are flopping all over the place!

Karen - I am so glad your babies are doing better. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Angela - how was Disneyland?? Did the cart work out well for you? My husband's sister and her family are coming to Disney World next week (I live in Orlando), and I am going to miss out! DH and DD are going to see them, but with me being on bedrest, I can't even do the cart!

Victoria - glad you are off work - enjoy the time off! You are definitely getting more US than me, but if you Dr says everything is OK, don't worry about it - enjoy the extra US's.

Noni - welcome! I don't think we have any north Fla moms here yet. We have central fla, west fla and south fla, so we have the state pretty much covered now! I used to live in Jacksonville, that is where I met my husband.

Anne - You cracked me up about the back fat! Since I have been pregnant, I have been eating really well and taking good care of myself, and I have actually lost weight in my face and neck and everyone tells me that I look better than ever! I have only gained weight in my belly, and it even seems like my hips and backside are smaller! Hopefully, that means I will be better off after I have the babies than I was before!

OK ladies - I will let you all know how my peri appt goes today - they are just going to check my cervix and talk to me about the GD, he has told me in the past that if my cervix gets below 1 cm, he is going to hospitalize me, but I am almost 33 weeks, so I don't know if that is still the case. Or, if it is, hopefully, he will only keep me there until 34 weeks. We'll see!

Have a great day everyone!

03-11-2004, 12:37 PM
Stephanie - I forgot you! Sorry!

I am glad they were able to stop the contractions. Just STAY HORIZONTAL! I am on the terb pump, and I remember that feeling when I first started, feeling you are hopped up on caffeine. Good luck with the procardia, and keeping those babies in!

03-11-2004, 06:25 PM
Hi Everyone,

Frances - Thanks for the welcome! I hope you're not in the hospital. I went through a phase where I never got to go straight home from the OB - there was always something wrong and I had to go for extra tests or to L&D for monitoring or something. At my last OB visit, all my stats were better and they just scheduled my next appt and I got to go. What a relief!

Stephanie - I hope the meds help your contractions and don't drive you too crazy. The descriptions I have read make those medications sound like no fun at all. But as long as they work, I guess they're worth it.

Anne - Has your doctor been concerned about your (lack of) weight gain? I ask because I was gaining fine, (gained 30 lbs) but over the last month I have lost a couple of pounds. My doctor isn't concerned but I keep wondering if he's not taking it seriously enough. My last u/s showed that the babies' weights were good, but I want to make sure they keep growing!


03-11-2004, 07:16 PM
I'm still home! Woo-hoo! My cervix was actually longer since my last visit. My fasting blood sugars keep going up, so they are just going to increase my insulin until that is under control.

My next peri visit is not for 2 more weeks, which will put me past 34 weeks, so I don't have to worry about being hospitalized (for pre-term labor) any more. If they start to come after 34 weeks, they will let them. Next week, the OB has me starting weekly NST's, but the peri wants me to do twice weekly NST's. He said when I go next Thursday to let them know, so I guess I will get one next week, then I will have 2 per week until the babies are born.

I can't believe they are almost here! Mom is coming this weekend to finish up the nursery, and the car seats are already in the car. I guess we are as ready as we can be. But, I am getting a little nervous about taking care of and breastfeeding two little babies. Oh well - no turning back now!

Everyone take care and stay pregnant!!

03-11-2004, 08:40 PM

My doctor isnít concerned as long as the babies are gaining weight which they are!! My OBís theory is that the momís weight gain is not always a direct correlation to the weight of the baby!! He believes it how well the placenta works. He has seen one women who gained over 60 pounds with a singleton and the baby only 6 pounds at birth and a women that gained only 10 pounds and she had a baby the was almost 9 pounds!! All he said is not to worry too much as long as I am eating healthy and not to much junk food!! It does seems that I have lost some weight around my face, arms, legs etc!!

I am all belly and I am really starting to get some strange looks when I am out!! Is that happening to anyone else??? itís like people think I am about to explode!!


03-11-2004, 11:28 PM
Wow, everyone has so much going on!!!!!

So many doctors appointments and last minute things going on. Its funny to see us all wrapping things up like this...Pretty scary!!!!

Today was emotionally a good day:
1. I turn 32 weeks tomorrow!!!! YIPPIE!!!!
2. I was taken completely off Magnesuim Sulfate.
3. My doctor decided I dont need insulin shots...as of todays fasting results....

Physically it was an okay day...
Man is it getting hard to get out of bed!!!! I literally grunt and groan. My DH thinks Im faking it, but it sure is difficult. Im starting to finally swell. I think I pee every 30 minutes (which means I have to get out of bed). And probably worst of all, I'm soooo hot all the time. I have the AC as low as possible and have a fan on. Its funny, anyone who comes visits has blankets wrapped around their clothes and Im fanning myself.

My doctor said he would not be checking my cervix anymore also. Hes afraid he may mess with the membranes. He said this late in the game its not a good idea to check. I get NSTs done every three hours.....I guess their checking for contractions.

I was reading the threads for 1st year with twins and there are threads like "may mommies"..everyone was talking about what their babies are going through and comparing pictures. HOW FUN!!!! I cant wait till we all start doing that!!!

(((Frances I got your email...and yes you do have my correct email..keep it handy)))

Well ladies....i'll check in tomorrow. I'm going to try to get some sleep..ANyone else taking sleeping pills to help?? My doctor recommonded them to help my uterus relax ar night....I dont know, they dont seem to help with the sleep much...

03-12-2004, 07:38 PM
I had a good peri appt. on Tuesday, which I was very thankful for. My babies are still gaining lots of weight! They are at 3lbs. 10 oz. and 3 lbs. 11 oz. I was happy to hear that!

My cervix was down to 2.5 cm, so that's not horrible, but definately starting to get shorter. The peri said, "Well, if everything stays calm for another 2 weeks, then you'll probably make it another 2 after that". What on earth does that mean???

I've been overdoing it a little. My family is here, so I've been wanting to run around with them. They've been wonderful to do a lot of the cooking!

My feet are starting to swell. My BP is staying in the normal range, so I'm not worried. My hands and face have seemed swollen at times. I'm paying attention, though.

I'd better go. Welcome to all the new May mommies!! I look forward to getting to know you, and I'll catch up with everyone later, I'm just running out the door.

03-12-2004, 09:46 PM
Hi Everyone,
It's good to hear that so many of you are tracking well and your appointments are going well.

I had my first NST today and it went very well. My doctor has me going twice a week now because of the possible TTTS. But the good news today was that both babies were very active and their heart rates were great.

Next week is the ultrasound to recheck weight gain. Hopefully, baby A is doing better and we won't have to deliver early. I'm at 30w6d now.

Yesterday was my last day at work. Between that and the good news today about the NTS I feel so much more relaxed. It feels good not to have to worry about the added stress at work.

Take care everyone and stay pregnant.


g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04

03-14-2004, 01:49 PM
Where's all the may mommies this weekend? Working on Nurseries?? BTW, Angela, I meant to tell you, dont feel left out about the whole nursery thing...consider yourself lucky..haven't you seen how stressed out we've all been about it.

My contractions started up again on friday night...For the first time they were actually reallly hurting me. ANyhow, this time I specifically told the doctor that I really didnt want to be on Mag again, expecially since I had just gotten off of it...the doc was like, "okay, your the patient, you have the final say-so, theres plenty of other ways to stop contractions." So they gave me the turburlene (sp??) shot and 72 hours of sulendec pills to stop the contractions. I also got a shot of Nuebane (sp??) for the pain. And within 2 minutes, everything was good-- no contractions, pain, nothing....So all is well again.

Oh question for you gals...I mentioned about three weeks ago when I was admitted that I was goven 2 steriod shots to help the babies lungs develop in case I had them early. Well on Friday, the on-call doc gave me the shot again....I asked her if it was a one-time thing, cause I thought I remembered hearing that somewhere and she said, "let me call the peri and check, im not sure." SHe came back and said everyone has different opinions about the steriod shots and she thought it was best for me to have it again, so now i have taken the shot 4 times.....I dont mind if it means chances of the babies having stronger, healthier lungs...but has anyone else experienced this?

Hope eveyone is doing well. CHerie, Im so glad you are feeling a little more relaxed. With each day that passes, Im like " YIPPPIE". Everyone else who recently stopped working, I hope your enjoying your time off....keep your feet up and dont over-do anything.

Frances, Hope everything is okay---havent heard from you in a while...

03-14-2004, 02:51 PM
Hey y'all,

Sorry I haven't written lately. It seems like I just have time to get in and read up before I have to go. I am trying to impose my own 'bedrest' on myself so nobody will do it for me. I just turned 31 weeks on Friday, and no problems so far, thankfully....

Welcome to the new May Mommies. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Someone mentioned how neat it will be to have our own months in the 'First Years' section - wow...won't it!! I tell y'all, I can't believe that they will be here in the next month or so...wow!! I have been 'Queen of Denial' for a month or two, I think - with occasional smacks of reality, but mostly feeling like I had all the time in the world. - But then some of our May Mommies have already delivered -- that's a nice slice of wake-up, isn't it?? ;-)

Ahhhhh, nursery progress, lol.... Well, USA Baby says our cribs and changing table still have not arrived yet. They're coming from Italy, so they're on a boat or in customs somewhere -- despite the fact that they 'assured' me that they would be in by mid/late February. Well, I grilled them when we purchased these -- I'd heard all the horror stories about ordered cribs....oy. Thankfully, we can do 'pack 'n play' or something for sleeping if they get here first. They have our cribs set to be delivered on March 26 -- we'll see. I hope to not have the boys until mid/end of April - but you know how that can be....

Other than that, the nursery is coming along. We're doing an undersea theme, and it's turning out really cute - I think. My friend is a muralist, so we're paying her to do the whole room underwater. We have rock formations, plantlife and sea turtles so far...she's coming back to do some fish and other things.... On the ceiling, she has the top of the water...with a pretty red boat bottom floating above. We have a neat looking ceiling fan with blades that look like the propeller.

Anyway, it's getting there - but we have much to do. My cousin Tara - I was named for her....and her husband are coming next weekend/week to help us get some things done....yay!! He DH is really handy, and she and I can relax a bit, hopefully...

Well, as time is getting near, we need to get some of the necessities for the babies. Today is the big trip to Babies/Toys R Us for some of that stuff. Thank goodness they have wheelchairs for customers, that's for sure... We have so much stuff to get still - because I was waiting for the shower and twins sale to see what was left. My friend gave me a neat coupon book from Toys R Us for their Baby Fair....it's good this whole month. If you have any friends who are on the mailing list, I suggest you get this book...tons of discounts.

Okay, I should go....glad to hear everyone is doing well. Next week is my regular Ob appointment. The only thing new we'll do is my first NST. I can't believe I'll be 32 weeks on Friday - wow. My Doc said he'd be thrilled if I get past 34 weeks, and I plan to thrill him to no end... At this point, I'm shooting for as long as he'll let me carry them. That looks like 37 weeks, according to him. Sooooo, I turn 37 weeks on April 23, but hopefully he'll let me go to later within that week. I'm sure I'll be more than ready by then, huh?

You all be careful, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Have you been talking to your babies? DH has started laying his head on my tummy or in my lap and talking with or singing to them. He loves to see them start tumbling when they hear him. They could be sleeping or lying still a minute before, but they really do get moving when he starts in...it's so cute, and he gets such a kick out of having that connection. He loves knowing that they had been still and that he got them going, lol...so cute....

Well, I'm getting up from here....not wanting to do this shopping today, but I'd sure hate to wait any longer - ya know....

Stay pregnant -- keep us posted....

03-14-2004, 05:07 PM
Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a good weekend. My husband and I finally agreed on some names!!!! We don't know the babies' sexes, but just have a hunch that they will be a boy and a girl. If that is the case their names will be Hailey Carol and Nicholas Charles. Carol was my late MIL's name, and my husband is Charles Jr., so this should make everyone happy, even my son. Jimmy is 4 and has been saying since about November or December that he wants to name the babies Nicholas and Nicole. We're not using Nicole because he's got a cousin Nicole, but Charlie and I both like the name Nicholas, it was almost Jimmy's name. So as long as we really do have a boy and a girl they have names. We're still not sure what we would do if we have two girls or two boys, but we'll come up with something just in case. I really feel like this is a big accomplishment, and I probably shouldn't be doing it, but I've been talking to the babies using these names yesterday and today.

Other than that, not too much going on. We were in NJ all weekend doing family stuff, so once again nothing happened in the house to prepare for the babies. DH noticed a baby infant carrier/car seat in my living room that my sister lent me (she brought it up a week ago, and he just noticed it today!) and he wants to put it up in the attic since we don't need it yet. Absolutely no sense of urgency there. I try telling him all the time that twins love to come early and at the absolute most we have six and a half weeks until they come, but he's not worried. Somehow my sister has my bassinet and one that she borrowed from a girlfriend, and I'm planning on using both. So I told DH we should stop at my sister's house today on our way home (She also lives in NJ so it's not like I can just bop on over to her house one day to pick stuff up), but he didn't want to stop. He thinks that one day he'll just take a ride down and pick up all the stuff we need. Any ideas on how to get a sense of urgency into him? He's driving me crazy with his "it will get done" attitude.

I had another NST on Friday....it went well. There was good movement and heartbeats from both babies. Doc also said he saw some contractions, but I didn't feel any so I guess they're no big deal. Next week I will have another NST on Friday, and the following week I'll start going twice a week. That surprised me, I don't know why. I'm just glad I'm not working since I feel like going to doctors is almost a full-time job. I'm not complaining, just observing.

TL - your nursery sounds like it will be really cool. I'm sure it will look awesome. How'd you make out at Toys R Us? They do have some great stuff. I got a bunch of things earlier this month, and will probably head over again to get some more diapers, etc. I'm trying to convince DH that we need a swingset in our backyard so I won't have to pack up three kids every time Jimmy wants to go to the park. No success yet, but I just started working on him today.

Have a great week everyone!

03-14-2004, 11:41 PM
Hi Everyone!
The nursery is done! Woo-Hoo!!! My mom came over this weekend, and we have been busy working on it all weekend. I have been folding and sorting clothes, making lists for the store and laying on the floor in the nursery directing the progress. I love it! We had an oak crib and dresser from when my DD was a baby, and of course, they don't make that style anymore, so I went completely different with the other crib and dresser. Jimmy is getting the oak, and I got a white crib and dresser for Maggie. My mom got these great cabinets with cloth drawers and pretty baskets at Target. Those are great for the receiving blankets, urp cloths, diapers, etc. We used the Serendipity crib stuff that we used with DD, just bought more of it. It is being discontinued, so it has all been on sale. I was going to buy new crib sets for these two, but we would have had to repaint, change the border and spend way too much money, so we just kept the old stuff. I am really happy with the way the room turned out. I wish there was a way to post pictures so you all could see.

Lauren - the only thing that lit a fire under my DH was when my OB told him to get the nursery ready because the babies will be here in the next few weeks. I did not even mention it, DH told on himself! Even then, he just put the furniture together, my mom and friend had to come over to do the decorating.

I start my NST's next week. Once next week, then twice a week after that. We are still trying to get my fasting blood sugars down. They have been increasing my long acting insulin every night by 2 units, but the numbers won't go down! It is very frustrating.

TL - wow - your nursery sounds awesome! I love the ceiling fan with the boat propeller, and I bet the murals are beautiful. I hope you got some good deals at Toys R Us - I am so jealous! I wanna go shopping!!! I sent my mom out this weekend with my debit card, she spent about $300-$400 (that is what I expected) to get the last of what we needed, and I so wish I could have done the shopping myself! Oh well, having healthy babies will be worth it.

Tomorrow is 33 weeks. Only one more week until that magic 34!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and has a great week! Stay pregnant everyone!

03-14-2004, 11:58 PM
One more thing - my sister called today and told me she is pregnant! She lives in SC, but visits every couple of months. I did not even know she was dating someone, she is *very* close mouthed about her personal life. But apparently she has been living with this guy for a month, and dating him for a while. They are both very happy and excited, and so am I - she is going to be a great Mom. She is my only sibling (2 yrs younger), and since we never heard about any boyfriends, we figured she would never get married and have kids. It was quite a surprise! She is due in November, so we will have a little baby around at Christmas, and the twins will be about 8 mos old, it is going to be such a great Christmas this year. My Mom will be going from one grandchild to 4 within a few months - she is so excited!

03-15-2004, 12:03 PM
Frances, I think you and I think alike. We both have (or will have very soon) boys named Jimmy, and my bassinet is in the Serendipity pattern. My crib bedding was all Cow Jumped Over the Moon, but I figured if I end up having two boys one will use Jimmy's stuff and I would probably get Serendipity for the other, since they are so similar and we already have the curtains, hamper, and other accessories that are the same for both.

Also, congrats on hitting 33 weeks, you must be so psyched! I'm at 30 and a half weeks, and every time I see a doctor he tells me we're shooting for at least 34 weeks (as I'm sure all doctors are saying).

That's pretty exciting that your kids will have a new cousin next fall. I have one sister-in-law who's expecting (just one) in the beginning of April, so our kids will be really close in age. I'm also thinking that Christmas will be fun with all the new babies.

Have a great week, I'm off to go grocery shopping (the fun never ends!)

03-15-2004, 12:08 PM
good monday morning to everyone!

Hope everyone is had a good weekend.

Frances, glad to hear your nursery is done. Remember I told ya'll my Dh said ours was done? WEll my gut feeling was he was fibbing a little. I liked the idea you had about posting pictures so we can all see. I told him to take pictures of the nursery so that I can try to show them to ya'll somehow. Well, the look on his face totally gave it away...its not done !!!!! I also dont know what to do to get him to realize this stuff has to be done. I even comprimised---i said i'd he happy with just one crib up since they'll both be sleeping together for awhile.

Get this, this is his reponse to everything...well if the babies do come early, they're not coming home right away...they'll be in the hospital for awhile so we have time to get things together before they come home. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE THINKING???? I then had to remind him that if they do stay in the hospital I was planning on being here with them all day, and we wouldn't have time to go home and work on baby stuff. His response is, WE cant be there all day---they have visting hours.

HMMMMM....I dont know about him sometimes. I think that I really am going to need to ask my doctor to release me. I need to be home just to monitor exactly what progress is happenning. Frances, I would love to fold clothes and partake in the nursery process like you.

Other than that, everything is okay. COntractions are under control. Blood sugar levels are okay. NSt shows good, strong heartbeats. I think I get a sonogram today or tomorrow --doc wants to get baby weights. Im hoping for at least 4 lbs each.

Did I tell ya'll my crazy weight story??? Let me make it brief. I checked in the hospital 2/21....at that time I had been a steady weight gain of 25 lbs only. They weighed me last week and in 7 days i ganed 13 lbs!!!! I thought for sure it was a mistake. They weighed me again today, and Ive gained an add'l 2 lbs. SO in less than 2 weeks I gained 15 lbs! So now im up to 40 lbs, and a little over a weeks ago I had only gained 25! I just cant believe it.
I dont understand. One of the nurses said thats a good sign that the babies are getting ready to come. SHe said you usually gain alot of weight the last two weeks.


32 weeks/ 4 days today :)

03-15-2004, 01:25 PM
Lauren, great minds think alike!! Also, Serendipity has been discontinued, so get the stuff soon if you haven't already! www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com has the best prices that I have found, plus you can get most of the stuff separately. You don't have to get the whole crib set. For the cribs, I just got the Serendipity sheets, and bought bright yellow bumpers and dust ruffles, they want $40 for a dust ruffle and $70 for the bumper, for goodness sakes! Plus, I like the contrast better. I did get the valance, and I had the border and the hamper from before.

Patricia, are they going to let you out at 34 weeks? I hope you get to go home before they come. And, tell your hubby we are all mad at him for fibbing to you!

Everyone have a good Monday!

03-15-2004, 01:56 PM
Hey y'all,

DH finally fixed our network IP addresses, so I can share the link for our web cam. If you want a sneak peek of the 'undersea' nursery, click here... Hopefully, your computer has the proper 'drivers' and whatnot to view it. Some people have trouble, but most can see with no problems... ;-) You can see the ladder and the top of the 'Snap 'n Go' stroller in this shot...

Boy am I tired after our trip to 'R Us land', lol.... My coupon book was only good for Toys R Us, so we had to go there instead of Babies R Us. They didn't have as good a selection for baby stuff, but we did get a lot of the necessities that the coupons listed. We saved $100 with all of the coupons -- the only problem is that we spent over $600 in the process....eeeek!!

But, keep in mind that part of that is this neato double wagon that DH fell in love with. It was $50 and came with a free add-on "trailer" car that was regular $30. It's for ages 1 1/2 and up, but he just got so excited. As many of you know - anything that will get these DHs excited about the babies, right? ;-) Besides, I'd been thinking about a way to maybe wheel the boys around the house, and this might work. I can put a pillow and maybe boppies in each side to keep them still while I move from one room to the other....we'll see. We're all on one floor, thankfully, and I'm trying to think of a way to carry them more easily. If it doesn't seem safe, we won't do it - obviously....we'll just have to see. I'm thinking when they get a bit bigger than the infant carriers, maybe....I dunno...

Lauren, so glad you've got names picked out. That must be a relief. We have first names, but we haven't really sat down and discussed middles yet. My Mom is going nuts, lol.... She is convinced that we do have them picked out and that we're just keeping them a secret or something, lol... I assure her that isn't the case....but she remains unconvinced, lol...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe some of our husbands!! Lauren, I am so sorry you didn't get to go ahead and get your furniture. I know what you mean about wanting to consolidate trips - and to get this stuff over with. DHs don't seem to understand that when things start 'happening' you all will have NO TIME to run up to NJ...or even Home Depot, lol....

And Patricia, I knew it!! I knew it!! I'm sorry to say - but I knew it!! When you joked before about him possibly not really having finished the nursery, I laughed, but I also knew there was probably more truth than any of us wanted to see. Boy oh boy!! Well good for you for calling him on it - that's for sure. They're just like little boys, aren't they? I think we're more prepared for 'mothering' than we even realize -- I've had nearly 9 years practice at this point, lol... In fact, at this point, I've started introducing him to current friends as 'my oldest'. I do it partly because I want him to know he'll always be my 'baby' -- but it's also because I do have to be the 'Mommy' sometimes and lay down the cheese....oh well, it's good practice, right...

Anyway, the only thing I can think of that has really motivated my DH is the mention of our two 'early' May Mommies and nailing down a 'last possible delivery date'. Sorry new Mommies to invoke your names/circumstances for my own purposes, but sometimes it's the only thing that works. ;-)

When I came home a few weeks ago from the OB and told him that I would deliver sometime between now and April 23rd (7 weeks at that time), he about swallowed his tongue. ;-) When I put it into concrete timetables, he could see what he was working with. When we no longer used May as a target date, it took a lot of the cushion off the timetable. So, for those of you still having to motivate DH's, I'll tell you what I keep doing...mention the new Mommies and the new delivery dates. I continue to keep that information in the conversation, and it seems to be helping. And...as most things are being bought and set out, the more real it becomes - even to me, lol...

Yesterday on our shopping trip, we got crib sheets and sheet savers (apparently a must for busy moms).....we got several different kinds of bottles, different pacifiers, bath stuff, some diapers, bibs, blankets, a Gymini Activity thingie, another Boppy, some first aid stuff, some neck support stuff for the car seat....we got matress covers, teething rings/toys....just all sorts of stuff. We're trying to get it organized, but the items seem to be taking over the house. While my friend is still painting, we need to keep the nursery fairly empty -- which means that most things are sitting out in the rest of the house -- (sigh)....

Frances, congratulations on getting your nursery together. I'm sorry you can't get out and go shopping...I sure was glad that they had a wheelchair there for Mommies...whew!! We still have to make a trip to Babies R Us for the remaining stuff, but I'm not as panicked at this point - I guess....

Oh, and also congratulations on making it to 33 weeks - that is awesome!! Congrats on 32/4 days, Patricia. Like you, Lauren, I can't wait for the magic 34.....I'm focusing on the sorta magic 32 for this Friday.

Frances,good for you for laying in the floor during the progress, though....don't try to do too much - even after they've taken you off bedrest - okay? The longer you can keep them in, the better... For you and Patricia, both...and all the other bedrest Mommies - please resist the urge to make up for lost time when you're released. Impose your own bedrest in between occasional treats and outings.... hopefully, it will be easier to do when you're calling the shots...

Patricia, I can't believe your DH.....oy. Besides, while hospital rooms often have 'visiting hours' - most NICU's are open 24 hours a day, and parents can come for as long as they want. You'll want to verify that with your own hospital, but I know that's the way most are run.

For one thing - they want you all to be there to hold and talk with the babies....and do 'Kangaroo Kare' where they lay on your bare chest. That is supposed to really help babies in their weight gain and development.... Anyway, check with your hosp, but I'd be surprised if the NICU was on a 6:00 to 9:00 kind of schedule or anything.

NOT TO MENTION - you will be recovering from the birth of two babies.... Even if they stay in the hospital for an extra week or so - you'll likely have soreness - if not stitches to contend with. When those babies come out, the last thing you'll have time for is decor and organization.

Glad everyone's "vitals" are looking good. I'm anxious to get my first NST on Wednesday. I feel them moving, but I appreciate any extra monitoring we can get. I still feel occasionally paranoid, ya know. Sometimes, I'm like...."What if my water breaks in the shower or in the pool and I don't realize it..." Ya know?

Anyway, I'd better get going. Glad to hear from many of you all today...I was wondering where everyone had gone off to. Good luck getting your nursery/house in order. Keep us posted...

03-15-2004, 04:08 PM
Patricia - I can't believe your nurses told you it's normal to gain so much in a week. I'm not saying they're wrong, or anything like that, just that I never heard that before. Here I am thinking I'm doing so well because I've gained 40 pounds in 30 weeks (well, good for me - I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with Jimmy!). I figured there's no way I can get it up to 60 this time, since I only have 7 weeks to go. I have heard that twins will have their final growth spurts earlier than singles, though. But I'm not going to worry about my weight. As long as I have big healthy babies I'll worry about the weight after they're born. I lost 60 once, I'm sure I can do it again if I have to (well, at least I think I can - lol).

Frances - you are so right about Burlington having the best prices. I have a Baby Depot nearby and even the showroom for Baby Club of America, and Baby Depot's prices are way better. The only drawback with them, though, is that you can never get your money back from them, they'll only give store credit. So I'm going to wait until the babies are born to see what kind of bedding to buy. If I have two boys I'm going with the Serendipity, but if I have a girl or girls she (or they) will get pink and frilly!

TL - I checked out your picture - it is SOOOO COOL!!! That room must be so awesome. Next you have to put on a picture of the boat on the ceiling with the ceiling fan/propeller. By the way, you are too funny with your comment about not knowing if your water breaks! I have thought the same thing. Since I had a scheduled c-section last time I never even felt a contraction, I've been really nervous about going into labor and not realizing it, or my water breaking and me thinking I just had to pee a lot. But if every other mother in the entire world knew when she was in labor I guess if it does happen to me I'll figure it out. Hopefully I'll just sail along until my scheduled date (whenever that will be) and not have to worry about going into labor on my own.

03-15-2004, 04:13 PM
Oh yeah, one more thing - does anyone know what the difference is between the Graco Duoglider and the Graco Deluxe Duoglider? Most stores seem to carry either one or the other, but I can't figure out what the difference is, other than that the deluxe weighs about five pounds more and costs about $20 more. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

03-15-2004, 05:22 PM
well i havnt posted in quite a while. im no longer working, and i am finishing up school this term anyways. so sunday is my last day. so i only have a few days of major stressin left. then 3 months off. thank god!!! anyways glad to hear everyones going down the right road and hangin in there. i had my 30 week ultrasound a few days ago. everything looks good the girl is 2lbs.12oz and the boy is 3lbs.5oz, however both babies were breech last u-sound at 18 weeks. this time one flipped and the other is still breach. but there is still time to flip hopfully. i go to doc 2morrow so hopfully he will check me and ill be okay. ill let yall know how the appt. goes. since i am going to massage school i get the privliage of massage i have very few strech marks we do this massage technique. mfr myofacial release. i think it relly helps. so if any of you are interested and have a few extra dollaars it is well worth it. look for massage theripasts in your phone book. a massage for 1 hr is about 40 dollars but u can probably sched a half or somthin. maybie they can show you some self care of how to do it on your self. legs breasts and tummy. b/c we do habe quite a bit of strechin left. gotta go study for tomorrows final.

03-15-2004, 06:18 PM

OMG!!!! Your nursery is coming out soooo coool!!!!! It looks so professional. What a dreamy place for a baby to grow in! Send in some more pics--- i cant wait to see the rest of it.

Question....I thought Bru honored TRU coupons. I have a 20.00 off coupon for a glider from TRU and thought it would be honored at BRU...hmmmm. ANother question, what are sheet savers?

Well, trust me girls, I've given my DH **** about this nursery thing for the last two days. And apparently hes been working on it. Soooo, i hope to show ya'll pictures soon of my nursery. I sent him to pottery barn to buy the bedskirts..nothing fancy...just plain-jane green gingham cribskirts. Well he calls to tell me he bought them. And get this ----they cost 49.00 a piece!!! for a crib skirt!!!! I was shocked!! I am soo tempted to send him back to return them.

Lauren, i dont know much about the duoglider..but i recvd a double stroller as a shower gift and I really like it. Its a safety first dual staduim tandum stroller. You can purchase the two infant carriers to snap in. Its a neat stroller because the front baby can either face the front or back. Anyhow, i've only seen it at babydepot and I believe it was cheaper than the duoglider. Something worth checking out.

Miracle2, glad to hear from you again. What a relief to be finished with school, huh? Enjoy your time off...

Its kinda scary how close we are now.....One of the nurses here caught me cleaning up my little prison hole the other night and she laughed. SHe said I was nesting, right here in my hospital room!

Blessings to all.....

03-16-2004, 04:10 PM
Hey y'all,

I'm glad you liked the nursery pic. I've turned the web cam toward the ceiling so you can see the boat on top of the water. We're not quite finished with the room painting, but I am feeling better to have at least most of it on the walls...

I'm glad you whooped up on DH, Patricia..lol... Yeahl, Pottery Barn costs a bundle, and I think I'm going to have to look for a cheaper option. If we only had one crib, it might be different -- but you know... I have heard not to skimp on sheets and bumper pads - because the elastic is better and the pad strings are usually good and long....but that's it... I haven't bought much of that stuff yet. I did get some crib sheets -- nothing fancy... I haven't bought anything else yet, though... Shoot, the cribs aren't even here.....and we still need to get mattresses....

So funny how you're nesting in your hospital room. I think we just feel so out of control otherwise, you know... My boss and I were talking about me wrapping up work projects and she was trying to make sure I wasn't stressing... I described it sort of like when you have to have your house ready for a realtor to show....at a moments notice or a month from now... It's a similar feeling....I have to be ready for now or a month from now -- it's so weird...

I haven't gained all that much weight, but I'm a really big girl to begin with -- so my Dr's are not concerned. I can't wait until next week when we find out how much they weigh again. I'm always so anxious to know that each month. I can't imagine Moms of singletons...they basically find out the sex (maybe) and they're like...well, see you at the end, lol.... I love all of this extra monitoring and stuff...I'm spoiled, aren't y'all?

I can't believe they are going to be here!!! OMG!! As part of my 'nesting' I have finaly dragged out the old reel to reel home movies from my childhood and my Mom's younger days. I found a reel I'd never seen before. I think it had not been shown because it was my Mom with my bio dad who I didn't really grow up with (and my Mom remarried a few years later, so yadda yadda). Anyway, I wasn't so much interested in the fact that he was in the film, but the date of the reel was very interesting to me. It said March 1974....that's when my Mom was eight months pregnant with me.

I was born on April 8th, and this was the first time I'd ever seen her pregnant... She turned 29 on March 29th, so she had me when she was 30 years and a week or so. I will turn 30 on April 8th, so I will be at almost the exact age when the boys are born. It's neat, because I can have sort of a parallel awareness of how she felt when I was at a certain age, etc... -But anyway, it was neat to see her and to see how much we look alike...

I'm putting together all of the videos and hubby is recording them on our digital camera. I'm hoping to have them done in time to give her a disk for her 60th birthday this year. She said she just wants two grandbabies (to be opened later), so I'll probably show up with two bows on my tummy, lol...but I also wanted her to have this. I'll need to do some editing to cut out her ex husband and other ex fam....but I know she'll like it, and she can see the original footage if she wants. (I just don't want to upset Dad unnecessarily...)

Anyway, I guess I'd better get up from here....so much to do and I don't feel like doing any of it, lol....

Y'all have a good week....talk with you soon....

03-16-2004, 09:02 PM
Hi to everyone,
I went to the dr's on Monday and everything continues to go well. I guess my seven weeks of bed rest in Dec/Jan did the trick!
Baby A (girl) weighs 2lbs. 14oz and Baby B (boy) weighs 3lbs 7oz. They are growing very well. It is nice to see that some of the recent weight gain has gone somewhere...lol. Overall things look good and my doctor as well as many of yours has said that she expects me to deliver towards the end of April. One thing that she mentioned was that Baby B looked like the cord was around his neck. She said that it is very common for this to happen in utero and it won't hurt him, but he is breech and may not be able to turn because the cord could restrict his movement. She said that she would keep an eye on it because if I went in to labor they wouldn't try to turn him if the cord was still there. I would most likely have a c-section. I am trying not to worry because I am sure that this is common and many mothers probably don't even know that it has happened, but now that I know I worry. I think that is part of being a mother don't you think?
On Sunday I had my shower! It was a surprise and we got a lot of wonderful gifts. I am very happy because now I know what we need to get before the babies are born.
The nursery is still a work in progress but there are gains every weekend. My husband assures me that it will be done by the end of the month.

Pat- I hope that all is well with you in the hospital. I am sure you are counting the days but keep up the good work . I still can't believe the story of your DH and the nursery.

Angela- We haven't heard from you in a while. How are things going? Are you enjoying having you feet up since you stopped work?

I hope that everyone has a great day and as the motto goes, "stay pregnant"

03-17-2004, 05:08 PM
Hey y'all,

Nikki, I hope everything stays okay with your little ones. Sometimes information can be more worrisome than not. Like they said, the wrapped cord is usually fine, but that doesn't stop us from worrying, does it?

Oh y'all...here is the latest on my crib situation. In January, we ordered two matching cribs and one changing table from USA Baby. At that time, because I'd heard the horror stories of ordering cribs and delays, I really grilled them about shipping times and policy, etc... Well, they repeatedly assured me that it would arrive between mid and late February...

At the very end of February, I called the local store to follow up on the status. I was told that the items would be arriving "any day now" and that they would contact me to schedule delivery. A week or so later, after not hearing from them, I called again and asked for more specifics on the delay. The next day, on March 9th, Robert from the store called and said that the items would be arriving "any day now" and he wanted to go ahead and schedule the next available delivery....March 26th. I agreed to that day, but I didn't have a good feeling about the whole thing...

Today, while discussing my delayed pieces with a nurse at the OB's office, she mentioned that she had seen a story on the local news about a baby store that had just closed without any notice. We've all heard stories like this...usually baby furniture, bridal gowns or other specialty stores that leave hundreds of people in the lurch... She couldn't remember the name of the place, but after the runaround I had gotten from them already, I had a feeling it was the local USA Baby.

When I found the news channel website, their story confirmed my suspicions. After calling the store's number and getting an out-of-service voicemail box, I called the corporate office in Illinois to confirm that the store had in fact closed. The other stores are apparently intact, but this local franchise has unexpectedly shut its doors. If the local news hadn't covered this story, and if my nurse hadn't seen it, I still would be sitting around waiting for my furniture to arrive.

So...I have called AmEx to dispute the deposit we were charged in January. Thankfully, we paid with our credit card or we'd have more problems. At this point, though, we need to go and find cribs for these guys...and a changing table. Obviously, we don't have time to order anything, so hopefully we can find something that is 'off the floor', so to speak.

Can y'all believe that???

Everything else is going okay, though.... My first NST went well with good rates and movement. I start seeing them every week now....wow... Next Wednesday, I see my Ob and my Peri - both...

I have moved the nursery web cam to the ceiling, if you want to see the boat on top of the water. I have the ceiling fan going so it looks more like a propellor...lol....

Well.....I need to get my feet up again....hope y'all are having a good week. Keep us posted...

03-17-2004, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone,

Hey Nikki,
Glad everything looked good on your sono. The umbilical cord thing does sound kinda scary, but i thought I read somewhere thats kinda common. Either way, its good to know your doctor is going to keep an eye on it for you.

I also had my sono yesterday. Brace yourselves--this is gonna sound kinda crazy. As of today, I am 32 weeks-6 days pg. Yesterdays sono shows baby A weighing 5.4 pounds and Baby B 4.8 pounds. Is that not crazy!!!! They're huge!!! At least that kinda explains the huge weight gain I had in the last two weeks.

TL---let us know how much yours weigh as soon as you find out. I wanna know if mine are the only porkers out there.

Its funny--when I dont here from ya'll my mind starts going crazy, and Im sure that ya'll have had your babies...for example, Nikki got my mind going about not hearing from angela...hmmm...

okay--well dr phil is on..something about not forgetting about your sex life when you have kids...maybe i should watch this...

03-18-2004, 03:05 AM
Hello Ladies sorry I've been MIA. It's been so long I dont even know where to start.

Sunday was my last day of work WOO HOO!! I'm not sure if i've said so before but I work fast food. The funny thing is that I work right across the street from the hospital where I'll be delivering. I know many people that work in different parts of the hospital that are regular customers. One lady that i've gotten to know over the last 4 yrs found out that it was my last day and gave me a $20.00 to start off piggy banks for the boys. Isn't that sweet?? :) Two girls I work with invited me to lunch on Friday the12th. When I arrived they had some baby clothes, cake and two bran new high chairs. Besides all that we have had people giving us things left and right. I have all the "big stuff" and a ton of clothes and I haven't even had my baby shower yet.

Someone had asked about Disneyland. I was great, and yes the cart was great. Even though I didn't do hardly any walking I did get tired. 1) All that sitting, tough on the tush. 2) We went to eat at a resturant and did some shopping in "Downtown Disney" after Disneyland closed. I did some walking then not too much but enough to make me tired.

So this is my first week at home and so far I havent done much resting. On Monday we did some running around checking out strollers. I found a snap n go that accomodates 2 infant seats on the internet for $99.00. I liked it alot but I didn't want to have to order anything. I really don't want one of the stroller/carseat combos. I had one with my daughter too much of a pain in the butt. I found the double snap n go at a baby resale shop for only $40.00. Bran new!! We saved like $60.00.

Ok my feet have been so swollen, that my ankles are like tennis balls in the morning. My friends were telling me call the doctor because preeclampsia could be setting in. So I call and the nurse told me to stay off my feet, drink lots of water, watch my salt intake, watch for the following symptoms: uncureable headaches, seeing black spots, and blacking out. Should any occur call the office. At my next visit they will check it out, blood pressure, and protein in my urine etc. That will be the 29th. Wish me luck.

Well, I am happy to say I have one crib set up in my room. That will be ok since they will be sharing at first. I don't really have a theme, I just used the crib set I used for my daughter. It's a teddy bear pattern.

TL~~Too bad to hear about the crib situation, I hope you get somthing worked out. Let us know.

Patricia~~I'm sorry to hear about your dh and getting the nursery set up. Don't feel bad I had to light a fire under my DH's rear by starting to set up the crib on my own. Get that whip a crackin'.

Sorry so long but like I said it's been a while.

03-18-2004, 01:44 PM
Hey Ladies!

TL- I love the web cam of your nursery. How creative! Our nursery is coming along slowly. My DH works an hour or so in there every night now, touching up trim, etc. He swears the wallpaper will be going up tonight. Then all weíll have left is to clean up, hang blinds/curtains and organize/decorate. Iím hoping to get it finished this week-end because, like you, we have baby stuff piled in every other room in the house now.

I also had a Babies Rí Us shopping issue this week. I have almost $400.00 in gift cards for Babies Rí Us so I went to the web site to order the rest of the stuff we needed. I did not realize that you could only use these cards in stores. The web site does not accept them. I looked at the cards, and sure enough, it says to redeem them in stores. The closest Babies Rí Us to us is down in NYC, which is a three-four hour trip. We have a local Toys Rí Us here but the baby selection is very limited. We picked out some things we really donít need right away, like high chairs and a bike trailer/jogging stroller. At least weíll have them when the babies are big enough to use them.

Patricia- Big babies are healthy babies! I had my 32 week US on Monday. Brianna weighed in at 4lbs, 1oz and Macaulay was a whopping 4lbs, 13ozs! My OB said Brianna is exactly at the 50th percentile for a singleton and Mac is a little bigger than a singleton would be at this point! Considering Iím all of 4í11Ē tall and started my pregnancy at 120lbs, itís amazing how big they are! The good news is that my OB also said if we do go into labor early, the babies are big enough now that we most likely wouldnít need NICU care. Which is especially cool because the closest NICU is an hourís drive from our house!

I agree with Lauren that going to Drís appointments is a full time job! I have my NST twice a week at the hospital (because they have a special machine for twins and it takes half the time it does in my OBís office), I have an US once a week now, three fluid checks only, then one full measurements one, and I see my OB once a week for weight/BP/etc. I am also interviewing pediatricians once or twice a week to have one lined up before the birth. I couldnít imagine trying to make it to work with this schedule!

Anne- I am also getting a lot of looks at my big belly from passers by at the market/mall etc. Yesterday I was in the mall and there was a little boy, maybe three years old who was tugging on his momís sleeve trying to get her to turn around and look at me. He was saying, ďLook Mommy, thatís what happens when you eat too much junk.Ē I thought it was so funny! I am just as big as a house, but it doesnít bother me a bit. I have two big healthy babies in there and that is all that matters to me.

I have also been grunting and groaning a lot more than I used to, even just to turn over in bed or get up from the couch! It really takes a lot of doing sometimes. My DH laughs at me, which makes me laugh too, then its impossible to move! It will all be worth it in another month or so when we are all bringing home sweet bundles of joy!

Take care everyone and as the saying goesÖstay pregnant!


03-18-2004, 03:09 PM
Hi fellow May mommies!

I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow. I went in for my weekly OB appt yesterday and the doctor said that one of the babies has dropped and his/her head is pushing down on my cervix causing it to thin. He said he now wants me on bedrest at home and the minute I start dialating, he will put me in the hospital on bedrest. I posted on the bedrest thread, but wondered if any of you have experienced this??

He said he wants me to make it another 4 weeks. I start NST at 32 weeks and my next ultrasound is 2 weeks away. I agree with a lot of you that these appts are almost a fullt-time job. Thank god, I'm now off work. I was relieved when I got notification that my short-term disability and FMLA were approved. One less thing to worry about.

DH finished the nursery over the weekend. It's cuter than I could have ever imagined. My parents are coming into town from Ohio next week for 3 months to help us out. My mom can then get the baby clothes organized, washed, etc. I will also be thrilled to have home cooked meals every night!! Important things first, right?

I've gained 40 pounds total and can't imagine gaining much more, but I'm sure I will.

Well, just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I also can't wait for us to be exchanging thoughts on what the babies are doing, eating, etc. That will be great!!


03-18-2004, 03:26 PM
I also can't wait till we can share storie about how our babies are growing, eating, etc. The big Q is will we have the time??

I am also having a **** of a time getting up from any sitting position. Moan and grunt U know. I think my DH thinks i'm exagerating (SP).

I too get looks from people. Some people actually ask if I am due any day. It's funny when I tell them "no, not till may." Then I explain that I am having twins. Then most people understand and congratulate me.

I'll be checking back with ya'll later.

03-19-2004, 11:19 AM
Hi Everyone,
I just realized that I have not posted on this thread for a while. Sorry about that! I have been posting on the bedrest support thread, and I keep getting them mixed up. I will say somethingon the bedrest thread to one of you on this thread and have to go back and edit it. Oh well, I guess it is that pregnancy insanity.

I had a NST and an OB appt yesterday. Everything went pretty good. My DH slept right through the NST - we did it at the hospital in one of the L&D rooms, and he sat in the recliner there, and before the nurse had me hooked up, he was snoring! Poor guy - he is so worn out having to work 11 hrs a day and take care of everything around the house and with our DD. I can't wait until I am able to do more around the house (boy - I never thought I would say that!!!!!)

I have 4 appts next week! I have two NST's - Monday and Thursday, an OB appt and a Peri appt with a ultrasound. I can't wait to see what the babies weigh. Monday is 34 weeks - WOO-HOO!! The Dr never told me that I can't drive, but my DH won't let me, so he is going to have to leave work early 3 days next week. Luckily, his boss has been great about all of this.

My mom is going out of town next week for 2 weeks! She does have a contingency plan if the babies come, but I am kind of annoyed that she planned it at all! We own two businesses together, we do ISO 9000 Quality Management System audits and we also audit vendors to the nuclear industry, their QMS's also. Anyway - she scheduled 2 audits, so now she wants the babies to stay in until April 5th. I told her I would put in her request :-) So, I mentioned the FFN test to her, and she wants me to ask the peri to do it, and if it comes up positive, she will have another one of our auditors do the audits. My ? to you all is what do they do for an FFN test, is it just a vaginal swab, or does it hurt? I saw one post on another twins pregnancy website, and one mom-to-be called it a scraping? Is it like a pap smear?? She said it hurt her. Also, does it take time to get the results back, or is it immediate?

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. I hope everyone has a great weekend - my best friend is coming to stay for the weekend, so I will have some company. As the May Mom's motto goes - stay pregnant! (At least for now - we will have to change our motto soon!)

03-19-2004, 12:07 PM
Hi Frances,

God Bless your husband! He sounds wonderful. I'm barely speaking to mine today, but that's a whole other story!

Congrats on hitting 34 weeks!!!! I hit 31 yesterday and I'm counting down the days until 34.

The few times I had the FFN done it was no big deal. They just took a swab and it was over in about a second. After they did the swab they measured my cervix, and they only would've sent the swab to the lab if my cervix was shortening. Since it hasn't yet, they never had to send the swab out. I think they said that it does take a few days to get the results, though. I do know that at my peri's office they don't even measure the cervix past 32 weeks. I don't exactly know why, though. I'm getting my last measurement this afternoon, so maybe I'll ask why they don't do it after this point. I do remember hearing when I was pregnant with Jimmy that internal exams hurt as you get closer to your due date, maybe that has something to do with it?

I know what you mean about having a million doctor's appointments a week. Today I was supposed to see my OB for an NST, then go to the lab for blood work, then go to my peri's for my cervix check, then hang around an hour to see a different peri for a doctor's visit. We ended up getting another snowstorm, though (it's snowed here every day this week, if you can believe it - last nite we got about another 6 inches - spring, schming - I don't believe it's ever coming), so I cancelled my NST and blood work, I'm just going to see my peri's this afternoon. Next week I start going for two NST's per week - fun, fun, fun!

Have a great time with your girlfriend!

03-20-2004, 03:44 PM
Hello ladies!

Man, what a boring Saturday afternoon. Its about 1:30 in the afternoon and Ive pretty much slept the afternoon away. I really had to force myself to get up, open the blinds and find something to do to keep me awake. Its so funny I dont feel very pregnant--i feel very normal. Like today the babies arent jumping around like usual, im not peeing every 5 minutes, backs not hurtin, no contractions...I told this to the nurse today and she said it was the calm before the storm! lol

Wow, I had no idea ya'll had so many appointments coming up! Busy, busy, busy!

I am 33 weeks/2 days today. I cant wait to hit the 34 week mark. All the nurses say I won't make it that far. So much for postive vibes, huh?

Alrighty, I think I'll try to get some more thank you cards done today. I dont know why their taking me sooo long !
Anyone looking into ordering birth announcements? I've been looking at them online, but they look so simple, I keep thinking that i can probably make them on the computer for so much cheaper.

talk to you guys later.

ohhhh-- I need to change my signature-- i decided i dont want to name my girl Ava Nichole. Now Im thinking Alexandria Rae, or Breanna Nichole--- I'm sooooo confused!!!!!! Any suggestions???

03-20-2004, 06:30 PM
Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

Pat - the boards are quiet today, huh? I, too, had a lazy Saturday. Although I haven't slept, I've laid on the couch most of the day.

That's funny what your DH said about Ava. I like the new names you've picked out. I thought Breanna sounded familiar so I just looked it up in a book I have, titled Cool Names for Babies. Well, one of our names is Brynn and Brynn is another version of Brianna (that's how the book spells it).

For a boy, we like Easton Thomas. For a girl, we like Brooklyn Taylor, Brynn Taylor or Camryn Taylor. Taylor is my first nieces first name, so from the day she was born, I knew I would use it for a middle name. Other than, we are still racking our brains. Since we don't know what we're having, we need a lot of combinations.

My babies have been very active today. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt a foot or elbow on the surface - it was the greatest thing. I am scared to go to the doctor's on Wed. As I posted on the bedrest thread, my cervix is thinning, so I'm on bedrest. I don't want to be sent to the hospital quite yet.

Lastly, I, too, started looking at birth announcements. I've decided to either make them myself or use a Kodak photo card (like the ones many send at Christmas). I just received one from a co-worker and it's adorable (and cheap).

Talk to everyone later.


03-21-2004, 02:23 PM
Hi Girls,

We actually have had a busy weekend so far, but I'm thinking about spending the rest of the day on the couch myself.

Pat - I really like Breanna Nichole. My son Jimmy has been bugging me to name the babies Nicholas and Nicole since about November. I don't know how he picked those names (he's only four), but since he came up with them he's never changed his mind. If we have a boy we are using Nicholas, but if we have a girl we're using Hailey. We have a niece named Nicole so I don't want to use that. My poor father-in-law couldn't handle having two granddaughters with the same name. But we don't know what we're having yet, so we still have to come up with another girls name and another boys name.

My sister told me not to worry about birth announcements. She told me if I can get a good picture she'll make them for me on her computer, that's what she did with her second. She ordered them with her first and saved a fortune by doing them herself. I never even sent announcements for Jimmy (and I'll feel guilty about that forever), but I'm determined to do it this time, especially since these two will be my last kids.

Michelle, I love all your names, especially Taylor. I wanted to use that in case I have two girls, but my DH said absolutely not. The ONLY girls names that he likes are Carol, Sharon, and Nicole (his mother, sister, and niece), so I'm really hoping for a boy and a girl so the name issue will be taken care of. I think I'm going to have to pack a book of names in my hospital bag.

We actually got a little bit of work done on the room that will be the nursery this weekend. It's not much, but is a start. Of course DH is away on a business trip until Wednesday nite, so nothing else will get done until at least next weekend. My brother-in-law is supposed to be here today putting together my changing table, but he never showed. I'm hoping that as the rest of my house starts to fill up with baby stuff my DH will get motivated to at least clean out the babies' room so we have a place to put it all. He did get a couple of things out of the attic for me, though - a tub of Jimmy's clothes from his first year and my infant carrier and car seat bases. I can't wait to go thru all the baby clothes and start washing them. Then it will feel like all of this is really going to happen soon. I'm going to do that tomorrow, as soon as I bring Jimmy to preschool.

I don't have much else to report. I saw my peris on Friday. My cervix is 3.9 (up from 3.5 two weeks ago) so they're very happy with that. They really didn't do too much else. They told me I have a slight yeast infection, probably from all the medications I'm taking, gave me the choice to treat it or not. But I'm not going to do anything unless it gets worse, the last thing I need is another med to take. I start my twice a week NST's this week, and don't get another growth u/s for almost two weeks. Those are the only things I really care about, I love to see the babies and find out how much they weigh. Does anyone know how much they should be gaining each week? They were about three pounds each two weeks ago, I hope they're getting huge by now.

Have a great week, everyone!

8 is enough
03-21-2004, 11:46 PM
hello girls! I've been away for awhile. I've just been feeling downright yucky lately and haven't been able to sit up long enough to come on. Is anyone else having back pain? I was also really dizzy and light headed so at the last visit I got them to check my iron. My blood level for iron was a 9 and 11 is the lowest score they will accept. So they gave me a prescription for an iron supplement. Then my GD test came back borderline-138 and their cut off is 139, but they didn't say I had to come back to take the 3 hr. test---thank goodness! They just told me what not to eat, what to eat, etc. I'm pretty upset though. It's like they haven't monitored me anymore than a singleton pregnancy. My ob said in Dec. that at my next appt. in Jan. I would start coming every two weeks and he'd like to do u/s every visit to monitor sizes, fluid, etc. Well of course, I was in the hospital, but since I got out I've only had the one u/s that was done at the high risk ob he sent me to. I have gone every two weeks though, but for nothing more than listening to heartbeats and measuring my uterus-fundal height. Finally at my last visit I said, when is all of the monitoring going to start taking place? He was like oh, well, starting this visit you'll come in now every week and we'll do an u/s at your next visit and we'll schedule an u/s at the high risk ob, blah blah blah. Well, I don't know what to think. Should I be stressing out over this? I know some of you wish you had such a simple problem, and maybe I'm jealous at all of the good care and concern your doctors are giving you. What should I do? I'm 30 wks and miserable. I already had to make myself quit driving because it makes my belly cramp up, I'm having BH contractions on a regular basis, my back hurts all day, I can't barely walk at night if I've been up any length of time during the day, and for all I know I could have dilated some because (sorry but) I feel so "loose" down below as if a baby is going to fall out any minute. I don't want to complain, but unfortunately I don't have anything to uplift you guys with. I wish I did because I hate to whine. I know some of this is just pregnancy related, but thanks for letting me get some of this off my chest. Sorry guys.
I hope you all have a great monday!

03-22-2004, 09:47 AM
Hi Jennifer -

It's ok to whine - I've had more pity parties than I care to admit lately. :) My girlfriend keeps reminding me that we only had pity parties last year when I couldn't get pregnant - this is a time of celebration - on bedrest or not!!

I am right on track with you - 30 weeks. From what I've read on these boards, the care from our doctors range from laid back to very conservative. I would consider mine conservative. He took me out of work around 27 weeks. I've had several ultrasounds at the high risk specialist and continue on an every 4 week schedule. My doctor's appts are every week. Not only do they check blood, heartbeats, and measure, they also do a physical exam.

Last week, he said my cervix was thinning due to pressure from one of the babies, so I'm now on bedrest.

From about 25 weeks, he continued to stress the benefits of staying off my feet and resting as much as possible. I probably should have rested even more earlier on and maybe wouldn't be on bedrest...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Talk to you everyone soon.


03-22-2004, 11:48 AM
Speaking of pity parties - my belly is hurting so bad! Last night I had to do my home uterine monitoring twice - the first time I had 5 contractions. The nurse made me do a dose of terbutaline from my pump, then told me to drink water and lay down, then monitior again. I only had 1 contraction during that session. But, the bottom of my belly is still killing me - it is not contractions, the nurse and I are pretty sure it is just muscle and ligament pain, the babies have really grown alot in the past week or so. My mom was here last weekend, and this weekend, and she said that she can see a big difference in the size of my belly in just a week. I hate to lay down, because it hurts so bad to get up, but the only time my belly doesn't really hurt is when I am laying down.

On a positive note - today is 34 weeks!!! I am so glad I made it this far. I have an NST today, so we'll see how those babies are doing. I also have a growth ultrasound on Wednesday - I can't wait too see them.

Jennifer - don't worry about whining - that is why we are all here for each other. No one else could really understand what we are going through. From the extra aches and pains that all of us twin mommies are going through, to the Drs not taking us seriously - we have all been there. I think once you talk to your Dr, you will feel better. I know they can be kind of intimidating, but just know you are doing this for your babies, not just for you.

Pat - I love the name Alexandria - it sounds so exotic! The only thing about Breanna is that it is kind of trendy right now. Also, I have a good friend that takes beautiful pictures, she is not a photographer, just does it as a hobby - she is going to do my announcements. How is everything going? You get to go home on Friday, right? I bet you are really looking forward to that.

Well, it is almost time to test my blood sugar, so I better go. I hope everyone has a good week.

03-22-2004, 03:24 PM
Hey y'all,

I just wanted to check in and say Hi. I've got family visiting this week, so I'll be out-of-pocket most of the time.... I'm trying to relax and not get up too much....thankfully, they're close enough family that they don't need to be waited upon...

Doing fine and feeling fine.....my issues are ankle swelling, shortness of breath (because babies are pushing diaphragm up and not allowing space to breathe), and that evil pain in the groin/pelvic area -- that has plagued me since Thanksgiving!! It sucks...

Everything else is going okay....got a bunch more stuff from Babies R Us....we're about set. The only stuff left is health/grooming stuff from the store -- that hubby won't get from BRU because he figures they jack up the price...(shrugs)

As for USA Baby, apparently that shipment will not be coming, so we are right in disputing it with the cc company. Oy -- I'll worry about that this weekend, I guess....when company is gone...

I'm going to go out and soak in the pool...hope it's not too cool, but the sun is out -- so we'll see.

I turned 32 weeks last Friday, so this Friday is 33 - yay!! Frances, congrats on34 weeks - that is awesome!! Hey - what time is your Peri appointment on Wednesday? (I assume that's where the u/s will be done....) I have mine on Wednesday at 4:00, so I was just wondering....

Talk to y'all soon......take it easy.....'stay pregnant'.....

03-22-2004, 03:55 PM
Hello future mommies! :)

Jennifer--- Im so glad to hear from you. It had been awhile. You poor thing, you sound so uncomfortable! Hang in there!!--We're all soo closes. In a few weeks we'll be whining about not getting any sleep...Feel free to vent though. I'd like to think that we all share a special bond that no one else can understand. Being pregnant with twins has certainly been an experience, huh? [B] Anyhow, I know its difficult, but please keep us posted.

TL, CONGRATS on turning 32 weeks!! What a relief, right? Now onto 34 !!! Man, a soak in pool, sure does sound good!

Frances, WHOOHOO! 34 weeks! Its amazing, after all you've been through, right? I turn 34 weeks this Friday. I talked to my doctor today and he said I was going home for sure on Friday. :) :) :)...I have been giddy all day! He said that I was still on strict bedrest until 36 weeks..still have showers every other day, eat in bed, that kinda thing. I have a nurse who I Love. She works on Friday, SAturday, and Sundays nights only. She was the best. Took extra good care of me. ANyhow, last night we said our goodbyes. ANd it was soooo sad! I dont know how I would have made through some lonely nights without her. I was thinking of leaving her a thank you card at her station with like a box of Krispy Kreme don or something.

Michelle, Hows bedrest? Getting any online shopping done? Hang in there!!

For those of ya'll with appointments this week and sono's on WEdnesday...keep us posted. ....I cant wait to here baby weights!

03-22-2004, 04:00 PM
Havent seen Rosalynn post in while....

Hope everything is okay...Let us know!

03-22-2004, 05:20 PM
Hello everyone -

Pat - Friday is almost here!!! I am soooo excited for you. It's great that you've had a good nurse for the long weekends, you are lucky. Their weights sound perfect at this point. I can't wait to hear about your labor and delivery and the first night with your little angels.

I have been doing o.k. on bedrest. I lay on the couch and/or the recliner (while on the internet) leaning way back. I eat reclined back, too. I've also taken it upon myself to shower every other day. My doctor wasn't very specific with respect to my restrictions. He basically said I needed to be put on bedrest, stay off my feet, reclining was o.k., very light duty around the house and if I started dialating, I would be put on bedrest in the hospital. So, I go back on Wednesday to see if what I'm doing is working. If it is, I will breath a sigh of relief. If things progress for the worse, I don't know what I'll do.

My parents are coming from Ohio to stay with us for one week and then moving to a condo for 3 months. They'll be here Thursday and I've never been more excited to have home-cooked meals. My husband does fine, but it's not a steady stream of good food, if you know what I mean. :)

I'm lucky to have my one-year old yellow lab puppy at home with me! Her name is Madison and she's been such a good girl for being so young. I did have to laugh today, because she came out of the babies' room with one of their stuffed animals in her mouth. I told her to drop and she did right away and then I had to explain the difference between her toys and the ones for the babies. She's only done that twice in the last 3 weeks, so I think she's doing pretty good.

Lastly, here's a link I found as I was searching for some inspration on succesful premature deliveries. These are some birth stories from other parents of multiples.


Well, you can tell I'm bored. I'm writing about anything that crosses my mind. :)

Here's to holding out another week...another week...another week...



03-22-2004, 05:31 PM
Hi Everyone - NST went fine - once again, Maggie was the overachiever. She passed within 20 minutes, but her brother decided to take an hour. It's funny - the nurse we have had at the past two NST's is named Maggie also, so she says Maggie is doing so well because she knows that the nurse is Maggie also!

I get my NST's done at the hospital I will be delivering at. They had a set of twins born this weekend, and they are all expecting me this weekend. My Matria nurse says the same thing - that I will go another week. We'll see!

TL - I have my peri appt at 2:30 - I will have to scope out the waiting room on my way out and see if I see you. They are usually right on time, though, so I will probably be done before you get there. Although, I am getting the growth scan this time, not just the cervical scan, so it might take a while. This will be the one time I won't mind if they are running a little late!

Patricia - I am so glad you are getting sprung on Friday! I bet you will be relieved to get home. Now, you can really bug DH about the nursery if he has not gotten it done yet.

OK Ladies - I hope everyone has a wonderful week. TL - have fun with your family. Everyone else, just try to get comfortable and hang in there!

03-22-2004, 06:48 PM
Michelle, I think we were posting at the same time! That is great that your parents are coming. I know what you mean about DH's cooking. Mine would eat pizza and spaghetti every night if I let him. It is so nice when someone else cooks!

I have three dogs, a lab, a dalmation and a shepherd. They have been driving me crazy! Poor things, I usually throw them in the back yard for most of the day. They are just constantly under my feet, and with this big belly, I can't maneuver as well as I once could! I also have 4 cats, and they have almost made me trip a few times. I can't even see them over my belly half the time. I have stepped on them so much, they pretty much stay away now! They do keep me company in bed, though.

Good luck with staying out of the hospital. I remember being nervous about going to the dr's, thinking they were going to throw me in the hospital. Every night before my appts, I would kiss my little girl good night, thinking "I hope I can do this tomorrow night, too!" I would have missed her so bad if I had to stay in the hospital for any length of time.

Talk (type??) to you later!

03-22-2004, 11:53 PM
Hi Everyone,
I tried posting earlier today, but I don't know what happened to my post. Anyways, I can relate to all of you with all the doctors appts. I have three to four appointments a week with u/s, NST and Ob visits. Last weeks u/s showed the girls are now 3lbs. 10oz and 3lbs 13oz. Great news! The doctor is going to have me do another u/s next week to see if the one I had a few weeks ago was off--there was a big concern because the babies were almost 1 pound apart.

Friday night was exciting. I had contractions for about 3 hours and they were 10 minutes apart. I called the hospital and they said to come in right away. The monitored me, gave me a shot of terbutaline and sent me home with some pills in case the contractions continued to be more than 4 in an hour. Since then I've had them everyday, twice I've had to take the medication because the contractions were so close together. Anyone else experiencing this???? I am at 32 weeks now.

Frances - while I was in the hospital Friday they did an FFN test. In my opinion it hurt much more than a pap. The nurse said that they couldn't use lubricant on the clamp (or whatever they call it) and this made it very painful. But it was quick. The test results were back in 2 to 3 hours. Fortunately the results were negative. And congratulations on making it to 34 weeks. I too have many pets, 3 dogs and a cat. It's going to be a zoo around here with the babies and the pets.

Angela - good to hear your not working now. The more rest you get and put your feet up, should help your swelling. It sounds like your keeping busy. My legs and feet get too painful, I can't even go to the grocery store.

Jennifer - I thought my doctor was too lax as well. When I was at 27 to 39 weeks I told her about all my aches and pains and she just nodded and said that is normal. However, when my u/s came back in week 30 that one of the babies was not growing well she put me on weekly visits, two visits a week to the hospital for NST and u/s every 10 days. I think she had little concern earlier because I was healthy. But I know what your feeling, I felt the same way and wondered if she was paying enough attention to my condition.

Take care everyone.

g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04

03-23-2004, 01:16 AM
Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been out for a while. My family was visiting for a few weeks. Thank you for wondering about me Pat!! I'm so glad that you are still hanging in there and doing so well. I've been anxious to get back on and see if anyone had delivered.

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. I'm glad that you're finally able to be up and around a bit more, Frances.

Jennifer, I would definately mention your symptoms to your Dr! I hope he will take you seriously and schedule the ultrasounds. Maybe the high risk OB could look at your cervix while you're in there. Hope that you get to feeling better. I'm having trouble getting comfortable at night. I have to sleep with a thin blanket tucked under my side to support my back and ribs. My legs have been swelling pretty bad in the last few weeks, so I try to keep them up on about 4 pillows. Then the usual pillow between my legs, under my belly, and under my head. Good thing we have a king size bed!

My wonderful family brought me a case of contagious "allergies" (aka the common cold). I've been coughing all night and usually spend about an hour blowing my nose when I lay down before I can breath well enough to sleep. Then the coughing is pulling the muscles between my uterus and ribs. OUCH!! Today I felt so rotten and grouchy! They left this evening. My mom at least will be back in a few weeks, then my dad will come when I have the babies. I'm not sure when my little brothers will be back. I'm 11 years older than Daniel, and he'll only be 10 years older than my girls!

I had a great time watching Daniel play basketball in the National Tournament they were here for. His team won 2nd place, which was surprising and fun! I probably over-did it a little running to all of his games.

I've made it to 32 weeks, 2 days. Yay! Our goal is 36. I'm still having contractions being on the Brethine, so I kind of think I'll go into labor as soon as my Dr. takes me off the med.

Baby B is still breech, so the Dr. thinks we might be looking at a c-section. She doesn't think we'd have time to get her to turn, that she might just fall out breech. Also, she might come feet first instead of bottom first, and her head could get stuck. Anyway, because of those things, I'm thinking that it would be better to just go with the C rather than push for the natural birth that I wanted.

Sorry I don't have time to catch up with all of you. Hang in there! It's good to be back on here! Talk to ya'll later!

03-23-2004, 02:23 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

This morning someone had made the comment to me,"you don't have much time left now do you?" As I answered, "In reality I could have these babies anytime in May, since my due date is May 31." I thought wow Iam really close. March is almost over. Is anyone else feeling that slight touch of fear. I don't know exactly what it is. Maybe that it will be different than delivering one baby, complications, or just nervousness.

I am 30wks now. I've noticed that so many of you are having so many dr appts. So far all I have been having is one ob and one peri a month. I usually schedule them for the same day. I barely feel like I am seeing the doctor. Should I be concerned?

There is not much more going on here except for the fact that I can't seem to get comfortable doing anything. It is pretty bad when you have to get out of bed to roll over. By the way what sleeping positions are you getting the best rest in. EX: on the left or right side, back, etc?

Everyone have a great Tuesday, and as the motto goes stay pregnant.

03-23-2004, 07:06 PM
Hi Everyone,
Angela - I know what you mean about the nervousness. I am more nervous about taking care of two babies, though! My daughter's delivery was not really that bad, and I did not even have an epidural with her, so the labor does not scare me too much. But, I have been on bedrest since 1/6, and I am so afraid I won't have the strength to do what I need to. I feel so weak just going to the bathroom. I do have my peri appt tomorrow, so I hope he is going to give me the OK to be up and around more, so I can get some strength back before they get here!

I did not start seeing my OB every week until about 32 weeks. I am still seeing the peri every two weeks (that may change tomorrow), and just this week (34 weeks) they started doing the NST's twice a week. Believe me, your time will come, and you will be running all over town.

Poor Rosalyn - I am so sorry you have a cold! I am so uncomfortable right now, I can't even imagine adding a cold to the mix! Plus, you can't take the good meds! I hope you feel better soon!

Patricia - only 2 more full days in the hospital - Woo Hoo for you!!!!

Cherie - I am glad they got the contractions stopped - keep em in there a couple more weeks! I know what you mean about the zoo! My 4 cats have all of a sudden decided to start peeing on stuff and tearing up carpet, so my husband is going to modify the fence in the back yard (we have a pretty big yard) so they can't climb over it and put them a playhouse together out there and they are getting evicted to the yard. With two more kids coming, we can't deal with the mess they are making. I think they are acting up because we have closed them off from the bedrooms. They only have the run of the family room, living room and dining room, so they can't really get away from each other. We have two of the big automatic litter boxes that my DH keeps really clean, so they don't have a dirty litter box problem. They love it when we let them out in the yard anyway, so they will probably like it better! We discussed getting rid of them, but we really can't part with them!

Anyway - I will update you all tomorrow after my peri appt and US. I can't wait to see how big these two have grown!

03-23-2004, 10:14 PM
so glad to hear from you again. Now that we are all getting so close, I start to log in everyday to see if anyone has had their babies. Im glad you got to spend some time with your family before the babies...sounds like alot of ya'll have been having some quality family time.

Which leads me to ......I have to vent...or maybe I just need advise. Here goes......my mother and I are quite different. SHe is an old-school hispanic. She believes that a womans job is to stay home and take care of her kids. SHes never approved of me going to school while I was married. She also never approved of me and my husband putting off having kids until I recvd my graduate degree. I have an older and a younger brother. She has always believed that once the kids grow up, the mom should move in with them and be supported. She cant hold a job more than a few months and has always struggled financially. SHe moves from apt to apt and is always borrowing money to make ends meet. Well we just dont see eye to eye on things so distance has always been good for us. Dont get me wrong, we talk on the phone all day, but usually dont see each other all that much. Well when I got pg with the twins, I could see it in her eyes that she was thinking she had it made. Sure enough for the last few months shes been stressing to me how hard its going to be with two babies . Well today,she , matter of factly, told me that she was in a "bind". SHe said that she needed to be move out by this weekend and had no where to go, so she decided that she would just move in and help us with the babies. She didint really ask...just told me. Well my DH doesnt really like her at all and was not happy at all about this. But my mom is like I dont understand, whats the big deal, I need help and you need help, so we can help each other out. Im so confused, since these are my first children I dont really know,,,,,I mean, do I really need the help, or is something that my Dh and I can handle? Is it going to be soo chaotic that I should really take her up on the offer? Or should I tell her that my DH and I cant really take up anymore stressors in our life? IMMMMMM soooooo fustrated!!!!!! I know that we would even raise them differently....Shes so rough, I want to be more gentle and loving...i know Im not making much sense...I guess I just needed to vent.

Girls, I dont have much advise on how often you should be seeing your doctors. My doctor stops by everyday to check up on me, and I dont really understand why. He asks me how im doing and out he does.

Frances, cant wait to hear how much your babies weigh. I bet their close or at 5 lbs. :)

03-23-2004, 10:51 PM
Oh my gosh, Patricia - what a bind! It seems like your mom being there might stress you and your DH out too much! I don't think you have any other children, I don't remember you mentioning them, but I can tell you that the first year after my daughter was born was really tough on me and my husband. Don't get me wrong, some couples get closer than ever, but for me and DH, it was a really tough time. We made it through, and it made us even closer in the end, our communication skills really improved. I think a major part of it was the hormones - I did end up with postpartum depression after I stopped breastfeeding (when she was 6 mos old), but learning to live and love together as parents was tough. Your roles change so much. I can't even imagine throwing an unwanted person into the mix.

On the other hand, I am sure that the help will be nice. Can you maybe give her a time limit? Like 2 weeks or a month? Although, once she gets in the house, it may be tough to get her out. Plus, if she has completely different child rearing ideas than you do, it may be more of a hindrance than a help.

Well - I guess I am not much of a help, am I? I really feel for you. I wish there was something I could do to help. You don't need this stress right now.

Just try to not stress too much. Vent to us anytime you need to!

03-23-2004, 11:21 PM
Hi Girls,

I just popped in to whine a bit. I saw my OB today, had an NST, and the babies are doing fine. They both had good movements and good heart rates, so I can't complain about that. But my doctor told me way back in October that I'd have the babies by 37 weeks, so I've been planning on the last week in April all along. I've been trying to get him to schedule my c-section for ages now and he keeps putting me off. Today he told me he won't even schedule me, because I'll probably go into labor on my own in the next 3 or 4 weeks (I'm about 32 weeks now), so we'll just wait for that. He did say that if I make it to 36 weeks he'll schedule me for about 37 1/2 weeks, but he really can't see me making it that far. I know he's really not saying anything new, but I really wanted him to pick a date so I could know that that's the absolute last day I'll be pregnant. I'm really trying not to complain to anyone, I know I could have real problems with this pregnancy, but I am soooo uncomfortable I don't know how I'll make it another 5 or 6 weeks. Last nite I must have gotten up 10 times and everything below my chin hurt. I had thought I would sleep great bacause DH is away, but it's been my worst nite yet. Well, that's it, I'm sure you're all feeling the same way, wanting them to stay in as long as possible, but wanting them out at the same time.

Rosalyn, good to have you back with us. I can relate to your cold. I've had three colds since Christmas, and each one lasts between two and three weeks, and I am miserable every time. The coughing keeps me up all nite, too. I keep a bag of Hall's cough drops on my nite table and open one up whenever it starts. I'm finally getting over my latest cold, I wonder how long I have before I get it all over again. I think I've been so sick this time because of the blood thinners I'm on. When I was pregnant with Jimmy I was the healthiest I've ever been, not even a sniffle, I thought that was always the way it was during pregnancy. I guess not.

Angela, I can't find a comfortable sleeping position anymore. Sleeping on my left side works the best for me, but I'm still up a million times a nite. DH just laughs at me every time I try to haul myself out of bed.

Pat, I feel bad for you. You don't need one more thing to worry about now. Everyone I have talked to has said that you definitely do need help with the babies, at least in the beginning. And maybe not so much with the feeding and changing, but with the other stuff in the house that needs to be done, like the million loads of wash every week, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I'm going to have my mom come stay with us, but I'm dreading it at the same time I'm looking forward to it. I love my mom, but she drives me crazy, and I couldn't live with her again. I'm going to have DH stay home for a week, then have my mom come for a week, kick her out and then have my stepmother come for a week, and if I still need or want help I can have my mom come back. It's hard for us, because all of our family lives in NJ and we're in Connecticut, so anyone who comes to help has to stay with us, they can't come during the day and leave and come back the next day. I'm trying to figure out where everyone will sleep, since my spare bedroom is being turned into the nursery, and DH said he would pay for my mom to stay in a hotel. Could you imagine me telling my mom I need her to come help, but she's got to stay in a hotel? Maybe you could ask your mom to come stay, but with a time limit? I hope it works out for you, I'm sure it will.

Frances, I hope your peri appt. goes well, keep us posted.

03-24-2004, 12:23 AM
Patricia~~I guess I can kinda relate to how your feeling. My MIL is hispanic, and I know that there is deffinately a difference in belief on many subjects. I've only met her once, but we have spoke many times on the phone. She'll ask me if I plan on doing one thing or another. Instead of agreeing on what she believes. I'll simply explain my opinion, with several solid results. For the most part she has understood me and actually told me I am a good mother. Although that may be due to the fact that she lives in Mexico City. I would love to get her a temporary visa to come out for a few months after the babies are born. Especially since I will be giving her her only grandchildern.

I don't know if that helps any, but let me leave you with this. I personally like the ideas on agreeing on letting her come stay temporary. Make her feel needed by giving her things around the house to help out with. You know your mother better than anyone else. You and only you will know if she'll go for that. Good Luck.

Frances~~Please let us know how your appt goes. I am also excited to see how much youe babies have grown.

I have also noticed that my left side is the most productive side to sleep on. I have a hard time getting out of bed, huff&puff, moan&groan. I have also caught myself sleeping sitting up.

Caitlee's Mommy
03-24-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi all,

I thought I would check in with you with an update. My babies both had to have heart surgery, and my Lincoln had to have 10% of his small intestine removed but they are both doing very well right now. Griffin now weighs 2 lb. 1 oz. and Lincoln weighs 2 lb. 8 oz. They are four weeks old today. I love having twins!! Everyone are the NICU says things like "Your the twins mom? and "You should get double credit for pumping for two!" It is neat that people are so interested in twins. Well I read back a little and it sounds like for the most part that everyone is doing well and I am glad to hear that. Please have hope that even if there are complications that you will get through it, not that it is easy. I won't lie to you it has been **** at times but I feel like we are now on the up side of things. Take care ....

03-24-2004, 01:24 PM
Ruthie~~Glad to hear from you, and that the babies are doing well. Just keep that positive attitude. And Remember God will not give you anything you can't handle. Take care of yourself and the little ones. Keep us all posted. Well be praying for you.

03-24-2004, 04:06 PM
Ruthie, thank you for keeping us posted. Im glad the "twins" :) are doing better. Keep your spirits up! You've done awesome.

Girls, thanks for the advise about my mother. I had the hardest time sleeping last night die to all the stress. But I woke up refreshed this morning and talked to her. I kinda hinted that I would help her out by allowing her to stay there until she found a new job and apartment, and at the same time she could help me out around the house. She said, "ya, I know, I will be the nanny and raise the babies" Well, I dont know about ya'll, but I wasnt exactly thrilled with that comment. I mean-- they are my kids, I will be doing the raising. ANd they dont need a nannny, they need a grandma. So I told her that and I think she finalllly understood that Im not wanting anything permanant. SHe called me a few minutes ago and told me that she thought it was best if she stayed with one of her friends, She said she didnt want to intrude on me and my DH and be a third wheel. So I guess that pretty much solves that problem.

I have a pekingnese dog--hes going to be 2 years old next month and he is the cutest dog in the world. He was my birthday gift two years ago. Anyhow, he sheds hair like crazy!!! Its everywhere.....the coach, clothes, floor, you name it. But thats his trademark, fluffy hair...Did I mention he's so cute? Anyhow, my DH and I have been worried about the hair and the babies so he was taken to the pet groomers today to be shaved!!!! Its so funny to me, cause hes so small and now hes going to look so much smaller with no hair. I cant wait to see him. I really that really helps with the hair problem.

OKay, I know there was doctors appointments today.....How were they??????Weights please....

I can totally relate to wanting to have a "date" for the babies. My doc and I were talking today and he said, "lets try for 38 weeks and we'll talk about scheduling something by week 37" Originally he had told me he would schedule something for the 36th week. I was expecting to have the babies by easter. Now, 38 weeks sounds like forever away.Thats another month away!! :(

Did any of read the "incredible stories" thread??? OMG, I was laughing my head off earlier. I had totally wanted to mention something earlier about it, but thought it would be rude. But I've thought all along that Gwen had some pretty fishy stories. Expecially since she had just posted that she is pregnant again. SHe posted pictures of her family, but not the twins. Pretty wierd stuff. ANyhow, I thought it was funny that someone actually wrote about her and her possible lies. LOL

Guess I've written too much again.

Again, thanks for letting me vent!

03-24-2004, 04:47 PM
Patricia - I am right there with ya - I sent an e-mail to the twins magazine editor, but have not heard anything. If she was pregnant again, she would have had to had "relations" within 2 weeks of having the twins - yeah, right! I guess it is possible, but there are a lot of other things that don't add up.

Anyway - Hi Ladies! I had a pretty good peri appt today. Maggie is 5 lbs, 7 oz and Jimmy is 5 lbs, 2 oz. Maggie is all set to come out - her head is right against my cervix, and my cervix is only measuring .5 cm. The nurse wants me to hold out until 35 weeks (next Monday), but the Dr said he wants me to go to 36 weeks. I see the OB tomorrow - we'll see what he says! All I know is that I have 10 1/2 lbs worth of baby in my belly, and I don't know if I can take a whole lot more!

Patricia - sounds like your mom got the hint. That's great! I also know what you mean about the hair everywhere - unfortunately, all of my dogs are short haired, so I can't really shave them. Oh well!

Ruthie - thanks for keeping us updated. I am glad your little ones are doing good. Hang in there, I am sure they will be home before you know it. I know what you mean about being the twins' mom - I get my NST's done at the hospital I am going to deliver at, and they already know who I am, I have only had 2 NST's done. Hey - maybe that means I will get extra nice treatment, huh? I can always hope!

OK - tomorrow is my OB appt along with an NST. I still have not had them check my cervix yet - I wonder if they are going to do it tomorrow?? They keep saying they don't want to stir things up, but dag nabbit, I want to know if I am dilating! Maybe since my cervix length is only .5 cm, they will check it tomorrow.

My peri told me today that I have graduated, I don't have to go back and see him. AND - as of 36 weeks (April 5th), I get to lose the terbutaline pump and stop the home uterine monitoring. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to get rid of this pump. It is such a pain taking a shower with this tube attached to my leg.

I guess that is all for me for now. Everyone hang in there - we are on the home stretch!

03-24-2004, 05:45 PM
It's good to hear from you, Ruthie! I'm glad that your little guys are doing well. I asked the ladies at my church to be praying for them.

Pat, I'm so glad that things worked out with your mother! My mom is coming to help, but she knows that the babies need their mother and that I'm their only mother! So she's ready to help with grocery shopping and laundry and enjoy being a grandma. These are her first grandbabies, and she's really excited!

I thought that the "amazing stories" thread was pretty funny, too. I had quit reading things from Gwen, just because I thought it was so bazarre. The thread only had 15 posts about 2 hours ago and now it has over 50!

I see my Dr. tomorrow as well. I've been on 2 NSTs a week since last week. They go well, but the babies wiggle and we lose the heartbeat and they take 2 hours sometimes!

Frances, those are great weights for your little ones!! I'm so glad that we are getting to that stage! I'm guessing that mine are over 4 lbs. now, which is still exciting. My Dr. told me that she thinks I'll make it to 36 weeks. That was our goal, so that's good, but I'm getting anxious to have them here! That would be another 3 weeks and a day for me. Wow! Hang in there, we're getting close!

03-24-2004, 06:27 PM

This is to ask if I you believe I should really be part of this thread?? A thread has started regarding some incredible stories, which I read some, and myself found them to be unbelievable . The problem is that T-Buster is grouping all ď Australians ď as the storytellers and as you can see from my signature I am currently living in Australia and found it very insulting that my situation may not be regarded as truthful because of where I live!! I hope you never doubted the authenticity of my posts over the past 6 months nor my current situation with my twins!


03-24-2004, 07:23 PM
Hi everyone -

I, too, get mixed up between the bedrest post and this one, so I hope I'm not duplicating anything!

Anyway, had a follow-up appt today after being on official bedrest for one week. I'm still 50% effaced, but not dialated. Blood pressure, weight gain, etc., is perfect. He said to continue with what I'm doing at home and he will see me in two weeks. I was excited that nothing was going downhill and that my time in bed and the recliner is paying off! He said he will re-evaluate my restrictions at 34 weeks (let me on my feet a little bit more), but would like me to go to 36 weeks.

He did tell me that I couldn't continue with my birthing/baby care classes. He doesn't want me leaving the house except for appts. I'll just do a lot of reading and hope the doctors and nurses coach us through everything!!

I've written about my little sweetie, Madison (one year yellow lab). Well, she is shedding like crazy. It never bothered me before, but now that I have nothing else to do but look around the house at the dust and dog hair, it's driving me nuts! I'm making DH change the sheets on the bed all the time and he's vacuuming so much more than I did when I was allowed to! I guess it's tough to be nesting when you have no control over anything.

Frances - I just wanted to make a quick comment that I love your names. I've always loved the name Maggie!

Pat - are you climbing the walls yet?? Friday will be fabulous - we'll all be thinking about you.

Well, DH just brought me Boston Market. Have to have my meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Talk to you everyone soon.


03-24-2004, 09:18 PM
Anne - Of course you are welcome! I think they were just saying Australians because Gwen and Kaydence were both from Australia. I am sure that T Buster did not mean that all Australians are trolls.

03-24-2004, 11:11 PM
Patricia~~I'm glad to hear that you got things straight with your mother. I think she'll get more joy out of being a grandmother not the enforcer, if you know what I mean.

Frances~~I am happy to hear about the weights of your babies. I can only hope that mine will be that big when they are ready to come into this world. I've told everyone that it would be nice if they are at least 5lbs and breathing on their own when they are born. I couldn't imaging going home without them.

My next peri and ob appts are on Monday. I can't wait to see how much they have grown.

You ladies have me curious about the amaxing stories thread. I'll have to check it out.

have a good night.

Caitlee's Mommy
03-25-2004, 07:23 AM
Hey all,

I had a very bad dream and can't sleep so I have been reading the threads... I found this poem and really liked it and thought you all would too! The hospital has donated supplies for scrapbooking and so I plan on putting this on a page for my little guys:


Children are a source of joy,
To which nothing else compares,
And that joy is doubled whenever,
Those children come in pairs.

Twice the work and twice the tears,
That of course is true,
But there's twice the hugs and kisses,
And twice the laughter too.

"Double Trouble" some folks say,
Folks who think they know,
But they are really very wrong,
And so I tell them so.

"Twice Blessed" I say to make it clear,
I'd have it no other way,
And then I smile and nod my head,
And wish them a good day.

~Well I guess I better get back to bed now. If anyone else knows of cute twin poems please share them so I can use them on the boy's scrapbooks. Thanks!!!

P.S. Lincoln gets to try to be off the vent on Friday!!!!!

8 is enough
03-25-2004, 09:50 AM
Good morning girls! I thought I'd check in before I start my laundry--ughhhh!
I had an appt. Monday. They did an u/s and measured the babies for weight comparison. (A) Reagan weighs 3# 13 oz. and (B) Robyn weighs 3# 9oz. Does this sound right for now? Frances, you're babies weights sound great!! I know you're excited and relieved. They have me coming every week, but sometimes I wonder why.
Ruthie, it is good hearing updates about your babies. When I think of 2 pounds, I can't imagine how tiny they are. But I hope you know that we are praying for them! They sound like tough little guys!
I haven't had the chance to check out Gwen's stories, but after reading you all's posts, that's where I'm going next!
Pat, I'm so excited for you! Here's a big hooray!!!!!
Michelle, you're next, so keep your feet up too! Hopefully, you won't be down long. I've been nesting like crazy the last couple of weeks, but I have a little ways to go too. My dd is the 25th so even though I don't know how far I'll go, I'm hoping to make it to May. My luck, I'll be the rare twin moms to go all 40 wks. :)
Three of my four were born on there dds.
Ya'll have a good weekend!

03-25-2004, 04:26 PM
Hello ladies!

I have posted here before, but not an update so I thought I would. It sounds like everyone is doing great so far!

I had an u/s and OB appointment this past Monday. I had been very uncomfortable lately, especially on the right side of my belly where my little boy is. Last u/s he was breech, so I thought maybe he had turned. Well, come to find out both babies turned! So now my little girl is breech! Oh well, I don't know if they'll turn again or not. The estimated weights of the babies really surprised me, my little girl is exactly 4lbs and my little boy is 4lbs 13oz! They both seem so big! The doctor wasn't concerned about the 13oz difference in size. (Does anyone know how accurate these estimated weights are? I forgot to ask.) So now I am going to start going twice a week for NSTs and an appointment. The doctor said anytime in the next 6 weeks, so we're trying to get a lot of things done at home. As for now, I'm still working about 25 hours a week. One thing I notice is how swollen my feet are on the days I work, kinda strange. I'm also extremely tired, but that's to be expected. Other than that, I'm feeling great!

Take care all of you!!

Mommy to Jake 6.15.01
B/G Twins EDD 5.21.04 (40 weeks)

03-25-2004, 06:39 PM
Shelli - I can't believe you're still working!! I couldn't do it. I'm not sure in the accuracy of the Level II u/s as far as the weight, but when I had Jimmy they did a regular u/s the day before he was born and he was about a pound heavier than they told me he would be. It sounds like your babies are great weights. My official due date is the day before yours and I don't have another Level II for another week, but I'm hoping mine are as big as yours by then. About three weeks ago Baby A was 2 pounds, 15 oz., Baby B was 3 pounds, 3 oz. I just don't know how much they should gain in the four weeks between u/s. I also have one who is head down and one who is breech, every time I go for an u/s they have turned since the last time. I don't know when they'll be too big to turn all the way around, but I know I'm getting a c-section so I'm not too worried about it.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

8 is enough
03-25-2004, 06:53 PM
hi guys!
shelli-your weights sound great too! i'm not sure how accurate they are either but my ob said he doesn't put as much faith in it being exactly what the machine says although he does look more toward the difference in weights it gives him. so mine were just 4 oz. different, but i don't think 13 oz. is a big difference. i go for a level two in two weeks, too. so i'm looking forward to seeing how quickly they grow.
i don't know how you guys are about sharing pics but if you'd like i just went today and got my dd pics made. my sil and bil are photographers and i wanted to get hailey's pic made in dress i smocked for her. the other pics are her in a little oriental suit i bought at a huge consignment sale they have here twice a year. i thought it looked great with her hair color. if you'd like to take a look go to www.cbphotos.com/proofs/hailey. for some reason, they are a little grainy, but my sil said she'd repost them. i don't know if she'll do it today or when, but you kinda get the gist of them.
i enjoy seeing pics of people i get to know on boards like these because it makes me feel i know people a little more, but after all that mess with those people on "the other board", you never know who may be lurking. i'm one of those gullible people that are just all too trusting. even though i didn't know much about those other guys, i tend to be a little more naive about things. i guess i just want to see the good in people and unfortunately you can't do that all the time these days.
i hope you all had a great day! :)

03-25-2004, 06:55 PM
Wow Shelli~~

I cant believe you are still working either. I am due the 31st and have been out of work for 2 wks now. It feels great to put my feet up and get rid of some of the swelling. Your babies weights are great. My next appt is on monday I can only hope my babies are gettting to the weights as your are. Keep up the good work.

03-25-2004, 09:20 PM
Hi Everyone,
Patricia - tomorrow is the day!!! You are still getting released tomorrow, right?? I bet you are so excited!

I had my OB appt and an NST today. The OB appt was pretty uneventful - they still have not checked my cervix! The Dr said that since I had a cervical US yesterday, that they did not need to. He said they would start checking next week.

As far as the NST - the nurse I had was a witch with a capital B! She was going to put me on that uncomfortable table again, and I told her that I wanted to lay on the bed instead, because I was so uncomfortable last time on the table. She said, really snotty, "How long do your babies usually take??" I told her that the last two times, it has taken an hour - she acted like it was such an unusual thing for twins to take an hour to do an NST. Then, she asked me if I was having any contractions - duh! Of course I am. She said if I am having any contractions at all that I needed to get undressed from the waist down so she could do an exam. No - she never did do an exam! So, here I am - naked from the waist down with just a sheet over me for over an hour for no reason! Plus, I did have 2 or 3 contractions during the NST. After about an hr, she finally came in (the nurse last time checked on me about 3 times in an hour). My DH and I were just talking about how rude and nasty she was, and she pops her head in - DH thinks they were listening in or something. I told him I really did not care. She needs to get a much better attitude if she is going to work with pregnant women whose nerves are already shot! I am usually a nice and easygoing person, but when I am pregnant, I have no tolerance for rudeness!!

Anyway - enough venting. The babies are doing great, that is all that matters, right??

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. As the motto goes - stay pregnant!

03-26-2004, 12:33 PM
Hi Everyone,

OK, I just spent way too much time reading the amazing stories thread. It really is amazing what some people will do. I'm on bedrest and even I don't have enough free time to make up stories like that!

Shelli - Your babies' weights sound great. My last u/s was almost 4 weeks ago (29 wks) and my babies were both 2 lbs 11 ozs. I go for another next week and I can't wait to see how much they have grown. Both my babies are breech, too and the doctor is pretty pessimistic that I will be able to deliver vaginally. Baby A has been breech at every u/s since I was 20 weeks, and she is very low in my pelvis right now.

Does anyone know of babies turning from breech to heads down after 33 weeks? I'm about to give up hope and just prepare myself for a c-section. I've never had any kind of surgery before, so I was really hoping to avoid the c-section.

Frances - That really stinks that you had such a nasty nurse. When I have had to go to the hospital for monitoring, the one thing that really impressed me was the nurses who took care of me. They were incredibly patient and one stood by my bed holding the fetal monitor for about a half hour, because the babies were moving around so much. Using the belts, they kept losing the heartbeats. Hopefully she won't be on duty when it's time to have your babies!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays pregnant!


03-26-2004, 02:51 PM
Whew.....finally got caught up with my reading.....

Hey y'all,

Well my company from Tennessee headed out this morning (Tara & Rory). We had a great visit, and got to do a lot of relaxing. Sometimes during the day, they'd head out on our bikes or go walking...just to give me some time to myself. They tried to keep me from having to get up much - which I appreciate. We did some take out and some grilling out....and took one trip out to O'hana at Disney's Polynesian Resort. That place is awesome - it wore me out, but it was so worth it!! It's our favorite place...

Anyway, while they were there, my cousin (also named Tara) did a few loads of laundry, took care of the dishes and even made some bread for us. I had a new bread machine but was to chicken to use it before I got pg....and haven't felt like it since then. This morning, when I got up, they were packing up and had already stripped the bed, washed the sheets and made it all back up for me -- so sweet!!

This was the first vacation Rory has gotten to take in years, probably....but Tara is hoping to come back down when the babies are born. Boy am I glad to hear that!! My husband is taking off some and my Mom is taking off some.....so this will be wonderful to have some more help when their vacations/leave time run out! She's about 15 years older than I am, but she's like a sister.....which is wonderful since we're both 'technically' only children. We each have steps, but we have really gotten close in the past 5-10 years. I was named for her, and I'm so thankful to have someone like her in my life...even if she's currently 13 hours away.

Anyway....now that our company has gone, we're going to need to focus on getting more done in the nursery this weekend. We have some friends coming tonight for dinner...we've been trying to get together since they got married in October - no kidding, lol... I have heard through the grapevine that she might be pregnant, so that's exciting....hope so. I'll act surprised if she tells us... I'd love to just rest tonight, but I know if we don't get together when them now, it will be never, lol....

But tomorrow - we need to figure out cribs and all of that stuff. We need to clean out the nursery closet so we can start placing clothes and diapers and stuff. I am not sure how we're going to do it, but it has to be done....

Oy - so much to do.... Like many of you, I am starting to kind of panic. This is the part of the roller coaster where you hear click....click....click......as you approach the top of the peak - with no real idea of what is on the other side. Well....click, click, click.... I am mildly panicking --- I mean, we've been married for nearly 9 years with just us in the house....yes, we're spoiled. We decided to start trying this past summer (figuring it would take 6 to 12 months to get pg). Well, after one month....yes, one month....we were pregnant with twin boys -- WOW!! I know that we'll all get through this - and we are not the first to pass this way...but it's still freaking me out, lol....

Ruthie, so glad to hear from you. I hope that Lincoln does well today getting off the vent today. I hope that they both will continue to get stronger and maintain/increase their weight as they grow. I'm so happy to hear they are doing well, though....

Patricia - yay you get to go home today!! I'll bet you can't wait to see your house and the nursery and sleep in your own bed. Congratulations on making it this far.

Frances - congrats to you for 'graduating' from the Peri office - I know you're relieved. I have one more appointment on April 20 (if we make it) so they can check my BP once more. Sorry I missed you on Wednesday - I thought sure my appointment was that day, lol....

Speaking of my appointment, everything went well. The weights are good -- 4 lb 4 oz and 4 lb 9 oz . The BP is holding steady, my cervix is still long.... 3.55 cm - can you believe that?? My OB just shakes his head and grins every time he sees me, because I really think he thought I would be a handful. I'm a big girl with a fairly thick family history of BP and GD, so he was bracing for a rough ride, I think. However, his practice is very faith-based, so he knew that not only had we been praying about this, but they pray for their patients as well....which makes a huge difference.

Even still, you can tell he's surprised, lol.... I have assured him that we will remain intact until 37 weeks (or 36 and 6 days, technically) when we do the C-section on that Thursday (his surgery day)- April 22. I just told him....April 22.....mark me down, I'll see you then. Well, a few weeks ago, he'd just chuckle and say, "Well, we'll see...." - but now, as we get closer, he's beginning to wonder...."Now he says, well, about a week or so before, we'll go ahead and schedule it....April 22, eh?"

Anyway, so everything is good so far. My last NST was on Wednesday, and everything looks good. I still haven't had a contraction - that I know of. I have only had a few handfulls of BH contx. My feet are wanting to swell more - so I'm having to really watch that these days.

Is anyone else going to have a Doula help before/during/after the delivery? www.dona.org is a site that has more information about it, I believe. A Doula is a special birth coach or supporter who helps you and your partner at different stages during the process.

She is a patient advocate, in some cases, and can help you assert your wishes - if you have any. She and I have already talked, and she has met my OB. There is a specialist OB practice that works 'on-call' at the hospital I will deliver, and she is one of their preferred Doulas....so we're covered no matter who delivers. We live about 45 minutes from the hospital, but she lives a bit closer - so we'll just meet. Anyway, it is nice to have someone there whose job is to keep us calm, informed and comfortable. She helps with massage and relaxation, works as a 'translator' for when the Docs are too busy to explain, etc....

Anyway.....I still have tons to do.....set up an appointment with a recommended Pedi, set up a bill-paying sheet for hubby, pack a bag for the hospital, complete my pre-reg forms for the hospital, make sure there isn't anything we need to do with the Insurance Co, finish getting nursery furniture, get bumper pads/dust ruffle, get health/grooming stuff at the store.....

Oh - and did I mention I'm still working? I work from home, so it's not as big of a deal as most of you - but it's still slightly stressful and time consuming. Still, I appreciate the flexibility of my job - and I know it will be so nice when I return after they are born. I plan to take off 12 weeks afterward - and then drop to a bit of an adjusted schedule. I'm so lucky to have this team....such a blessing....

Well, I have talked your ear off - I'm sure. I need to go get something to eat. Hope you all are having a great Friday -- and a great weekend....

I turned 33 weeks today!! Yee-hah!! I can't wait until next week....34 is a biggie!!

Eat, drink, rest......stay pregnant!!

03-26-2004, 04:15 PM
Hello everyone!

Is anyone else counting the days? When I first did, I think I had around 80 and now I'm down to 20! That's to our goal of 36 weeks. I know that they could come sooner, or later.

I had an OB appt. yesterday. I'm dialated to a 1. Of course, I could walk around that way for weeks, but my cervix hasn't showed any change before. She said it's still really thick, I guess that means that I'm not efacing yet? She felt Baby A's head!!

Anne, of course you should stay with us! We have no reason to suspect you, and I don't think any of us do! I would be suspicious of anyone from anywhere if they kept writing such crazy stories. I'm sorry that they picked your country, they may not even truly be from there!

We've all been comparing baby weights lately. If you do a search on here for "fetal growth chart", you'll find a link I posted. Someone else also put a different chart on there. I like to look after an ultrasound. Well, actually I've been looking at it a lot lately just to guess where they might be now!

You can go to sherwoodbaptist.com/baby to see a picture of me and DH with the first ultrasound printout. This was how I told my parents--it downloaded very slowly while I was on the other line! You can go to sherwoodbaptist.com/twins to see more u/s pictures. The pictures of Hailey were so cute, Jennifer! (I could see them after I took the period off.) TL--I still haven't been able to view your nursery. Could you post the sight again?

Talk to ya'll later. Stay pregnant!

03-27-2004, 10:00 PM
Hello ladies,

Im glad to here everyone is doing good, considering...

Well, Im home!!!! I was actually impressed..the house was clean, with the exception of the bedroom. I walked into our family room and the play pin was set up. Upstairs in the game room the two swings were set up and girls......get this....the nursery IS done!!! Now I dont know exactly when he did it, but its done!! When I originally left for the hospital there was nothing in there, he was still finishing the painting. Now everything is pretty much done except for the wall decorations. He didnt know what I had in mind so he waited. I sat in the glider for a very long time in shock at everything. TL, I guess you best described the feeling with the roller coaster analogy. Tick, Tick, Tick....

Jennifer I wasnt able to go into that website for some reason. Im with you, I totally enjoy seeing pics..I feel like I really get to know ya'll that much better. Have ya'll ever noticed that when someone from another thread has a baby they post their pics on babiesonline.com? Well I went into their website to find out how to do this. Turns out its fairly easy. I set up a page already and put some pics of me and DH, belly pics and I wanna include some nursey pics. I should have this done by tomorrow. So I'll have pics for ya'll to see if you want. But its a neat website because you create your own webpage through them and just the address to friends and family. Im going to just add on pics of the babies as soon as they arrive. Anyway, worth checking it out.

Frances, your babies have such good weights!!!! Way to go!!!! So sorry to here about your exp with the nurse. You should be off the terb pump now right?? I hope so. Did your doc modify your bedrest? My doc was very stern and said I have to stay on strict bedrest until 36 weeks. Of coarse I've already started to do a little more than I should, but its soooo hard to stay in bed at home. I dont know how you do it.

OHHHH, update on the mom situation. She called today and said SHE decided it was best for her to come stay with me and DH. But she did say that she didnt plan on staying forever and was planning to look for a job and move out within a few months. I think I can defantely deal with that.

Ok, heres the deal....these are my first children and I am very naive to the whole baby thing. I didnt realize that formula was so expensive until the other day when someone with twins mentioned they sent about 250-300 a month on formula. Now that just about freaked me out!!!! She then said that pampers run her about 150 a month. I honeslty dont have any idea how were going to afford pampers and formula. So i called that WIC program...we didnt qualify for assistance, but its def worth some of ya'll checking it out. It is assistance for things like formula and they pretty much suppy all the formula needed for the first year. Im going to try to breastfeed, but I dont want to count on that just in case I cant.....anyhow, do any of you experienced moms have any suggestions??

34 weeks/2 days today.....

8 is enough
03-27-2004, 11:23 PM
Rosalynn--it is so nice to "meet" you! he he he. I enjoyed seeing you and your hubby and the girls!
Welcome Home Patricia!!!! I know you must feel so weird being home after being gone so long. But be sure to still take it easy! ANd enjoy your nursery!!!! I know that's another burden off of your shoulders--hearing is one thing, seeing is another.
OOPS! Sorry about the website, Rosalynn's right, I added a period at the end of the sentence and it "caught" in the web address. It's
If you go to
my boys are in the children section of the portfolio. They are at the bottom. It was the photo we sent out when Hailey was born. We put a wallet pic on the front of the announcement with the clear corner thingies so people could have a wallet pic and the caption read--THREE little MEN AND A BABY. And then on the inside it read her name, stats, etc. I hope to do something neat again when the girls are born. Are you guys doing anything? I'd love to hear your ideas. I've also done the babies online thing with the twins. We have some out of state family and that's how we told most people we were having twins--by telling them about the site. I think if you go to the baby pages site you can find us under Leitner or Leitner twins. I try to update it when I get new u/s pics, but I haven't in a while. So anyway, I think it would be great for all of us once the babies are born!
When we were first married we didn't have maternity ins. so we used the wic program for formula. I wished I would have had role models in my family that nursed though. At first I thought it was abnormal b/c no one I knew ever nursed, but I finally got the courage to try when Hailey was born and my only regret was that I didn't nurse my other children. It turned out to be a most wonderful experience. There was an even more special bond that nursing provided for me. It was so natural and peaceful. I don't ever try to candy coat the beginning times though when someone asks me about nursing that hasn't before. For me the first couple of weeks were painful but your brain sends a signal to release a natural "sedative" that relaxes you. It's really weird. Almost like you know it hurts, but it's ok b/c your body is calming you and relaxing you. But after that inital week or two after your milk comes in, it never hurt again. So, I encourage you to try. Even if you choose it's not for you, your babies will get the initial colostrum with all of those great antibodies they need. I wish I could offer suggestions on twins, although I can't. I'm a little nervous about nursing two. I'm going to try to nurse them one after another, but if it proves too difficult, I'm going to nurse one and bottle feed the other and switch at the next feeding.
Well, it's late here and I've had some pretty terrible nights lately so I'm going to go torture myself and get in bed.

03-28-2004, 12:46 AM
Welcome Home Patricia!!!!! I'm happy to hear that your DH did get the nursery done. And dont worry about when just enjoy it.

I am currently enrolled in the WIC program. I get monthly "cupons" or "wic checks" They are good for milk, eggs, cheese, juice, peanut butter or beans, and cereal. I get benefits for my daughter until age 5, and for me because of being pregnant. If I breast feed, I will continue to recieve for myself. If I don't breastfead, I will get benefits for the boys, that will include formula, and later on baby cereal. This program helps out alot.

I haven't yet decided to breast feeed or not. I'd love to give it a try. I am a little worried due to my previous experience with my daughter. She had such a little mouth, and since I am quite top heavy I couldn't get her to latch on. She would get so fusterated, and in turn I was feeling like a failure. In the end the only way I could get het to eat was on formula. I hope I have better luck with the boys.

I wanted to go and read the Amazing stories thread that you all were talking about. I unfourtunately couldn't find. I'd like to get a good laugh. Also where do you go to to start your own page for the baby pictures?

03-28-2004, 09:58 AM
Patricia - I am so glad you are home! At least for a couple of weeks, huh? The peri still wants me on bedrest, but I have been up and about more lately. I am so worried that I will be so weak once the babies come that I have got to get some of my strength back. If I get sore or start having contractions, I sit in the recliner right away. That's another thing. My acid reflux has been so bad, I cannot lay down anymore. Even for naps, I have to prop myself up on 3 pillows. I can usually do OK with bedtime, I just try not to eat for a couple of hours before I go to bed. I have been sitting in the recliner since I hit 34 weeks. I did not even talk to the Dr about it - I just did it. That might not be the wisest decision, but they are not the most sympathetic, either. I hit 35 weeks tomorrow, and the babies are at great weights. In one breath, they tell me that they babies will be perfectly fine if they are born right now, then in the next breath, they tell me to stay down for another week. I am definitely not going overboard (I don't think I could if I wanted to), still staying down most of the time and taking a long nap every afternoon, but I have been in bed since early January. I can't take a whole lot more. The weakness is what drives me crazy! Before I went on bedrest, I was working out every day, and I am (was) in pretty good shape. I know that the babies health is what is important now, but I am going crazy!

Oh - and about breastfeeding. I bf my DD for 6 months and I am so sorry that I did not do it longer. As soon as I stopped, she started getting ear infections. There is a great book on breastfeeding called "So That's What They're For!" By Janet Tamaro. It is pretty funny and also really informative. The best thing you can do is read that book and get a good lactation consultant. The consultant I had with my daughter really got me through the tough spots. I am using her again with the twins. I have to pay, because I have changed pediatricians, and she was with the old pediatricians office, but the $35 a visit that I will pay to see her will be well worth it! The first month to six weeks are tough, I won't deny it, but after doing both bf and formula, bf is definitely easier in the long run. First of all - it is always with you, you don't have to make sure you have formula in the diaper bag, it is always the right temperature, no warming bottles in the middle of the night, and of course the cost. I was spending $40 a week on formula for just one - I can't even imagine - $80 a week for two. Since I am not going back to work, I HAVE to find a way to make bf work. I ordered the EZ 2 Nurse pillow - that is supposed to be a lifesaver.

OK - I will get off of my soap box - I can't stand those nursing nazis that make moms feel rotten about choosing formula. Ultimately, it is your decision, and you will decide what is best for you and your babies. But, I do think that a lot of moms give up on bf when they could have kept going if they had all of the info they needed and a good lactation consultant.

Rosalynn - I loved the pic of you and your hubby with the ultrasound.

Jennifer - your children are absolutely beautiful! Are you going to have the same photographer do the announcements for the twins? I am having a friend do our announcements. She just does it as a hobby, but her pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The only problem with her doing them is that she lost boy/girl twins when they were born at 23 weeks. I have kept an open dialogue with her through my whole pregnancy - I told her that I know this has to be hard on her, and I have done everything I can to lessen the pain for her. I know she must look at me and remember her babies (not that she ever does not think of them). But, she has been great, too. She admitted that it is hard, but like I said, we have talked about it a lot and she says she will be OK with doing the pics for me - she is really looking forward to it.

Tara Laine - that is great that your cousin helped out so much! It's nice that she might be able to come back down once the boys are here. Hey - I was thinking - I am going to be delivering at the hospital right across from our peri's office, so if you are going to be in the area for an OB appt or something else, I would love for you and DH to stop by! I know you said that your next peri appt is not until 4/20, and there is no way I am lasting that long! I loved your roller coaster analogy. That is exactly what it feels like!

Ruthie - the poem you posted is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

I guess that is it for now - I have another NST tomorrow - hopefully, I won't get that nasty nurse - if I do, and she is nasty again, me and my pregnancy hormones might have to tell her off!

Everyone have a good Sunday, and stay pregnant!

03-28-2004, 12:45 PM
Hi everyone -

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here in St. Pete (Tampa, FL), it's about 80 and sunny. Can't complain. :)

Frances - I saw your other post about meeting in Orlando. If I wasn't on bedrest, I'd meet you all there - that's a great idea!

Patricia - glad to hear you are home and the nursery is finished. Keep me posted on your puppy. My puppy bolts the minute the door opens, so I know how you feel. I agree that it is hard to stay put while at home. My parents arrived and are such a HUGE help. They've provided relief for my DH and I've been eating hearty. I hope everything works out with your mom when she arrives.

I'm shocked to hear the price of formula and diapers! I am also going to resign from my job, so I need to cut corners. I've heard a lot of moms buying formula and diapers from WallMart, but haven't had a chance to check it out.

For the other May mommies - what are your careers, are you currently working, going back to work, already a SAHM? I've worked for a financial company in HR for the last 6.5 years and will stay home. I've waited so long to get pregnant and can't handle putting two little ones in daycare at this point in time.

Thanks to everyone who has posted pics. I never thought to post before the babies are born, but I'll get something set up, too. I want to show everyone our nursery, since a friend painted an adorable mural. I would love to see everyone else's nursery.

Shelli - you asked about estimating weights. During our last level II, one of the babies was curled up. The doctor said that she would estimate the weight (since a lot of it is based on measurements), but couldn't give us a definitive, because she couldn't get good measurements.

Do any of you drive minivans? That's funny to be asking that question!! We sold my SUV last week (pretty quickly) and now are in search of a family hauler. Just wondering if any of you have one and what you like/dislike...

Well, I'm going to have lunch and then take a nap. Talk to everyone soon.


03-28-2004, 01:15 PM
Michelle - I have a Honda Odyssey and I absolutely love it! We had a Plymouth Grand Voyager (same as the Dodge Caravan), and we had nothing but problems with it as soon as it hit 30000 miles and was out of warranty. It was like the darn thing was on a timer! I swear Chrysler will not be getting any more of my money!!

From the research I have done, the most reliable minivans are the Honda and the Toyota Sienna. I guess it just depends on which one you like more.

03-28-2004, 04:11 PM
Here are somethings that might help those of you that have some concerns:

You can get something for nothing (or at least at a discount) if you have twins or more. Scoop up these offers for some welcome money saving:

--A FREE PACKAGE OF DRYPERS diapers per multiple; mail copy of birth certificates to: AHP, Attn: Drypers Multiple Birth Program, P.O. Box 8830, Vancouver, WA 98666-8830.

--A FREE GIFT PACK OF VARIOUS EVENFLO PRODUCTS, including bottles, teethers, bibs, and more; quantity depends on number of multiples; call 800-233-5921.

--A FREE BODYSUIT, STRETCH SLEEPER, AND UNDERSHIRT Get one of each per child (triplets or more only); mail copy of birth certificates to: Carter's, Attn: Multiple Birth Program, 224 North Hill Street, Griffin, GA 30223.

--Free Enfamil Powder Formula Choose from five varieties and receive one case per twin, a 3-month supply per triplet or quad, or a 12-month supply per quint or more; have your pediatrician's office call a sales rep for you.

--A DISCOUNT FROM SAFE BEGINNINGS CATALOG 20 percent off for parents of twins and triplets; parents of quads or more get 25 percent off. Call 800-598-8911 and mention the offer when ordering. --GENA HYMOWEC

You also may want to try reading the "Twin deals/cupons" and the "Free stuff" threads.

03-28-2004, 08:15 PM
Hi Ladies,
I put together one of those babies online web pages. It was really easy, and it is free! Here is the link:


Tomorrow, when I get dressed to go to my NST, I am going to update the belly picture. As you can tell, I was at my bedrest best when that one was taken - LOL!

03-28-2004, 10:08 PM
Hi ladies...have I told ya'll how much I love this thread??? Its crazy how addicting it really is!

I love hearing from ya'll. And now that pictures are starting to come out I get soo excited. My DH is always so shocked to see me on this website. Im still working on my babiesonline webpage..i'm hoping to post it by thursday..I have a doctors appointment that day, so I want to get a picture of me that day. You know how it is, that's pretty much the only day I really do my hair or makeup. Did I ever tell ya'll I have such a handsome doctor? Man is he cute!! ANd he has the cutest personality. So when I know that im going to see him, I go all out. I shave the legs and "other parts"...I make sure the toes are done just right, hair done..my Dh thinks its funny. WEll this is the doc whose hopefully going to deliver the babies, so i've been trying to pack a hospital bag and have it ready just in case...And i dont have a nightgown thats pretty...so i keep telling my DH to go buy me one with a matching pretty robe...he doesnt want to though, because he days im doing it for the doc...its all kinda stupid-funny. lol

After reading ya'lls responds to breastfeeding, i've decided to give it a try. But should I buy a mechanical pump or the expensive electronic pump?? There's such a big price difference/

Ohhhh...gotta go. I love reality shows!!!! and high school reunion is on..theres so much drama going on. ( I spent my whole weekend catching up with the newlyweds, roadrules, and the realworld--boy, did I miss those shows ) I know, I know...its all so dumb!

The drama is starting...gotta go! :)

03-29-2004, 10:27 AM
Patricia, I have the Medela Pump In Style and I love it. I used it for 3 months when I went back to work after DD was born. I saw it on www.nursingmom.com for 209.00 - I think I paid 269.00 for mine. I think the price went down just recently because there is a new model out. Anyway - If you check out any reviews, everyone usually recommends the Medela PIS. It is a little expensive, but think of all the money that you will save on formula. It will pay for itself many times over. Check with your insurance company, they might cover part or all of it. Also - spending the money on that gave me even more incentive to make bf work - I did not want to hear any crud from my hubby about spending the $ and not getting the value from it. I am using it again with the twins, I just took it out and cleaned off the dust. If anyone else needs it - the replacement parts can also be found on www.nursingmom.com

You are so funny about your cute doc. My family doc is absolutely hot! My friend and I call him the hot doc. "Did you see the hot doc lately?" He is so cute, and he actually sits and talks to you and you feel like he actually cares about you. Even men like him - my hubby thinks he is the best doc ever, and we have sent lots of our friends there and I have yet to have someone that did not like him.

My daughter is so sick! She is going to the Dr today - she has had a fever all weekend of 102.5-102.9 with a sore throat and nasty sounding cough, and today she started throwing up and she says her body hurts all over. It just breaks my heart when she does not feel good. I just hope she gets better before the babies get here. She won't be able to visit them (or me) in the hospital if she has a fever, and I don't want to not see her for 2 or 3 days!!

Patricia - did your puppy show up yet?

I hope you all have a great Monday - hey, I'm 35 weeks today!!! Woo-hoo!

03-29-2004, 12:13 PM
okay...i looked into the website for the MIS breast pump...
Here are a few questions...

1. I had previously registered for the regular Avent bottles. Do you have to pump and store the milk in the baggies and then switch the milk to my bottles, or how does that work?

2. Can I interchange breastmilk and formula? Like if I dont make enough to have some stored away, can the baby sitter feed them formula and when I get home I feed them breastmilk?

3. Say I have my breastmilk in the fridge, can i use my bottle warmer I used as a gift to warm it up?

4. One of the reviews said that she never even needed to pump at work, she would just pump before and after. Does this sound right? One of the reasons I never considered breastfeeding was I didnt want to have to pump at work.

I think thats all the questions for now....

03-29-2004, 12:14 PM
Frances, I hope your daughter is okay!!!! Will you be going with her to the docotr?

03-29-2004, 02:30 PM
Hi Everyone,
After three weeks of NST's, u/s and monitoring by my doc, the last two u/s tracked the babies weights much closer. Last weeks u/s showed the babies to be 4lbs. 5oz and 4lbs. 6oz. My doctor was very pleased with the results and feels the the first u/s about 3-4 weeks ago was off. I also don't have to go to any doctor appts. this week! I'm now at 33weeks 2 days. Last night I woke up in pain and could feel my pelvic area expanding. I think my body is getting ready for the big day.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Congratulations Patricia on coming home. And what a nice surprise to have the nursery all ready to go. I did alot of research on the breast pumps, renting versus buying. When I was at the hospital a couple weeks ago the nurse told me that they could set me up with a breast pump (the Medela brand) when I deliver the babies and the nurses would help show me how to use it. The cost is about $50 per month. I thought I would try this for one month and if it works out well I will invest the money and buy the $259 or $299 one at Babies R Us. I didn't want to invest that money in case I have any problems breast feeding.

Michelle, I work in HR as well. I plan to return to work 3 months after the babies are born, my husband is going to be a stay at home dad. I too would not want to put my kids in day care, we're very fortunate that my husband can stay home and be Mr. Mom.

Frances, thanks for the website information. I'm going to start working on my webpage today. It's so nice to put a name to a face. You look great for almost being ready to deliver twins.


8 is enough
03-29-2004, 06:16 PM
hello ladies!
I hope your Monday is going well! No ballgames today! Yea!!!
Well, Frances, it's nice to "meet" you too! And Deborah Ann is a cutie! I hope she is feeling better by now. It's always hard to see our little ones so helpless.
Angela-thanks for the coupon/freebies ideas. Do you have to send in birth cert.'s and things? I guess I could just call and it may be different for each one?
I went in today for my weekly check-up. I only gained a pound last week, thank goodness! I had been making up for lost time last month--I gained 10 pounds in a month! I guess my babies had a growth spurt (hey you gotta blame it on something). But I get to go tues. to a high risk ob for a level 2 to check weights and fluids. For those of you still getting u/s, are they hard to distinguish?
Michele, I am a sahm. I have been since Austin was born. I have enjoyed it so much! We have an expedition and are trying to sell it now. Our pastor was laughing and asking if we were going to get a passenger van. Larry was being silly and said, don't laugh, that's exactly what we're getting. It was so funny. Larry said he never thought he'd drive a passenger van. I told him he wasn't, I was. The boys were like, that's not cool. So we were laughing about how we were going to put "spinners" on the wheels and tint the windows and add hydraulics. The boys thought we were serious and they were like COOL!

03-29-2004, 07:45 PM
Hi Everyone,
Well, my daughter has strep throat - I feel so bad for her. Plus, she started throwing up this morning, so I had to give her a phenergren (sp??) suppository to stop the vomiting so she could keep her medicine down. That was an adventure! She was not at all happy with where that medicine had to go, I had to wrestle with her to get it in there! Also, all I can picture is the time she coughed right in my face this weekend. I really, really hope I don't have to deliver these babies with strep throat!

Patricia - to answer your bf questions:

1. The pump comes with little bottles that you pump right into. You can transfer the milk to baggies just for storage, then put them in the Avent bottles when you are ready to feed.

2. You can absolutely interchange breastmilk and formula. In fact, alot of mom's just bf when they are with their kids, and then give formula when they are not with them. With the pump, while you are home with them, you can pump and store milk in the fridge or freezer, then use that once you go back to to work if you don't want to pump at work. Why don't you want to pump at work? Is there not a good place to do it? You might want to check with your HR dept, they might have a room set aside that you don't even know about.

3. Yes - you can use a bottle warmer to warm up the breastmilk. The only thing you can't use is a microwave. It destroys some of the good stuff in the breastmilk if you microwave it.

4. I don't know about pumping before and after work - I pumped three times a day at work when I did it. Luckily, I had an office with a door, so I just closed the door and put up a Do Not Disturb sign. I would give the babysitter that milk for the next day. I am not going back to work this time, so I won't have to worry about it. If I was, though - they now have a room set aside for breast pumping. A lot of companies have found that if they can just provide a room, it saves a lot on employees having to be out for their children's illnesses - bf children have a lot less illnesses.

One thing about bf - I thought this was so cool! When your baby(ies) are exposed to a germ, when they latch on to your breast, that germ goes into your breast, then your body makes antibodies to that particular germ and passes it on to the baby(ies). I know when I was bf my daughter, my DH and I both came down with something, and she never got it. If you have any illness, your body passes antibodies to your baby(ies), so they are usually the only ones in the house that don't get sick. Plus, your breastmilk has antibodies to all the bugs you have ever been exposed to. I thought that was the neatest thing!

OK - I will get off of my soap box again!

Cherie - I am so glad to hear that your babies don't have TTTS. That must be a load off of your mind!

OK - I better go - I have been having contractions all day - I need to hook myself up to the monitor and make sure I am not having too many!

Everyone have a good evening!

03-29-2004, 08:25 PM
How is everyone?

I just got home from a 2 hour NST. Aaagh, so tiring! But it worked out perfectly because on my way out I pass the baby nursery and there was a set of twins in there! It was their feeding time, so I got to stand there and watch them! The mother delivered at 34 weeks, so she's just a few days ahead of me. They were 4 lbs. 4 oz. and 5 lbs. 1 oz. They were TINY!!!! It encouraged me to hold out a few more weeks. They were breathing on their own, and eating mostly on their own, but will need to gain some weight and eat completely on their own before they can come home.

Anyway, gotta run! I go to the peri tomorrow, so I'll let you know what the baby weight guesstimates are.

03-30-2004, 01:10 AM
Today I saw both the peri and the ob. In the last month my babies weights went from 2lbs5oz each to 3lbs7oz and 3lbs5oz. That I am happy about they gained about a pound each. My cervix is still thinning it went from 3cm to 2.3cm. My peri and ob both said that they want me off my feet and resting. I am not allowed to do anything but rest. My peri seemed alot more concerned. He said that he'd rather me be a month further along, considering the length of my cervix. Both of my doctors say that they want me to keep these babies in for at least four more weeks. All I have gained from last month is 5 lbs. That I am happy about because the last 2 months I didn't gain anything. I will now begin having my ob appt every 2 wks now. My peri will continue to see me monthly.

I also will be starting to put together a page for the boys. I will have my sister scan some of the u/s pictures. However I didn't get many good ones at todays appt. They told me it was hard because the poor guys are getting cramped in there.

The freebies I believe you would have to send in a copy of the birth cert.

Frances~~Hope your daughter gets well soon and dosen't pass anything on to you. You know how easily we can catch stuff like that since we can't take anyhting for it either. Also you'll want her to be able to visit in the hospital. Good Luck.

03-30-2004, 11:49 AM
Hi everyone!

Pat - Congrats on coming home and finding your nursery done! Everyone else - keep posting your pictures, I love to see them. I don't have anything to post, or I would too. Nothing has been done in my nursery, but I'm not going to worry about it, I guess it will get done sooner or later, and whether I let it bother me or not it won't get done any quicker, so I just decided not to worry about it.

Frances - 35 weeks is awesome! You must be so psyched, but so uncomfortable! I know I am, and I'm only at almost 33 weeks. I can't wait for the babies to be born, but I'm in no rush, I know they need about another month before they're really ready to come out.

I did have a weekend of pampering, though. On Friday after I dropped Jimmy off at school I went for an NST (everything's the same - fine) and then went for a mani and a pedi. It was nice to see my nails looking decent for once! Then my brother-in-law called and said he'd be driving right past my house on his way home from a business trip in Rhode Island, so he stopped and we all went out to dinner.

On Saturday my sister came up from NJ with her two girls, and my stepmother also came up from NJ for the day. She ended up watching all the kids while my sister came with me and I went for pregnancy portraits. Have any of you heard of them? It was so cool, this photographer specializes in taking pics of pregnant women. She does beautiful work, I can't wait to see my proofs. She said I should get them in a week or two and then I can pick out what I want.

When we got back to my house my sister and her girls left, and my stepmother took Jimmy to her house for two nites for a sleepover. I was childless again for the rest of the weekend! I missed Jimmy terribly, and spoke to him on the phone a million times, but it was so nice to be able to just lie on my bed and read or watch TV and not feel guilty about not doing something fun with him. DH and I went out for dinner again on Saturday and then to bed early (way to live it up, huh?). Sunday after we got home from church I spent the entire rest of the day in bed, only got up once an hour to switch my laundry, and then right back to bed. And we ordered in Chinese food. I felt better than I had in ages after just doing nothing for a couple of days. Monday I did my grocery shopping and then went back to bed until Jimmy got home around 3:00. It was heaven!

Now it's back to the real world. Luckily J's in school today, so I'm going to go lie down until my ob appt. this afternoon. I have NST's today and Thursday, and Friday I go for my growth u/s - can't wait for that one to see how big the babies have gotten in a month.

Have a great day, everyone.....talk to you soon.

03-30-2004, 01:33 PM
Hello ladies,

Lauren, Man, you sure were living it up these last few days, huh? Good for you!!! My poor toes were looking soooo bad!!!! I tried to get my old nailpolish off and paint them again, and boy was that a sight for soar eyes. You should have seen me, any strange position I could try, I did! lol Never thought I'd go through all that for cute toes. Anyhow, Im glad you've had such relaxing days.

Rosalynn, I think you had your peri appt today, how'd it go?

Angela, okay---you really need to listen to your doc and stay completely off your feet. When my cervix started shortening and thinning, within two-three days I was completely effaced! I have to admit I wasnt taking the bedrest thing too seriously. Your babies have good weights and you've come so far. Just a few more weeks!!

I think that I have really popped out-tummy wise--in the last few weeks. My maternity shirts are starting to look kinda short because my stomach lifts the shirt. I dont know about ya'll, but my stomach has actually dropped too. My doctor had told me that mothers of twins dont drop because there's two babies, but I have definately dropped. My whole top of my stomach is gone! I finally started to waddle too. Its funny cause I can feel it happening, so I try to resist it and walk normal and i think i look even more stupid. I now need to slide off the bed. Anyhow, my Dh is very visual...Needs to see things to believe it, kinda person. Well I know hes been noticing all the differences and boy is it making him a nicer. He'd been leaving my breakfast for me in the fridge by my bed, these last few days he gets up early and takes my glucose levels for me and makes me breakfast. Real breakfast too, like pancakes. He even came home for lunch yesterday and actually cooked me spagetti for lunch. I dont know its kinda funny--cause now he's totally catering to me. I could totally get used to this!!!!

Anyhow, just thought i'd check in...

03-30-2004, 01:37 PM
Hi Everyone,

I saw my peri today and the babies weigh 3 lb 15 oz and 4 lb 3 oz. They both put on about a pound in the last month. I had been concerned because I haven't been putting on much weight. So I'm glad to see the babies are growing!

Pat - Contratulations on being home. It must feel so much better being able to sleep in your own bed (I know, none of us are getting a good night's sleep these days!) and eat your own food!

Lauren - I'm jealous of the mani and pedi. I really want a pedicure but every day I either have a doctor's appointment or have something going on at the house (we just finished a kitchen remodel). I'm trying to limit myself to one outing a day. I'm getting my hair cut Friday. Hopefully next week a pedicure!

Frances - I hope your daughter has a quick recovery!

Michelle - I've been working as a business analyst but won't be going back to work after the babies get here. It will mean cutting back on a lot of things but it's what my husband and I both wanted, so we'll find a way to make it work.

Like a lot of you, I'm going to try to breastfeed partially for the $ savings. I have a bf'ing class on Monday, so hopefully I'll feel more prepared.

Right now I feel so far behind - nursery's not done, don't have a bag packed, don't even have nursing nightgowns. Luckily the babies won't know how unprepared I am, right?


03-30-2004, 10:35 PM
Patricia~~Thanks for your advise, I'll take it very seriously.

Noni~~Don't worry about not having the nursery done, or your bag packed. All I have done is set up a crib. To tell you the truth I don't even plan on packing a bag until my baby shower. That way I'll have alot to decide on what to dress them in when I bring them home in.

That actually arises a Question. What do you ladies think about packing a premie outfit for the hospital? Is that too presumptious(sp)?

03-30-2004, 11:02 PM
Hi Angela - the outfits that I am taking to the hospital are preemie outfits. I have a friend whose baby was about 5 1/2 lbs when she was born, and she said that her baby wore preemie clothes for at least the first month, even once she got past 6 lbs.

I guess you could pack both preemie outfits and newborn outfits. It's not like they take up a lot of room!! LOL!

03-31-2004, 03:14 PM
I feel like I'm so close and yet still so far! I know that I probably only have another 2-3 1/2 weeks, but I'm so impatient!!

On the other hand, I still have so much to do! Hospital bag, finish my baby shower thank-yous, get a pediatrician, and a lactation consultant. Somehow I'm dragging my feet on these last few things. I know, it's so bad!

We bought a 2000 Nissan Quest (minivan) so that we'll have room for our kiddos AND a double stroller. I could have fit us in our car, but no room for gear! Anyway, we've really liked it so far. Drives well, and has enough room for us--but I wouldn't try it for a family containing teenage boys! Not a lot of knee room in the back!

Frances, it was nice to get an idea of who we're talking to! It's so great that you have your nursery done. All my DH has left is to fill in the rest of the nail holes in the trim, then touch-up the paint. EVENTUALLY we'll get on to hanging shelves and curtains! We built a little closet "nook"--it doesn't have doors--to make a little more room. My DH had a good idea--we're gonna put a short, kitchen type cabinet on the back wall, then hang the rod under it. I'm 5'4'' so if we hung the rod low enough for me to reach, there would be wasted space above it. I don't mind getting a stool to put stuff on top of the cabinet, and we'll be able to hide some stuff in there.

I am planning on breastfeeding as well. I'm so glad that so many of you are! It will be so much better for our babies, and we'll be able to encourage each other. I think we'll all have some struggles! I'm prepared for about 6 weeks of a rough time! Oh, if any of our babies spend time in the NICU, they might be able to write us a prescription for a good breast pump, and our insurance would pay for it for that first month. Something you might want to check in to.

My Drs. appts. went okay. They guessed that the babies now weigh 4 lbs. 4 oz.(A) and a whopping 5 lbs. 6 oz.!!! Baby A was only a little under what I was figuring she should be and Baby B was way over. So, Baby B being breach, it really does look like I'm headed for a c-section. I was upset by how different their weights look to be. My peri said that he doesn't put much into those estimates, also that they are their own little person and all babies are different. He said that the differences should be showing up about now. They have enough fluid, good NSTs, etc. so he's not worried.

What was neat was that they were trying out new equipment and put us on the 4-D ultrasound machine for a few minutes. They're getting a little bit squooshed in there! My DH took the best pictures and gave them a little help--took out the stuff pressing in on them and tried to make them a little clearer--and put them online at the site I already posted. sherwoodbaptist.com/twins
We're still not positive on those middle names, though!

My OB didn't check internally this time. Last week I had a different nurse who just ran the scale up to the 200 mark and said, "Are you here yet? Oh! I guess you are!" She could have at least tried the lower number first! So, I was 202 last week, supposedly. This week I had my normal (nicer) nurse who tried the 150+ bar first, then I ended up being 201. I haven't lost weight since I started gaining it at about 9 weeks. I'm thinking I could have enjoyed one more week under the 200 mark!! Sorry--I know I'm silly for that being a big deal. At 34 weeks (tomorrow) we've gained a grand total of 51 lbs!

Pat, it's so great of your DH to be so sweet to you! Enjoy it! I try to make a point to tell my DH how much I appreciate him. Hey, he's been through a lot putting up with me all these months! He helps me so much and doesn't complain about the oodles of money that we've spent eating out. I really think that he's going to make a great dad!

I've bought preemie outfits for them to come home in. My babies weight estimates are almost the same as those 2 little guys that I saw in the hospital. I think even preemie clothes will swim on them! I looked at JCPennies and Sears yesterday to see what preemie stuff they had. I guess they had a little, but nothing that I liked at all. Wal-Mart has some nice Carter's sleepers and a few other things. I think the best selection I found was at our Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory.

Guess I'll end this book. I haven't had a chance to reply to some of the stuff you've been talking about in what seems like weeks! Take care ladies! Not too much longer! Who's the farthest along? I'm thinking it's Frances. Also, where is TL?? I'm starting to worry about you!

03-31-2004, 03:50 PM
Rosalyn - great weights for the babies! And great pics! I'm going for my level II on Friday - can't wait to find out how big the babies are. Good luck with the Quest. I have a few friends who have them and they love them.

03-31-2004, 05:18 PM
Rosalynn--good weights--sounds like everything is going good for you!!!

I have a preemie outfit that I want the babies to come home in. I have a stupid question though....for you that already have children...The day they take pics at the hospital of the babies is that a totally different day from the day they come home in?? I guess Im trying to figure out if I need two different oufits for them or just the one??

03-31-2004, 06:10 PM
That's a good question, Patricia - I don't remember getting any warning that the picture people were coming - she just showed up and took the picture. DeAnn still had her white t-shirt that the hospital had her in. Maybe if you ask the nurses - they could tell you when to expect them.

I was so clueless about clothes, though. I actually packed a 3-6 month outfit to bring her home in - it looked so small to me, I could not believe a newborn would be so small! She was swimming in it, and she was over 8 lbs! All of her coming home pictures look pretty funny. As soon as we got home, I put her in some newborn stuff.

Great weights, Rosalynn! I am going to check out the pictures next.

Everyone have a good night!

03-31-2004, 07:13 PM
Patricia - I had the same thing as Frances, they just came to me and told me they were going to take the pictures right then if I wanted them, and they did it while he was in the nursery. I can't remember why he would have been in the nursery, though. Maybe it was right before or after he was circumsized? I can't remember. He was also just wearing his hospital t-shirt and blanket.

One thing I do remember, though....when you order your package of pictures you'll probably want to order at least 5x7's or 8x10's for all the grandparents, and wallets for all the aunts, uncles, and friends. I did that, I ordered a million pictures, and when they sent me the pics they said that I was such a good customer that now I had the chance to buy the negative. I didn't need the negative at that point, I had already ordered pics for everyone I wanted to have them. So this time I'll ask about that in the hospital, and probably just order a couple of pics and then take the negative and have copies made up.

03-31-2004, 11:45 PM
I just finished posting the pictures on the babies online site. Let me know what you think.


Patricia~~I do remember having a chance to change my daughters clothes for her pictures. It might just depend on the hospital.

Frances~~I just might bring a premie and a newborn outfit for each just in case

04-01-2004, 12:05 AM
Angela - I love the US pictures - that one one the foot and leg is really cool!

On the link - it did not work at first - I typed it in a little differently and got through. It should be


OMG - it is 11:00 - I better get to bed - I have so much to do tomorrow, DD's dentist appt, my OB appt and NST. Time really flies when you are on these message boards.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Talk to you all tomorrow night!

04-01-2004, 12:10 AM
Frances~~Thanks so much. I have been getting soooo fusterated trying to post the link.

And I know what you mean these boards getting addictive. I always tell myself "I'll just be on for a min" and that turns into hours.

Take care.

04-01-2004, 12:06 PM
YAY!! We've made it to 34 weeks! The countdown is really on--only 2 weeks left until our goal of 36! I'm telling everyone that I only have 2-3 weeks left. I have enough Brethine to get me to about 35 weeks, 6 days. My Dr. said that will be enough, I don't have to fill another prescription. I've sure been thankful that that stuff was farely cheep! Anyway, as many contractions as I have now, I kinda figure I'll go right into labor when I stop it.

The other day DH and I were eating out and right before we got our check the waiter asked how far along I was. I didn't even get a chance to tell her that I was having twins before she said, "Oh! You're so tiny!!" Then I told her (a little dryly) "I'm having twins." She said she thought I was only about 6 months along. HA!! I'm measuring 44 cm!!! I should look a month overdue! Kirk said later that he wondered if it had something to do with her tip, which I thought was funny! Last Sunday I had people telling me that I looked aweful! Thanks! My pastor (whose known me since I was about 6 months old) just shook his head when he saw me and said, "I'm sorry." (He always gives me 3 handshakes!) Guess I'm just at that point--almost ripe!

Well, I'm off to another NST. If they'll just cooperate and not take more than 1 1/2 hrs. I can meet DH for lunch....

I hope ya'll are more patient than me! 14 days, 14 days, 14 days, 14 days.....

8 is enough
04-01-2004, 01:03 PM
Good afternoon girls!
I'm glad to hear everyone is continuing to do well!
I had to laugh Rosalynn when you were talking about hitting the 200 mark. When I called my mil to tell her we were having twins she said I was going to "bust 200 wide open". I'm not against gaining as much weight as I need to to have healthy babies, but that's not the most polite thing to say regardless. I could have killed her!! I started out at 145 so at 4'11'' I wasn't the smallest to begin with. I haven't gained a lot though, because now I'm 173. I know I lost some weight in the hospital but I gained 10 POUNDS in March alone!
Patricia--at our hospital they have hired an individual company that comes around and takes your baby's pics while they are lying on your hospital bed with whatever you choose to put on them and whatever blanket you lay them on. They used to do pics by hospital staff and they put them online but not anymore. So I don't even buy them. I would rather get something nicer later.
Our babies weighed 3lb. 13oz. and 3lb. 9oz. 2 wks ago and we go Tues. for another level 2. I can't wait to see how much they've grown! They were also breech so I'm hoping they'll turn around still, I'm only 32 wks.
Angela, you look great too! Thanks for sharing your pics!
I too have a lot of people that tell me I don't look big enough for twins. I feel like asking if I asked whether looked like I'm having twins. But I don't, I just smile and say, my back doesn't think so.
But it is aggravating. Almost like they don't believe you. I think its just a precursor to all of those are they identical questions. They had a thread a while back about stupid questions people get in public that was really cute. My favorite (that I've used already) is Do twins run in your family?--Not if we have the car.
Anyway--have a great day!

04-01-2004, 03:30 PM
Hey y'all,

Sorry I have been absent for a few days. We had our company leave on Friday and then had to do a bunch of stuff this past weekend. As some of you might remember, the store that supposedly ordered our cribs and changing table just suddenly closed - keeping everyone's deposits, etc.. Well, American Express is disputing the charge, etc...and in the meantime we had to get more furniture. Thankfully, Baby Depot had some that were good - so we have them put together.

Anyway, because I was on vacation last week, I had a few deadlines at work this past week. Yes, I'm still working. That's the benefit and curse from working from home...folks assume you can do it indefinitely. Well, as those of you on bedrest will attest, it's hard to type on your side....(sigh) Anyway, they're all having a team meeting next week in Denver and I'll call in to join them for some of it. After that, I'll work my last day on Friday the 9th. That will hopefully allow me some time to rest before they get here. I do get a fair amount of rest now, but there will be less stress/pressure - that's for sure.

Not much new to report...measuring 47 cm fundal height....NST's looking good....just really tired and sore. My left leg joint/pelvis/hip has bothered me since Thanksgiving - no lie. Obviously, it's getting much more intense...so walking really is tough. I already had an old knee injury that is balking at the extra weight, so I'm looking forward to being a bit lighter. I think I have gained 32 pounds so far.

Well....I need to get ready for a conference call. I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm here...just haven't had a chance to type. Sorry I couldn't do any 'personals' in response to your posts...hopefully I'll be able to soon...

04-01-2004, 10:03 PM
Hi everyone -

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I typed a nice, personalized post to all of you yesterday, but forgot to log in. Well, with my carpal tunnel that's suddenly sprung on - I can't spend the time re-typing! Sorry!

I go tomorrow for my first NST and biophysical exam. Although I get so excited to get updates, I also get soooo nervous. I am 32 weeks tomorrow and just want everything to go well.

I think I had my first contractions this evening. I only had 4, but it was light tightening in my lower back - unlike the braxton hicks in the front that I've had in the past. I was already on my left side, so I just drank some more water and it went away. DH and I finished packing my hospital bag and I took a shower just in case!

Have a good evening everyone.


04-01-2004, 10:59 PM
Hello ladies,

Sorry Im not going to address everyone individually but I am sooo tired today and Im actually going to try to make this short and sweet...

Had a doctors appointment--everythings the same--uterus is measuring 45 wks--good NST--good heartbeats--I am now 3 cm dilated, but the doc says its nothing to worry about. He laughed when he saw me and said " WOW, I never thought you'd make it this far." So, he finally scheduled a c-section. He had originally told me he would do one at 36 weeks (which is next friday)...Now he said theres no harm in keeping them in there a little longer. Easy for him to say. So he scheduled a c-section for 4-19. I'll be 37 weeks by that time. Thats a whole 2 weeks away!!!! I dont know that I can take it that long...Im so uncomfortable right now. I go for a sono tomorrow..should find out the weights then....

Angela-- "Nice to meet you!" -- I dont know why, but i couldnt find the webpage through the address..I actually had to do a search.

I think after I find out the babies weights tomorrow will determine if i pack preemie outfits...I have some now, but i swear they look so small..i dont think the babies will fit in them. I may just pack newborn ones.

well, i meant to keep this short, but you know how that goes....

04-02-2004, 09:29 AM
Hi, I am new to this board and wanted to see if it's alright to join in with y'all. I'm actually due 6/3/04 but they say I will never make it that long. I'm 31wks 1 day and doing great according to my Dr. from Wednesday's appt: I have had no complications or problems with this pregnancy. Prepregnancy I'm 5'2 and 119lbs and so far I have gained 20lbs. My babies are measuring big though according the the u/s--they are in the 80th percentile and weighed 4.1 and 3.13 at 31wks.

Just a little info about me: I have a 12month old baby girl and am expecting ID boys. I will have my hands very full really soon and am anxious about how I will do it all.

I'm VERY nervous about the possibility of having a c-section since I had my dd vaginally last year. I wanted to do the same but if Baby A doesn't go back to vertex position it doesn't look possible. At my 31wk u/s both babies were breech. The Dr. said it's unlikely at this point they will turn but I have read a lot of post's that said their babies did turn even later than me.

I need to go back and skim through your post so I can try to get to know everybody. I hope everyone's pregnancy is going well!

04-02-2004, 09:53 AM
I usually post on the Bedrest Thread, but I was just checking out what's happening with the May gals. I noticed you are from Tampa.......I am too. We must see the same Peri group, I see Dr. Kalter and his group I think they are called Florida Perinatal Associates. It is nice to see someone locally on this board.
I have to tell you I have had Carpal-Tunnel really bad for the last month or so. I mentioned to my DH that if it doesn't go away soon I will be afraid to hold the babies. I will be delivering my babies at Morton Plant, downtown Clearwater. I used to live in Belleair, but we moved to Tampa 4 years ago and I didn't want to change my OB. We now live in the Westchase/Nine Eagles area. I just wanted to jump in and say HI to a fellow Tampa Gal.

Good Luck with the Pregnancy!!

04-02-2004, 10:46 AM
Hi Everyone,
Welcome, Summer. Everyone here is great - I am looking forward to getting to know you. Stephanie - you should hang out here, too!

I had a full day yesterday - I am still trying to recover. My DD had her 6 month cleaning at the dentist yesterday morning - I went because I am afraid that I am going to go into labor at any moment, and I want to be close to DH. Anyway - she has this awesome pediatric dentist. Everyone in the office was making a big deal of the twins - it was pretty nice - since I have been on house arrest, I haven't really had that experience. Of course, by then end of the day - I was tired of answering all of the questions!

Then, we had a great lunch at Olive Garden, dropped DD off at preschool and went for my OB appt. Everything looks good. I am still only measuring 38 cm, but the babies are growing out to the side! I can hardly find a hunk of fat on my side to do my insulin shot, my skin is getting so tight. He checked my cervix (finally - first time they have done that at the OB's office). He said I am thinned out, but not dilated. So - it looks like I have a few more days! The plan is still to stop the terb pump on Monday - we'll see what happens!

So, then we had to call the hospital to see if they could do my NST - I have to have it done at the hospital because the OB office only has the equipment to do it for a singleton. The hospital was apparently hopping, they had no room for me. So, we went home. I was still feeling really good, so I went out and ran a couple of quick errands, and I stopped by to see my friends at Curves - the place I worked out at before bedrest. I can't wait to go back! It was so nice to see everyone, I haven't since January 6th. They could not believe my belly! They had to take pictures (we were taking monthly pics until I had to stop going).

When I got home, I called the hospital, and they were ready for me, so I went and did my NST. The babies did great - they were both done by 30 mins. By the time I got home, I was worn out!!! I am doing nothing but sitting on my butt today! I might not even get out of my pj's!

I hope everyone is doing good, and has a great weekend. A few of us from central Florida are getting together for lunch on Sunday, and I am really looking forward to it. TL can't make it :-( so I will be the only pregnant one there. But, there will be 4 month old twins there, and 2 sets of 5 yr old twins, so it will be really neat.

I guess that is it for now. Everyone hang in there!

04-02-2004, 11:00 AM
Has anyone noticed that there bellies have dropped. Maybe it is just me but mine hasn't......I wonder if it has anything to do with both babies being breech? I am 34 weeks 3 days today and everyone keeps asking me if I have dropped. I am hoping next week my doctor will schedule my C-Section.
Frances your lucky......my NST's last a minimum of 2 hours Agghhh!! The girls just will not cooperate.

04-02-2004, 11:08 AM
My mom says my belly has dropped, and I know I can definitely breathe better now. When the OB did the cervix check yesterday, he could feel Maggie's head. I was surprised I was not dilated!

Have you tried eating or having a caffeine drink before your NST? I have noticed if I eat before the NST, it goes faster. They have to have two increases in heart rate within 20 minutes, and I know mine are much more active after I eat or have a soda.

04-02-2004, 12:59 PM
Summer~~Welcome!! You will find this thread very addictive. Everyone here is great. The first and last things I do each day is check the boards to see how everyone is doing. Not to mention I check a few times a day. Girl you are going to have your hands full 3 in diapers. But you can do it God wouldn't give you what you cant handle, remember that. Good Luck, and keep us all psoted on how your pregnancy progresses.

Stephanie~~I don't think I've seen you hee before, so I would also like to take the time to welcome you as well.

I think I may have asked this before, But am I the only one that dosen't go for the NST?? I was also thinking last night I think I am the last one out of all of us. (according to due dates) I'm thinking you all will be having your babies soon. I still have some time ahead of me.

Last night was so sweet my DH actually painted my toes for me. (Not the best job, but can't hurt a guy for trying) He kept appologizing cause he thought he was screwing it all up. He can be so cute at times.

Well ladies it's finally time.......my baby shower is tomorrow!!! I can't wait to share with you how it went.

Take care everyone

04-02-2004, 02:06 PM
Hey y'all,

Welcome new mommies... Guess what, I'm 34 weeks!! I'm really hoping to get to 37 weeks, but this was a biggie... whoohoo

I just wanted to check in and let you know I'd bee offline again this weekend. Mom and Dad are coming to help get the nursery set up. Well, Mom is coming to help and Dad is coming to hopefully stay out of the way. I've made golf tee times and tried to think of other little tasks he can do. I do not want him trying to 'help' hubby with the closet shelving, etc...

Dad gets so bent out of shape when his 'help' wasn't what we were needing...he's not terribly handy but can't comprehend that, lol... Anyway, I'm hoping we won't have to have an intervention, because I don't want him making unnecessary nail holes or putting things in the wrong place.....hopefully we can convince him to just hang out by the pool...we'll see....

As for getting movement, the teacher of our Marvelous Multiples class suggested very cold juice...the sugar and the temperature are two things that get them going. I don't think they are thrilled with cold drinks, heehee. It's neat how different foods affect the taste of the amnio fluid...I always wonder if their reactions are positive or negative. Like either, "Whoohoo, steak and 'tato!!" or "Awwww man....sandwiches again...." I dunno....

I tell you what - I'm looking forward to having my lap back. I'm tired of typing and washing my hands "side-saddle" - ya know? -And the whole turning over in bed....just getting funnier and funnier, lol....

Well, I need to get some lunch...y'all be good and stay pregnant... Here's the link to the boys' page....someone had asked for it again.

04-02-2004, 04:28 PM
Hello girlies!!!!

I had a sonogram this morning and ya'll will never guess my babies weights! Baby A (alexandria--oh ya, i changed her name) weights 5 lbs 13 oz. Baby B (nicholas) weights 6 lbs 6 oz. They're huge!!!! Also, I am 35 weeks today!!! 17 more days until my scheduled c-section!!! Scaryyyyyy!!!

Summer, welcome!! I think that you'll be very happy here. I dont know how I'd make it through this pregnancy without these gals. I feel like no one else knows what Im going through but them. So feel to ask questions, vent, or just talk about your day!

Angela, Im sooo happy for you and your shower tomorrow. I love presents!! :D I know that sounds horrible, but I really do!!!! I hope you get lots of stuff you need. I had my shower very early 1/31, i think. Well, I still havent put everything away!!! I would also ask your doc about NST tests, they check your babies heartrates and also check to see if your having contractions, and if you are, how the babies react to the contractions. It doesnt take very long, but its always reassuring to hear/see the heartbeats.

Frances-- you'll be 36 weeks on Monday, right??? Can you believe it???? The further I get, the more grateful I am that the bedrest thing worked. I would have never thought I would have thought that. But it is all worth it. Bedrest is starting to look kinda easy now, huh? Its like Im almost forgetting the hard parts....maybe its just me. I was reading the thread--the one about ya'll Florida moms getting together. I am so jealous! That sounds like soo much fun!! I wish there were mommies in the san antonio area..

Stehanie...glad to see you here too!!! AS you can see, Frances and I jump back and forth!!! Hey, we're on bedrest--we got the time, right?

My stomach has started to drop. I dont think that it'll drop much further seeing as Baby A is already sitting on my cervix.

TL--you are one busy pregnant mommy!!!

okay everyone --- stay pregnant!

04-02-2004, 04:33 PM
I overdid it yesterday and ended up having REALLY HARD contractions for over 2 hours last night. It was like my stomach just stayed 75% hard, then tightened up all the way for a while. They were all 5-6 minutes apart, and I finally said that I was going in if they didn't stop in 15 minutes. Kirk prayed with me and they eased up! I know that these little ones will come in God's perfect timing.

I did NOT get to meet my DH for lunch yesterday--the NST took 2 1/2 hours! I always eat right before I go, then sip Dr. Pepper through the test. It just seems like when the babies do move, we lose their heartbeats. Baby A (Julia) cooperates much better than baby B (Karisa). Yesterday Karisa insisted on sleeping, and when she did move her heartrate wasn't rising. In the end, she barely passed. I think the nurse said that the criteria there is 2 accellerations of 15 beats above baseline, in 15 minutes. I'm tempted to worry, but all I can do is make sure she's moving, drink my water, take my meds, rest, etc.

Hi Summer, welcome! We would love to have you join us. You're only a few days behind some of our ladies. You might hang out with the due-in-June ladies, too, just because it's more fun to deliver first than last!

Stephanie, we'd like to keep you here, too! I don't really know if my belly has dropped--it's just all over! Actually, I pretty much stick straight out in front! Baby A is far enough down for the Dr. to feel her head, but Baby B is breech--and she's determined that she CAN come out the top! I don't know how she can handle so much pressure on her neck. There's always a lump in front of my ribs where she's poking her head up.

How is everyone planning on delivering? We keep talking about planning our c-sections, is anyone still wanting/able to go vaginally?

Angela, thank you for sharing your page! It's fun to see who we've been sharing so much of our lives with. TL--Thanks for reposting your page, I got it this time. WOW! You sure put a lot of work into it! You just left out a pregnant picture of YOU! Then again,in my "pregnant" picture, I was only 4 weeks along! I don't think that counts! I'm looking forward to seeing all the little babies we've been expecting.

Of course...I'm looking forward to seeing my own the most! I had a dream last night and they were both brown headed, brown eyed like DH and I. My Dad has (had-it's gray now!) blond hair and blue eyes and so do my 3 brothers. Then Kirk's mom and sister have light hair and eyes. At the last u/s they looked at the back of one of the babies' heads and said they didn't see much hair at all! I dreamed that I was completely out when they did the surgery and my mom had to take care of the babies for a few days. She wasn't sure which was which so she just assigned names. Aaagh! I've been thinking of them with specific names, so it's still bugging me!

04-02-2004, 04:44 PM
Those ARE great weights, Patricia!! Good job! I'm so glad that so many of us have made it this far. So waddle, waddle, waddle just a little longer!

Oh, is anyone else super clumsy? It seems like I drop everything that I pick up! Could it really be because my joints are loose because I'm pregnant? I know I've heard that, but I just feel so plain CLUMSY!!

04-02-2004, 05:41 PM
Great weights, Patricia!!! I know - I can't believe we made it this far, as grim as things were looking in January for us. All I can say is - bedrest works! I wish you could join us this weekend, too. I would really love to meet you. Oh well - if I ever get over to San Antonio, or you get to bring the kids to see the Mouse, we'll have to get together!

Rosalynn - I know what you mean about dropping things - thank goodness I have a 4 yr old that loves doing stuff for Mommy. I have also become quite adept at picking stuff up with my toes!

It looks like I will probably be able to deliver vaginally. Both babies are head down, and have been for a while. They will also probably come very quickly. The OB could feel Maggie's head yesterday, even though I was not dilated, and she has been pressing against my cervix for 3 months now! Also, with DD, I had a very easy delivery - I was only in labor for 7 hrs, and only pushed for 30 minutes, and she was 8 lbs 3 oz. The second labor usually goes faster anyway, plus they are twins, which usually come faster, plus, they are only 6 to 6 1/2 lbs each, the nurses and Dr's are predicting a very fast labor. One can only hope!!! They have told me that if my water breaks, and DH is not home, to call 911, instead of waiting for him.

TL - congrats on 34 weeks!! I remember what a relief that was. At the rate you are going, 37 weeks should be a breeze for you. I know what you mean about the lap - my poor kitties are so used to sleeping on my lap when I sit in the recliner - they have had to do some contortionist moves to do it lately! Plus, trying to read DeAnn her bedtime story is getting more and more challenging. Last night, we sat in the recliner together, she was more on the recliner's arm than my lap, and she wrapped her arm around my belly ("her babies") while I read. I love it!!!!

My contractions are getting more and more painful. Is anyone else having this? I have been having them since January, so I have gotten pretty used to them, but last night and today, I had a couple that have stopped me in my tracks! They have not been regular, and I mentioned it to my Matria nurse - she said it is normal, and that she thinks I will go into labor with 24-36 hrs of going off of the terb pump on Monday. Woo-Hoo!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and stay pregnant (at least for now!)

04-02-2004, 05:58 PM
Okay, for those of ya'll interested in meeting me, I think I did my babies online page correct...here goes:


Rosalyn, as of todays sono baby b is still transverse and very big with limited space, so they dont think he'll move anymore. Doc scheduled the c-section for 4-19.

okay- oprahs on now...

04-02-2004, 06:13 PM
Patricia - it is so nice to put a face to your name! You look so cute pregnant! Hey - now we have photographic evidence that DH worked on the nursery, huh??

04-03-2004, 02:52 AM
It is so great to actually put faces to the people that I've gotten so much good advise. Everyone keep posting!! I enjoy very much to see your pictures.

I agree with you all. I also keep droping things. Like you Rosalynn I am just grateful that my daughter is close to the ground. If you know what I mean. My toes have also become useful when the little one isn't around.

I have decided to pack one premie and one newborn outfit for each one just in case the boys are small.

I also think I may be able to deliver vaginally also. Both babies have been down for quiet sometime now. Carlos is right on my cervix, which is thinnin as I have said before. So I just hope that they stay that way. Hopefully this delivery will be as easy as my daughter. I have asked my doctor what he thinks. He says we just have to hope that Cristian (B) dosen't decide to lay across after Carlos (A). Cases like that sometimes result in a vaginal delivery, then a C. I wouldn't want that.

I've added a few new pictures to my babies page. I had to show off Big Sis, and the bare belly.

04-03-2004, 05:22 AM
I have a lot of trouble posting, so I usually just read and feel like an outsider. But I feel so lousy I need to know if other pg moms do too.

I am 33 weeks 3 days. This pg has been so uncomfortable I can't believe it. I've had bad backaches, heartburn and hemerroids. The latest discomfort is all over itching- a lot of it. I took a blood test today to check my liver functions (somehow that's related to itching and some horrible diseases pg moms get), and now I'm worried and itching. Nothing helps relieve the itching, and a lot of the other discomfots are unrelieved, too. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I got pg, and it's finally catching up with me. Also, I can barely move. I can't drive and sometimes I really can't even walk. I also get out of breath very easily- sometimes walking from one room to another. My poor mom has to do everything, so of course I feel guilty, too. Oh, I was just diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, too.

It's not time for the babies to be born yet, but I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy!

Today I cried all morning, I feel so miserable. I don't mean to whine, I just need to know if there are others who feel like I do.

04-03-2004, 10:32 AM
Hi everyone -

I had my NST and BPP yesterday. They didn't give me any results, but I go to my OB on Monday, so I'll get details then. They made it sound like everything was o.k.

I'm so excited to see everyone's pictures - everyone looks healthy and pregnant!!

Mamala - I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I try not to focus on the negatives, but it's getting difficult for me, too. I'm only 32 weeks along and feel big and uncomfortable. My main complaint though is the itching! I have it, too. I've had it all over my body for months and the doctor keeps telling me it's simply hormone related and should go away when I deliver. I can use hydracortisone (which does nothing) and take Benadryl. I try not to take too much Benadryl, but it puts me to sleep and then I don't itch. Lately, the itching is very intense on my feet, so I've been diluting vinegar with water and putting it on my feet with very cold water. It takes the sting out long enough for me to stop itching. I asked my doctor about the liver disease and he said I don't have it. I'm going to ask again for help on Monday. If you figure out any relief, please let me know. We just have to hang in there!!

A few of you are pretty far along - I can't wait to see baby pictures soon!!

Well, I'm going to figure out what books or magazines to read today... :)


04-03-2004, 09:35 PM
So far, the bad contractions that I had on Thursday night haven't come back. Wow, I was in PAIN!!! It was still managable, though. It was so funny--I thought that we would probably have to go to the hospital, so Kirk was running around packing everything I had on my long hospital bag list. He kept coming back to tell me to relax and I'd tell him I AM relaxed! I was really almost asleep, I was as relaxed and calm as I could get! Then he'd say, okay, just don't let me mess you up!

Patricia, nice to meet you! I love your "unedited" belly shot. Okay, was it just the screen or are you really not completely ripped up with horrible stretch marks?!? If not, I'm SOOO jealous! I think my entire belly is covered, then they stretch around to my hips!

Julia has been head-down on my cervix for a few months, too. I don't know, I was very much for delivering naturally, but now I just feel so tired that it's almost a secret relief to just think of a c-section.

Whenever I do have some contractions, they always seem to be regular. Like last night I had contractions 7 minutes apart for about an hour, then they stopped. I hope this means that I'll go right into labor when I stop the turbutaline sulfate. That's less than 2 weeks for me!

Oh, I dreamed last night that they brought the babies to me, and one was in a pink blanket and one was in a blue! We've had so many confirmations that they are girls, and never one hint that there's any boys in there. I would be shocked!

Have a good weekend, ya'll, and hang on just a little longer!

04-03-2004, 11:02 PM
Hi girls!!!

Angela, I love your pics-- I wish i could figure out how to scan my untrasound pics and post them too. I've been trying to add the new nursery pics but I cant seem to get good pics..so Im waiting for DH to take some pics and upload them for me.

Mamala-- Hang in there!!!! I know its tough....the sleeping thing is probably the hardest thing for me. Lately it "hurts" my stomach to lay down. I have to set kinda sitting up. I also use a million pillows. I have to admit, I didnt really get any itchies or hemorroids...but i sympathize. Try having a pampering day for yourself..get a pedicure/manicure/ and massage. You deserve it !!

Michelle, doesnt it feel great to be "officially" over 32 weeks? Read anything interesting today?

Rosalyn, You know, I think I've been lucky-- no stretch marks yet. But I think it has a lot to do with my skin pigmentation (sp?)..I dont know if its true, but I heard the darker your skin color, the less likely you are to get strech marks...dont know if its true. I too get contractions like you. A few days ago I really thought I was in labor...three tylenol later they went away after about 2 hours of very painful contractions. I asked the doc how do I know if these contractions are "it"? He said when I cant talk or walk from the pain. With that said, Im kinda hoping that I'll just have my water break and skip all the contractions!!!

I went shopping today to buy some newborn outfits for coming home outfits.and well, they looked so big to me! I dont remember who posted it, but I think someone said that Sears preemie outfits fit up to 7 pound babies. Does anyone remember? If thats the case, I think I'll just but some from there.

Well...im so exhausted from doing little things today...i think i'll take a nap!

04-04-2004, 11:50 AM
Hi Ladies,
I'm glad everyone is still pregnant, many of us are getting really close to the big day.

As much as I want to keep my babies in for another 3 weeks, I don't know how my body is going to manage it. I spend 90% of my time in bed or on the couch. When I get up my knees are starting to give out on me. I waddle when I walk and groan when I try to rollover. It's not a pretty sight! :)

It's great seeing your websites. I'm still working on mine. I need to get some better pictures of the nursery and have my husband take a belly shot this week.

I've been getting contractions too. Last night they were 8 minutes apart for about an hour, then they tapered off. I feel they are getting a little more intense, but not labor contractions. On a scale of 1 - 10 they are about a 3. When they first come on I gasp for air, then my belly gets hard. They last 1 to 2 minutes. But they don't hurt and I can continue to talk.

Take care everyone and enjoy your Sunday.

g/g twins EDD 5/14/04

04-04-2004, 06:17 PM
Hi Everyone,
Still here - although I am starting to feel pretty lousy. We had our lunch today with the central Fla moms, I met 3 other moms from this message board, and we had a blast! Then, we stopped at BRU and got the final two items we needed - a diaper bag and a glider. So, we are completely ready to go.

When I got home, I sat down for a little bit, and I could hardly get up. My whole body hurts, especially my lower back. I am going to eat dinner, do my last monitoring session (woo-hoo!) and go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow morning, I lose the terb pump, and hopefully, things will start happening.

OK - I am worn out, I just wanted to let you all know that I have not had these little ones yet - I haven't posted all weekend. When I do go into labor, I am going to call TL and she is going to give you all an update. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow!!

04-04-2004, 08:17 PM
Good luck, Frances!!!! I'll be thinking of you all day!

8 is enough
04-04-2004, 09:01 PM
Yeah Frances!!!! Got my fingers crossed!
I had a shower yesterday too! My sister is so sweet. At first I told her not to give me a shower and she insisted saying twins were different and I'm really glad she did. We had a lot of fun. We got 17 matching outfits!!! Plus some other great stuff too. I'm getting so anxious and so jealous as I too am an end of May mommie. Frances I hope everything goes smoothly for you!
I go Tues. again to check weights, etc. and hopefully mine will turn--they're both breech. This will be a first for me too. But I'm having so many BH contractions. I'm starting to think they're not, and that by just laying down when they come on, they're going away. Hopefull thinking right?
I've been meaning to ask you all in Florida, my sister Kim Hart has lived in FL all of her life, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Boynton Beach, and some other places--they move alot due to her dh's work. I didn't know if any of you had heard of her. She is a nurse and has worked at several hospitals.
But anyway--Patricia you do look really good! I'm glad you've been able to hang in there!
I love hearing everyone's babies names! It sounds so more real doesn't it?

04-05-2004, 01:11 PM
Hi everyone!

I've almost made it to the magic number of 34 weeks. I know it will be best for the babies to stay in another 2 or 3 weeks at least, but I don't know if I can make it that long!

Here's a quick update after all my doctor's visits last week. I had NST's at my OB's on Tuesday and Thursday and he got me a little scared. I guess I have been having more contractions every time he tests me, but I've always figured they were no big deal since I don't even feel all of them. When I saw him on Thursday he said he's thinking of putting me in the hospital for a few days to let the contractions calm down, and also to switch my meds from Lovenox to Heparin. He wanted to make sure I have someone to watch Jimmy if he does admit me. He told me he doesn't think I'll last more than a week or two before the babies are born (and that was almost a week ago). Hopefully after my NST tomorrow he'll change his mind.

I also saw my peri on Friday and he made me feel much better. He doesn't think there's any reason to believe the babies will be born too soon. They have great weights (A is 4 pounds, 11 ounces; and B is 5 pounds, 3 ounces) and B completely turned from frank breech to head down. They also said that A is really low down (which I could have told them, I can feel it every time I stand up!). They also gave me the prescription to get the Heparin and the new syringes and they're going to start doing weekly fluid check ultrasounds from now until the babies are born, but they won't do another growth u/s for four weeks, and I really have no intention of going another 4 weeks.

One thing I have really noticed with my stretchmarks is that they are way worse on the side that B is on. That baby is about 1/2 pound bigger and the stretchmarks started way sooner and are much worse on that side. I can also tell by looking at my stomach which side the bigger baby is on. How 'bout you guys? Isn't it cool?

Michelle, and anyone else who gets them, what is a biophysical exam? I can't believe that there's a test out there that one of my doctors hasn't done yet. Is everyone getting them?

Summer and Stephanie - welcome! You'll find a lot of good advice and people going thru the same things as you on this board.

Angela - my DH was in the room when I was reading about yours doing your toes for you, so I had to tell him. He used to do that for me years ago, but certainly not since we've been married. Anyway, he told me that he pampers me every week by cleaning out the litter box and I should be grateful for that.:rolleyes:
How was your shower? Did you get everything you need? Jennifer, how was your shower?

TL - how did you make out with your parents and the nursery over the weekend? Did you get everything done? How did it go with your dad? Have you heard from Frances yet? I've been thinking about her all day.

Jennifer - I can't believe your sister's name is Kim Hart! My maiden name is Hart, but we don't have any family that I know of in Florida. Still, it's cool to hear of someone else with the same last name, especially since I don't think of it as too common a name.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Can you believe how many doctor's appointments they expect us to make it to each week? I have NST's tomorrow and Thursday, and my fluid check u/s on Wednesday. I'll say it again, it's like having a full-time job!

04-05-2004, 02:13 PM
Hi Everyone,
I am still here! I was supposed to have an NST at 2:30, but they said they have no room right now, so I have to call back at 3:30 and see if they can get me in. I am anxious to see how many contractions I have now that I am not on the terbutaline. I have felt a few strong ones today, but nothing regular.

So, I am pretty much just waiting!

Patricia - haven't heard from you in a couple of days - how are you?

Angela and Jennifer - how were your showers? Did you get tons of stuff?

Lauren - you cracked me up about the litter box. My DH says pretty much the same thing when I try to tell him all that I do around the house (pre-bedrest of course!) - he always has to point out that he does the litter boxes!

Speaking of bedrest - as of today, I am officially free!! It is so nice! I am almost afraid to go anywhere, though. What if my water breaks in the middle of Target?? How embarassing that would be! But, it is nice to be able to do more around the house. I told DH that if would take the laundry baskets with the clean clothes into the bedrooms before he goes to work, I would put it all away. It probably took me twice as long as normal, but I did it. Woo-hoo! I never thought in a million years that I would like to put laundry away! I have visions of getting the dishes done, too, but we will see if that happens! It will be nice, though for DH to come home and actually be able to sit down for a few minutes, instead of having to work his butt off all evening!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday. I'll keep you posted!

04-05-2004, 05:17 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Frances - I am so jealous that you get to move around! I, too, would be scared though. I was just saying today that even if I wasn't on bedrest, I'm getting so darn uncomfortable and winded, that I would be on bedrest anyway.

I had my regular OB appt today and everything went well. I'm 32 weeks and 3 days, measuring 38 cm. Both babies are head down and the one that put me on bedrest (pressure on my cervix) has moved up, so the bedrest is working. The results of my NST and biophysical profile came back good, too. So, I am a little relieved today. I go to the Peri on Wed and can't wait to see the babies and find out how much they weigh. I assume around 3.5 each and it's just so hard to believe that I have all of this extra weight inside of me (compared to my friends who are pregnant with only one).

Hi Lauren - I'm going to take the explanation of the biophysical profile directly from one of my pregnancy books (it explains it better than I can, but this is what the dr told me):
1. Includes the non-stress test
2. Observation of movements of the baby's trunk
3. Observation of the baby's muscle tone.
4. Observation of the baby's breathing movements
5. Measurement of the amount of amniotic fluid in the sac

Apparently, it's assigned a score of 10. However, mine was scored 8 out of 8, so there may be a few differences. Hope this helps. My first one was last Friday when I hit 32 weeks. I go every week from this point forward.

Lastly, speaking of pedicures...can you not all wait for the day where you can completely pamper yourself?? For me, it's painting my own toes, coloring my hair, not having carpal tunnal prevent me from styling my hair like I used to, and fitting into some cute capri pants! :)

Well, I'm going to rest before DH brings home dinner.

Talk to everyone soon.


04-05-2004, 05:23 PM
Good afternoon ladies, I hope everyone is having a great Monday. My weekend was sooo busy, I can't wait to start sitting around the house this afternoon. About my weekend........where do I start.

My baby shower went well, considering........... My mom had several of her friends at work ask her over and over for months. When is Angela's shower we want to come. They even suggested we have people bring dishes like "pot luck" Several RSVP'd and said they were bringing food. When it came down to it none of them showed. My poor mom was more dissapointed that I was. She took it very personal. I actually felt bad for her. But the main thing was that the imporntant people came. My mom, sister, cousin, best friends, and a few other friends from my apt complex. I got the Jeep Wrangler twin sport stroller. Lots of clothes, and diapers, recieving blankets etc. I have everything I need. My mom feels she should do something to make up for her friends. She's really down about it, so I was thinking that I have her get the baby books. At least the people who did come and I had a great time.

On Sunday DD had her first cheer competition. I had DH video tape it and I took several pictures. The funny thing is that out of the 5 yr olds her team was 12th to compete. I saw team 2 and with just the thought of seeing my baby out there made me cry. Then when she came out I was such an emotional wreck that I could barely see to take the photos. All girls on all teams got a trophie. The fact that her team didn't place didn't even bother her. I am so proud.

Mamala~~I feel the same way as you do, with exception of the itching. I am just so darn uncomfortable, I can't stand it. I am 32 wks and I know they need to just stay there longer. I am just trying to make the most of it till the time comes. Hang in there.

Patricia~~I had no problem scaning my u/s pic's. It was just like any other picture. Since I did it at my sisters house I scanned all of them that I have, then burned them onto a CD. Keep trying with yours. Good luck.

Surley some of you are still driving right?? Do any of you have, or thought about getting you doctors to fill out an application for a temporary handicapp place card for your car?? I am seriously thinking about it. I would make the last of my pregnancy much easier.

Everyone has so many different things going on with their doctors and all I have are the usual monthly Peri and now bi-weekly Ob. HM.......

I may be going to trade in my car today finally. I really need to get that done. I'm thinking on the Honda Pilot what do you all think? Anyway I need to go lay down. Sorry about this book, but like I said I had alot going on.
Everyone hang in there.

04-05-2004, 07:10 PM
Hey y'all,

I just heard from Frances, and she's at the hospital!!

She turned 36 weeks today, and she is currently 4 to 5 centimeters. They took her off the terb pump today and predicted that things would happen in the next 24 to 48 hours -- well, things certainly have happened.

She's doing fine and sounds good...despite the contractions.

She'll update me tonight or tomorrow as things happen....and I'll keep you posted.

Yay, Frances, you go girl!! We'll be thinking of you tonight!!

04-05-2004, 08:06 PM
Boy she wasn't kidding about things starting to happen!!!!

You and your family will be in my prayers Frances.

04-05-2004, 09:59 PM
TL - keep us posted on Frances!

Angela - we seriously thought about getting a Pilot, but we were looking around Thanksgiving and none of the Honda dealers had any in stock. Consumer Reports gave them excellent reviews. We ended up going with the Acura MDX, but that's basically the same engine and platform as the Pilot, but the Pilot is bigger inside. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll love it.

And I have thought about parking in the handicapped spot, but I haven't done it yet. I have started parking in the "moms with infants" spots at Stop & Shop, though. I do have a car seat in my car, and who could argue with me if they saw me waddling into the store, right?

04-05-2004, 10:53 PM
TL, these damn hormones!! I started crying when i read Frances was in the hospital already!!! PLease keep us posted! Also, if you dont mind, can youask her if she minds getting phone calls? If she doesnt, I'd love to give her a call!!!

Angela, Your poor mom! You should probably get her a "thank you" gift for throwing youthe shower, that'll probably make her feel better.

I havent posted because these last two days have been horrible!!!! MY lower back actually feels like its breaking in half! I've had discomfort before, but this is crazy! I took some loritab pills today to help with the pain. I cant seem to move much at all anymore. Even if I wanted, I cant walk. It honestly HURTS to walk. My doctor had scheduled me for 4-19, but I dont think I can make it.

Everyone sounds so busy with doctors appointments...Angela, Im with you, I dont get anything special..just my ob appointments weekly. I was even told at my last sonogram that it was probably my last until the delivery date.

Well, just wanted to check in and let everyone know I was still here-still pregnant. If ya'll dont here from me soon, you know why! :)

04-05-2004, 11:08 PM
I, too, started tearing up when I told DH that someone on my message boards is in the hospital having babies!! It's been great following everyone's story.

Pat - I am so sorry you are uncomfortable. I can relate totally. I have a few girlfriends who want to come by and bring me lunch and I simply can't have company right now. Being only 32 weeks along, I am so uncomfortable, can barely get up from the couch or rollover on the bed, my knees and back are starting to kill me, etc. The last thing I can do is think about even answering the door!

It's kind of funny watching the posts slow down as we hit this final stretch! What joy it's going to be to finally see all of the little ones!!

Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep, but my second wind will come when I hit the sheets. :)


04-06-2004, 01:59 AM
We are excited for you!! I had to tell DH right away. The first thing he says is "tell her hi for me" Hope everything goes well. Keep us all posted.

04-06-2004, 02:05 AM
Thank you for the support in response to my whining. I'm sorry others are so uncomfortable, but it does help to know I'm not the only one.

It turns out I might have a condition called cholestasis of pregnancy. They did some more lab tests today, so I should find out Tuesday. It is NOT a good thing to have- it can result in sudden fetal death. Needless to say, I am quite hysterical and worried. I urge anyone who is having all over itching to get a liver test.

Michelle- on that note, did you talk to your doc about it? You asked me to tell you if I came across any itching remedies...a nurse today told me she has heard that very cold showers can sometimes bring relief. If makes sense to me, because I know that heat makes my itching worse.

I also had my 1st NST today. My doc(HMO) does group appointments. I was scheduled for 1:30, didn't get hooked up until well after 2, and didn't leave until 3:40. It was frustrating because it took so long, and the other women were there just because they were near or slightly past their due dates. Of course, they also had trouble monitoring 2 babies. At one point they couldn't find A's heartbeat, and paged the Doc. It was very scary. I now have to go for NST twice a week. I live at Kaiser!

I did take some Benedryl, so hopefully I'll sleep.

Thanks again for your support. Best of luck to Frances and everyone else.

04-06-2004, 10:20 AM
Hey Y'all,

I haven't heard from Frances yet, but I'll let you all know any details I get. Patricia, I'll let you know if she's up for phone calls... ;-)

I can't believe we're all in the home stretch. It's funny, because most of y'all are talking about being so ready to have these babies and get on with things. I guess I'm chicken, because I am not in any big hurry, lol... Sure, I'm uncomfortable and finding it harder and harder to move around, but it seems a bit easier than the next 3 months, lol...

Right now, they are quiet and easy to contain and keep safe...we're sleeping through the night, and I still have time to get everything else finished. Maybe I'm making this out to be harder than it will be, but I'm bracing for a rough road, lol... Like I said, I'm a first time Mommy so I am probably making this bigger than it is...but I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than the opposite, lol...

Well, I finally got the nursery together. We have some pictures, and I hope to have those added very soon to the website. In the meantime, the webcam can give you a live shot of one wall. Mom and Dad came this past weekend, and Mom helped me soooo much. Dad didn't get in the way too terribly much, but he did have his moments. He just doesn't get the fact that his way isn't the only way, and that if he wants to 'help' it will only be effective if he does it in the way we need....but he gets bent out of shape if you try to tell him anything. Oy.

But anyway, Mom helped get all of the baby stuff unpacked from the boxes/wrappers and washed and folded. We went to Target on Sunday and got the last of the stuff and a whole bunch of baskets and rubbermaid bins to store everything. We still have a bit to do in the closet, but we are soooo close to being completely done. DH and I can finish the rest. Mom also made a couple of casseroles for us - and then put them in the freezer for later. That will be so nice to have. She'll come and help when the babies come, but this will help us not have so much to do at that time...

Just think...it won't be long before we're all on the 'First Years' board. Can you believe that??

Well, I need to get a shower and get dressed. I hope you all are doing well. I'll be 35 weeks on Friday - yay!! I'll be back with a personal note later....just wanted to jump in here and update on Frances...

04-06-2004, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Everyone,
At least it's morning on the west coast.

TL, I'm jealous that you can sleep through the night. I haven't slept through the night since the 1st trimester. I usually wake every 1 to 2 hours to change positions because my body hurts and to take a bathroom break. I figure my body is now so use to the sleep deprivation that it won't be much different when the babies come.

This morning I was bugging my DH that he had to get the car seats installed. This is the last major task on the list before the babies are born. He told me he had plenty of time and even if we went to the hospital today he would have time to get them installed. I told him that I don't want him out in the hospital parking lot trying to figure out how to install them when I'm in labor. I'm probably overracting, but I like to have everything taken care of.

My next ob appointment is Friday, I'll be at 34 weeks and 6 days.

g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04

04-06-2004, 01:55 PM
Yay! I'm SOO excited for Frances!! I can hardly wait to hear that she had her babies! People at church congratulate me for making it this far-they said they thought for sure that we would have preemies. I guess, size-wise, they (mine) could still be preemies, but I'm hoping that they'll be healthy! I'm only 9 days away from 36 weeks!

I had an OB appt. yesterday and my Dr. thought that if I could hold out another week, that they would be able to come home with me. I'm glad that you're so patient TL!! My "rib pain" turned more into a muscle pain. Well, that has escalated into this horrible, ripping/tearing type of pain. My Dr. said she thought it was my stomach muscles being overstretched. Thankfully last might was a little better, but I still have trouble sitting up, rolling over, reaching for anything, bending, sitting down, ect. In other words, it hurts no matter what I do! Anyone else experiencing this? I know I really DO want to wait until it's completely safe for them to come, but sometimes I forget!

Pat, I have an olive colored skin tone that I get from indian ancestors. It didn't help me any! My stretch marks go a good 6 inches above me belly button, as well as all the way down! I'm just wondering which way my skin will shrink back. Like, if it shrunk up more than down, I can imagine having marks all the way up to my breasts! Aaagh! But, my husband will still love me and thankfully they bother me a whole lot more than they bother him.

As far as the contractions--I'm determined to stop being careless. I asked my Dr. to be specific on when I should go in. Anyway, her rules for me are that if they are coming faster than 6/hr., then I need to lay down on my left side, drink water, and see if they continue. If they continue at more than 6/hr. for an hour, then I'm supposed to go in and get monitored. I guess I still add another rule to myself that I'm not going in if I can tell that they are slowing and getting weaker. She also said to just go ahead and come in anytime that they are really painful. I need to remember that twins can come really quickly! And I definately don't want my DH having to deliver small babies along the side of the highway!

Sears does have a "newborn" size that is up to 7 lbs. I was very disappointed, though. They didn't have anything I liked! It seems like everyone has cuter preemie clothes for boys than for girls, too. Like BRU carries lots of little boy outfits, but just sleepers for girls.(???) What's with that?

I'm not having biophysical exams, just NSTs. It only took about an hour yesterday! Woo hoo!

Well, I'll be anxiously waiting to hear how things go with Frances! Talk to ya'll later!

8 is enough
04-06-2004, 01:56 PM
Go Frances!!! I'm so jealous sitting here at 33 wks. : ( I wonder who will be next!!!???
TL, I'm so nervous I'm not sure I'm ready either, but my anxiety comes from the not knowing what's going to happen with L & D. Other than that, I can't wait to see these babies! Especially now that we have these cute outfits and socks he he he!
I went for an u/s today. They are measuring4 # 13oz. and 3#9oz. Baby B weighed the same as two wks ago (3#9) but this tech said my dr may not use the same table or may have measured differently. I hope. Anyway, she could tell they were "breathing" and fluid was in their stomachs so that's a good thing. We couldn't see their faces very well because they are still facing each other. And they're still girls!
I forgot who asked, but I don't get nst either. My dr said he's not going to check me til 36 wks to see if anything is happening either. Yuck! I told him though, I didn't need for him to check me, I could feel my pelvis opening!!!
Well, we are on our way to look at our passenger van and possibly get it tonight. Yeah! Then we'll be totally ready. Just waiting on babies!
I wish I could tell you some remedies for the itching mamala. Unfortunately, the only itching I had was on my belly when it was stretching. But I'll be praying for your babies.
Ya'll have a great day!

04-06-2004, 02:08 PM
Hi there,
My name is Shannon and I reside in Phx AZ, I am expecting a boy/girl at the end of May. It sounds like everyone is going through the same things. I find it so hard to sleep at night, my hips hurt and the trips to the bathroom, they are truely relentless. But I cannot wait to see my two beautiful babies soon. My real due date is June 18th, but my Dr. won't keep them in past May 27th. Has anyone else's Dr. recommended a shorter due date. I am 29 weeks and 5 days...and am hoping the next 7 weeks don't take it all out of me, I need some energy when they get here. Some days are much better than others I will say though. I just was put on bedrest, and I thought I would chat with some other mommies to be! Hope everyone is having a great day!

ShanO ;)

04-06-2004, 06:02 PM
Hi Everyone,

So it sounds like everyone has about had it with this whole pregnancy thing. I've gotten to the point where I let the answering machine pick up the phone unless it's right beside me. Because there is no way I can get myself off of the couch in time to get to the phone before the machine picks it up anyway! Getting up off the couch is about a 30 second process.

Mamala - I have also had a lot of itching which my doctor said was PUPPP. When I was in the hospital today for an NST, I mentioned it to the nurse and she gave me an article about ICP. There is a website - www.itchymoms.com - that has some good information. I got really scared when I read it because of the possiblity of stillbirth. I didn't think I had to even worry about that at this stage of pregnancy.

I have a drs appt tomorrow so I'm going to see if I can get the liver test and make sure everything's okay. The doctor prescribed an antihistimine, which is useless for the itching but it does help me sleep a little better. The article said that cold was good for the itching. Take a cold shower before bed or put your feet in ice water.

If you do have ICP, at least you'll know it and get the proper monitoring. Apparently a lot of the problem is that it often goes undiagnosed.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

The good news is that I'm 35 weeks today! Yeah! I can't believe the time has passed so quickly.


04-06-2004, 11:55 PM
Hey y'all,

Frances' husband Pat called with the details this evening. I'm sorry I am just posting this, but I was on my way out the door when he called....

Now....like a dork, I didn't get a 'for sure' as to whether this was p.m. last night or an a.m. this morning....

11:32 - Maggie was born weighing 5 lb 9 oz and measuring 17 3/8 inches. She scored an 8 on her Apgar (out of 10)...great score.

11:38 - Jimmy was born weighing 5 lb 13 oz and measuring 18 1/4 inches. He scored a 9 on hi Apgar which is also great.

Neither baby needed to go to the NICU, and they have already been breastfeeding. Frances was able to have a natural, vaginal delivery like she wanted. Mom, Dad, Big Sister and Babies seem to be doing fine.

Congratulations to the whole family!! Best wishes during this exciting time!

04-07-2004, 01:24 AM
Frances Here's to a job well done!!!!! Great job!!! Congrats. Great weights and apgar scores. And being able to deliver vaginally. Enjoy those babies, and keep us all posted. I could only hope that when is't my turn that I am just as successfull. I'll be thinking of you. Get well soon and bring those babies home with you soon.

1 down how many to go????

Good luck all.

04-07-2004, 07:36 AM
Congratulations, Frances!!! We've all been thinking of you all day. Sounds like you did a great job. We can't wait to see pictures of those big babies!

04-07-2004, 09:35 AM

Tell your DH to get working on those car seats! I don't know if you have the newfangled LATCH seats or not, but in the old days when you had to run the seatbelt thru the base it took forever. My sister-in-law (who is having her 3rd child on Friday) and I were just talking about how our husbands always waited until we were already in the hospital and were waiting to be picked up with our new babies, and they were at home fighting with the car seat bases. I don't know if everyone else has had this problem, or if it's just a problem for the Boyle family, but I would bug him until he does it.

04-07-2004, 09:52 AM
I posted a thread about this on the "Twins 1st year" board but was just curious for those that are about to have their babies.

Do you know already how your going to deliver (c-section or vaginal)?

Have your babies changed positions very much since week 31?

Did you actually feel them change positions or could you tell a difference in the way you felt such as more pressure etc.... after they changed?

My Baby A was head down the whole pregnancy up until 3wks ago. I had tremendous pressure "down below" most of the pregnancy. Now that he turned breech I don't have all that heavy pressure down there and am wondering if he will turn back vertex. I would really love to try for a vaginal delivery but the Dr. won't unless A is headdown. Of course, I want to do what is best for the babies but just feeling a little apprehensive about surgery and recovery etc... I have a 12 month dd so I need to recoop fast.

Thanks for your input!!!!

04-07-2004, 10:16 AM

My Baby B switched recently from frank breech to head down. I only know from my ultrasounds. My last one was last week (33 weeks), the one before it was at 29 weeks. I don't really know when the baby turned, I couldn't really tell. I did feel some really strange movements last nite, though, so when I go for my u/s this afternoon I'm going to ask if the baby flipped again. I know I'm having a c-section, so it really doesn't matter to me what position the babies are in (I had one with my son and have no desire to try a VBAC this time).

04-07-2004, 11:07 AM
Congratulations to Frances!!! We can't wait to see pictures of the little angels! Great weights, great scores - everything sounds perfect.

Noni - thanks for posting the information on itching. I'll check it out further. Knock on wood, the last 3 days have been good and the itching has been minimal.

I went to the peri this morning for my ultrasound. I'll be 33 weeks on Friday. Baby A is 4 lbs, 2oz. and Baby B is 3 lbs, 13 oz. I'm so excited that they are getting so big! I feel like I have major waddling and eating rights today! My dad has been teasing me because I've been so hungry. Well, my parents came with me to the ultrasound (the first one they've ever seen) and he said he now understands where all of the food is going!!

Summer - both of mine are heads down. At the last ultrasound, 4 weeks ago, Baby B was heads down, but much further up. I thought it was crazy at the time, but I felt Baby B move down about 2 weeks ago. I remember laying down and telling my husband to come over here, because the movement was amazing. We both said at that point that someone is moving down and around!

Well, the doctor's appt wore me out (it doesn't take much, does it). I'm going to rest for a while.

Here's to a few more weeks for everybody!!


04-07-2004, 11:14 AM
Frances, I've been so anxious to hear your news! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you. and hopefully I'm only a week or 2 behind you! I have been praying for you, I'm glad to hear of your safe delivery. We still want all of your details!

Noni, yeah, by the time I get to the phone people think something must be wring and ask why I'm out of breath. Often, that's just when the phone is on the dresser by my bed, a little too high to reach! Congratulations on 35 weeks! I'll be there tomorrow (Thursday). My Dr. thought that if I could make it to my next appt. (next Tuesday, 35 wks. 5 days) that the babies could probably come home with me. We're still hoping for the weekend--Kirk could have 9 uninterrupted days with us that way!

Our van is a 2000, so it doesn't have LATCH. I was surprised at how long it took my husband to get our carseats installed! He's done it, though!! (Our birthing class instructor really pushed that point!) Now you can use that to bug your own DHs!

Summer, my Baby B was head down until like 26 weeks or somewhere in there. She flipped and hasn't flipped back, so it looks like I'm also headed for a c-section. I couldn't tell when she flipped. It seems to me like whether or not you have a c-section, you're probably going to need some help. You might see if you could get a "mother's helper", a teenage girl who would like supervised experience and would work for a few dollars an hour. Even a couple of hours a week would help you to shower, do some laundry, etc. Oh, I caught your "ya'll"! Where are you from?

Talk to ya'll later. Let us know how you're doing! And WHERE IS PATRICIA???!?!?

04-07-2004, 11:51 AM
Rosalynn--Im still here--still pregnant! I'll be 36 weeks on Friday. Amazing considering my doc had just told me a few weeks ago I wouldnt make it past 34 weeks. Things are just so uncomfortable now. By the time I read the posts--im too exhausted to reply.

I use 'Ya'll" alot!! Im from Texas, so its very common for us to use that word. I keep forgetting that it really isnt a word and people from other places don't really use the word. LOL....I must sound like someone who lives on a ranch and owns horses, huh??

Im still officially on bedrest but I've been soooo bad. And I have to admit, I've been bad on purpose. I am sooo ready for these babies to be out. I keep thinking maybe I can help them out alot by being a little more active. Yesterday I actually did 3 loads of laundry. It was so funny trying to bend into the washer to get the remaining clothes out of the washer..my tummy sure did get in the way. I have also been up and down my stairs. But even with that--no babies!

I really still need to finish packing my hospital bag. I was told to pack sports bras if Im not planning to breastfeed-- so I think I may need to go get some. I also need some slippers. Im still charging the camcorder batteries. Im still working on a list of phone#'s to give my DH. And for "my" coming home outfit, I was told by one of the nurses that it should probably still be maternity clothes, expecially since I will have a c-section. Well motherhood maternity ( the store) has the cutest maternity t-shirt I want! I know its probably silly to buy a maternity shirt for after I've had the babies, but it is soooo cute. Its a t-shirt with a stork carrying a baby and says " special delivery". I thought it would be perfect for wearing it to the hospital and coming home. As for the babies coming home outfit, I need to buy a newborn outfit...I already had a preemie outfit, but I really dont think its going to fit. They look sooo small and the size says up to 5 lbs. Oh, I'm still trying to decide on whether or not to take my laptop. I dont think I would actually get online...but maybe my DH could?

Frances--- I am sooo happy for you !!!!! I can't wait to hear from you and hear all about your delivery. After all the bedrest, GD, turb pump....you made it to 36 weeks!!! Good for you! And you had them natural, vaginal, and are already breastfeeding!!! Can you say, "SUPERMOM"? You go girl!!!

See what happens when I dont post for awhile?? When I finally get around to doing it--- I go crazy and cant stop! :D

Who's babies are next?????

04-07-2004, 01:58 PM
You know I just posted last night. Just from last night till this morning there are so many posts. I was thinking of Frances, she has alot to catch up on. That is if she ever gets the time. In the mean time we'll be thinking of her and her new angels.

Summer~~Both of my babies are head down and have been for the last 3 months. I feel alot of pressure down low and it's been there quite sometime. Honestly I hope they don't decide to do any flips. I'd love to have a vaginal birth, I don't like the idea of a C-section. The pressure is alot to deal with, but I'd rather deal with it as long as I know they have a possibility to come Vaginal.

Everyone have a good restfull afternoon.

04-07-2004, 03:25 PM
I just had to log in today to find out how Frances was doing and I was so surprised that she had her babies. I'm so excited for you Frances, great weights!

Lauren, thanks for the input on the car seats. I told my husband again this morning that getting those car seats in today is a top priority. We'll see if he listens to me. Sometimes I just don't understand men. Did anyone see Dr. Phil yesterday and the husband who thought his wife was overracting because she took their infant child to emergency when she had a fever? That man was an idiot, and Dr. Phil pretty much told him so....

Summer, Baby A has been heads down the entire pregnancy, Baby was heads down until about 30 weeks and I really noticed when she turned even before the u/s. I could feel Baby B's head at the top of my stomach, it was very uncomfortable. Then she moved back down to heads down position and I think she is still heads down.

I'm now 34 weeks and 4 days. I'll be surprised if I make it to 36 weeks, my body doesn't feel like it can take much more of this, but hopefully it will.

My DH is picking up pictures today of the nursery so hopefully I can have my web page done in the next couple of days and share with all of you.

Take care,

g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04 (40 weeks)

8 is enough
04-07-2004, 10:49 PM
Go Frances!!!
Welcome Maggie and Jimmy!
Hi Shannon! I WISH! My ob said he's gonna let me go as far as I can. I said easy for you to say! What I can do and what I want to do is two different things : )!
Michelle, it was good to see your babies weights, we're about the same. I was afraid my smallest at 3, 9 was too small, but it looks like we are right on target.
Patricia, talking about being bad on purpose, I took my crew to the zoo today(spring break)! Everyone kept looking at me like I was going to explode any second. I thought it was sooo funny. Well, it didn't help that I had my other 4 with me either. I always take them wherever I go, but I usually don't get as much of a response. But it's so nice here and we have some cubs and babies at our zoo and the kids were itching to get out.
Summer, mine are breech also. We had some really wild movement this past weekend and I told my ob Mon. that they had to have turned, but at yesterday's appointment they didn't. I asked the nurse if she thought they could still turn and she said it wasn't as much a case if they could but more if they would. She thought they may like it right where they were since there was so much more room so we'll see. Even though I'm really nervous about delivering these two, I deep down don't want a section so I really hope they do.

04-08-2004, 12:09 PM
Hey y'all,

Well, after talking with my Ob, we've decided to try and let them stay in for an extra week. Before, we were going to do a C-section at 36 and 6 days on April 22. I get to try for nearly 38 weeks now....so we'll shoot for 37 and 6 days on April 29. We'll see... That means I have 21 days to go -- tops. -Otherwise, I was looking at 14 days - eek.

Now I won't lie to you - these guys are getting so big and I am getting more and more sore. I seem to just slug around the house...always feeling like I have to go to the bathroom. Doesn't it drive you crazy when you feel like you 'really, really' have to go - but then when you finally schlep to the bathroom....not much to show for it....

According to my multiples class, the deal with that is that all of the baby stuff is sitting on the bladder so its shape is all flattened....and often times there is pressure on the center of the bladder - keeping you from being able to empty it all the way. This is how many infections arise, unfortunately. Anyway....for those of you who might have wondered - that's the deal with bathroom going.

A tip I read about turning over in bed. As long as you aren't in danger of totally slipping off the bed, you might try sleeping in silky/satin pajamas or a gown. That will help with movement in terms of eliminating friction. Like I said - just make sure you don't fall out of bed over it, but it might be a helpful idea. I just have to find a silky gown that I can fit in these days, lol....let you know.

I'm so excited for Frances and her new babies. Sooooo, anyone feeling like they're next? I can't believe we'll all be done in a month or so. I still have things to do to get ready, but I am so much more ready than I have been in months - thankfully...

Cherie, did you get those car seats in? You'd be surprised how many Daddies are out in the backseats while Mom is getting discharged....(sigh)... That's the last thing you want to worry about when you're there with your babies...

Patricia, I know what you mean about being to exhausted to reply once you've read all the posts...boy do I know that. I've got that whole 'pregnancy carpal tunnel' thing going on, and my right fingers keep falling asleep - argh!!

Well, I need to get to work. Friday is my last day of work - yay!!

04-08-2004, 12:19 PM
OK, I can't believe I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow! I'm starting to get really nervous. I believe it was TL who posted earlier about bracing for a rough road ahead...so, what do we do when we first bring the babies home? :)

I was put on bedrest before I could attend the childcare class, so I'm trying to read everything I can on how to take care of them, but I'm getting scared now! How will I know how much to feed them (once I determine if I'm going to BF or pump), how will I know what each cry means, how many days a week do you bathe them? This is a lot of responsibility.

With that said, another thought. Do any of you have housekeepers or are you considering getting one when the babies come? Being on bedrest has shown me that it's hard for my husband to keep up with everything. Although I think I'll be superwoman once I deliver and am no longer confined to laying down, I don't know how we'll manage everything. A friend of mine had a cleaning lady for just 6 months post-delivery and she said it was the best thing. Any thoughts out there?

OK, you can tell I'm a little stressed today. Maybe I need to take a nap and stop worrying. I have to focus on the positive which is going to be two little angels joining this family shortly and know everything will just fall into place, right?! :)

I'm so glad all of you are out there in cyberland to listen!


04-08-2004, 01:38 PM
Yay! I've hit 35 weeks! That means only a week to my goal. I'm not sure how much more my poor tummy muscles can take! Does anyone else have these horrible pulling/tearing pains at the top of their stomach? My Dr. said it's my stomach muscles being overstretched. A sprained stomach?!? Ha ha! But I guess it is something like that!

My Dr. isn't going to schedule my c-section until around 38 weeks as well, TL. She had been saying 38 1/2, but when we looked at the calendar, she was looking at the last few days before I hit 38.

Last night I was having some farely soft contractions, but they were about 7-8 minutes apart. I took an extra terbutaline sulfate pill, laid down, drank 5 cups of water, waited about 2 hours, then eventually called. The hospital said to come in and be monitored. I thought they might have stopped on the way there, then not a contraction for an hour while I was hooked up to the machine! I sure hope I don't go into labor to have it stop when I get to the hospital!! That would be too much!

I've been SOO tired the last few days! I can't seem to do anything but sleep! I did finally pick a pediatrician and talked to a lactation consultant. Since last night was sort of a "trial run" we packed everything in the car when we went. It took half an hour! Hmm, gotta work on that! DH said later than he didn't want to rush and make me agitated. I'm sure we'll do a lot better when it's really "time"!

I guess I'm not too nervous about taking care of the babies. I was kept pretty busy as a babysitter until I got married. Then, my littlest brother is only 10. Kids are just part of me! I've just never handled newborns a lot, and not as tiny as mine will probably be! I will have my mom here, so I can ask all those, how often do I bath them, questions. I'm just so excited to be a mom!! It's what I've dreamed of my whole life! I so want to raise these little gifts to love the Lord, and to love others. My influence on their character through my example is more of what I'm nervous about. My greatest responsibility is going to be in what I teach them--as parents we will equip them with what they take to face life. Sure, there will be other influences, but children are influenced most by their parents. I just need so much wisdom in how to shape their little lives!

Congratulations on 33 weeks, Michelle! We'll all be past this soon, and start to count up from 0 again! It will be nice to have other twin moms with kids at the same age to keep up with. It doesn't seem very likely that I could meet any of you in person, except for Pat. My parents are south of you, so it's possible that we could meet you some day. Don't know how soon I'll be travelling, though!

My babies seem like they're getting so big! I feel arms and legs everywhere!! (And Karisa's head ever-present at the top of my tummy!)

Well, take care everyone. We're definately almost there!

04-08-2004, 03:14 PM
Hey y'all,

Something else I meant to say -- Today is my birthday!!! I'm the big THREE-OH today -- oy. My Mom had just turned 30 when she had me, and I'll have just turned 30 when the boys are born. It's weird to know she was this exact age when I was born -- seems like she was more of a grown up at the time...not necessarily. I don't know when/if I'll ever feel like a grown up, lol...

Anyway, Michelle, I know what you're talking about. Don't forget that there is a 'first years' board for us when we have our babies....you can always ask the nurses at the hospital, the nurses at the pediatrician's office...family or friends...

Something I highly recommend - if you haven't already - is getting involved in your local Mothers of Twins/Triplets club. I have found so much support and information from this group...it's awesome. They can answer questions before they are born and afterward...and some clubs have a 'meal delivery' program for moms who have just had their babies.

I'll tell you like my 'Big Sister' told me...the squaky wheel gets the grease. In other words, these clubs are run by volunteers...who are mothers of multiples. Things slip through the cracks, and rather than taking it personally, it's just a good idea to occasionally follow-up with folks to make sure you're getting your newsletter or whatever... I hope that makes sense... -And I'll admit that the first time I went to a meeting, I felt awkward and a bit overwhelmed...but it didn't take long to make friends and talk to people...and I'm kinda shy in those situations. I just kept telling myself -- 'you need these people....you have to do this...." ;-D I'm so glad I did!!

Here is the link to the National organization's site. From here, you can find your local chapter -- or one that is around there... http://www.nomotc.org The group in Orlando is called GOMOTT - Greater Orlando Mothers of Twins & Triplets.

Anyway, my advice is to line up as much help as possible. I have my husband home for a certain amount of time, and my Mom is coming....I'm going to try to stagger their help so I can get assistance as long as possible. I'd rather do that than get all of this help for the first two weeks and then nothing - you know? I plan to have someone else come in for a few hours to help with the house and the babies...but part time, for sure. She's my GOMOTT Big Sister's Nanny, and I'm going to just share her - because the nanny was hoping for some extra hours anyway. My Big Sister has three year-old twin boys - they're so cute.

Don't stress, Michelle....you're not alone - I promise you. Just keep your computer handy. You can quickly research anything online - don't forget....we'll all make it. ;-)

My Big Sis also suggested making up a 3-ring notebook for feedings and naps and everything. She said to make up a spreadsheet in Excel (or use a ruler) and make copies for each baby. You can copy front-back so that one twin is listed on each page. The idea is that when you open the binder, each twin is showing like the pages of a book. She had a sheet that captured midnight to midnight....and she recorded the feedings, changings and sleep for each baby. She said that not only does it help a sleep deprived Mommy remember who has been fed, but is helps you bring volunteers/caregivers up to speed. Another added bonus is that you can flip back and find patterns for your babies...and it makes it much easier to talk with your Pedi about something if you have 'evidence' of what has been going on. It's one thing to have a hunch, but when something is in black and white...

Anyway....a couple of ideas....hope they help...

Hey Rosalynn, I agree about wanting to raise these two into good, Christian adults. It's such a humbling priviledge, that's for sure....

I am so tired...think I'm going to try and get a nap this afternoon.....I'm just worn out. -Talk with you all later...

04-08-2004, 03:30 PM

One of Kirk's grandmother's b-day is on the 11th and my grandma's b-day is the 25th. It would be neat if we hit one of those days! I'm kinda thinkin' it's too early and too late, though. Anyway, most of us will have diamond birth stone babies!! Mine is emerald (May) so I think that's pretty cool, too.

04-08-2004, 07:03 PM
Thanks you guys! Those are some great ideas and I know everything will work out. I think I was just having a "moment".

I did contact the local TWINS club, but then was put on bedrest before I could attend the first meeting. I plan on contacting them next week to let them know why I didn't attend and will hook up with them as soon as I can.

My parents came in to town and will be staying nearby for 3 months. They've only been here 2 weeks and it has been a great help already. You are right - my mom will be able to guide me through everything and she's already offered to spend the first week at our house to help out. I guess I just feel guilty and don't want to impose on everyone, but I know they all want to help and I need to take everyone up on their offers. Good idea to stagger the help, too. I didn't think of that.

As a side note, my SIL delivered her twins at 34 weeks - it's hard to believe that it's one week away for me! I guess it can happen at any time from this point forward!!

Rosalynn - where do your parents live in FL? My in-laws are south of us near Fort Myers.

Thanks again everyone!

Oh - Debra Messing from Will & Grace just delivered a little boy. I didn't catch exact weight, but around 5lbs. They haven't decided on a name yet.

Talk to everyone soon.


04-08-2004, 11:58 PM
Hi everyone...

i had my weekly doctor appointment and was a little bit disappointed with my doc. He originally had told me that he would deliver me at 36 weeks since they were twins, but he admitted that he never thought I would actually make it that far. Well, against the odds, I am 36 weeks tomorrow. Last week he scheduled a c-section for 4-19...baby b is still tranverse...I went in today hoping he would agree to something a little sooner, like Monday. He said that the more he thought about it, he wasnt in a hurry to get them out...EASY FOR HIM TO SAY!!!! He said he prefers to wait until I turn 38 weeks!!! Thats's two more weeks away!!!! He knew I wasnt a happy camper after that, so he said he would go ahead with the 19th, but he wanted for me to know that their lungs could still not be fullyu developed by then. I just dont believe that...I mean I'll be 37 weeks by then, last week they were weighing 5.13 and 6.6 lbs already!

Anyhow, it made me feel better to know that some of "ya'lls" doctors are preferring to wait too. I guess we're all pretty much in it for the long run, huh?

Rosalyn, I hope that you do make it to San Antonio or somewhere close soon. I'd love to get together with the kiddos!! How cute would that be???

Tara Laine--HAPPPYYYYY BIRTHHHHDAYYYYY!!!!!! :):):) Did you do anything special for your big day???

I dont know if ya'll remember, but a few weeks/months ago I was so stressed out about the house being a mess..well I did a lot of research andprice comparisons for maid/cleaning services...I found a company called "Shannons". I love the housekeeper they set me up with. She really cleans well--scrubs the floors by hand and everything. Well this company was by far the cheapest..I only pay 55.00 for 3 hours and she comes by every two weeks. But to be honest, I dont even need her that often...she does everything though--laundry, organizing, cleans the fridge...Michelle, if you're going to hire help, this was the cheapest for me. I feel so much better knowing my house is clean!!!

Michelle, congrats in 33 weeks!!!Rosalynn, congrats on 35 weeks!!!

Jennifer, its always good to hear from you!!!! :)

{{{i wonder how Frances is doing}}}}

Ohhhh-- I almost forgot, today my doctor took me off of bedrest!!!! The funny thing is I walked out saying I was going to do so many things..well, as ya'll know, there's just not much energy in this body to do anything, soooo...I did nothing!!! He even told me that if I wanted to, I can "do it" with my DH now! After 9 months of pregnancy, I can finally "do it" ! I assured him that at this stage and weight, there would be no "doing it"..doctor said that if i get desperate with the pregnancy, it would probably induce labor for me...interesting and tempting, but still, NO!

Well, this is it for now-- I'll check in with you gals later!

Stay Pregnant!!

04-09-2004, 12:16 AM
TL~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Did your sister do a spread sheet for the babies?? If so does she have a sample saved that you could possible e-mail to give the rest of us ideas.

Michelle~~Don't stress to much on how you will take care of them once they are home. Everything is a learning process. There is no right or wrong way. It all depends on what the babies want and how you respond. Just remember the few days in the hospital is your training take in all you can. The way I see it is that your beautiful bundles of joy are first. If the house work suffers a but or alot dosen't matter eventually you will figure a way. Hope that help.

My stomach is so hard I can't stand it. I am so ready to have these babies. But I know that they need more time. I just cant get comfortable sitting, standing, laying down, nothing. I have this terrible pain in my hip joint that I cannot stand anymore.

Sorry I just had to vent. Anyone else feel like me??

04-09-2004, 09:48 AM
Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness - where to start?? First of all, thank you for all of the congratulations and well wishes. I teared up reading some of your posts! (Of course, these hormones aren't helping!)

Per the peri's instructions, I stopped the terb pump on Monday, and when I called the hospital to see if they had room for me to do my NST, they asked me to wait an hour to come in, so I sat down to watch TV. I had 6 contractions in that hour, but I figured, "Hey - I am going to the hospital for my NST, I'll just see if anything is happening then." When I got there, I told her I was having contractions and she checked my cervix - it was at 1 cm. So, they did the NST - it only took 1/2 hr this time - and she checked me again. I was at 3cm! So, she called the OB's office, and they admitted me. (This is where is gets fun!) One of the Dr's from the OB's office came in and asked me who told me to stop the terb pump - I told her the peri did. She wanted to consult with the peri, so she called him and they actually had the nerve to give me a terb shot!! I thought my poor hubby was going to hit the Dr - she started talking about lung development and that these babies would be preemies, blah, blah, blah! DH and I were like - OK - if they wanted me to go past 36 weeks, why in the heck did they stop the pump?? And, of course, we are worried about their lungs at this point!

So, of course, the terb stopped the contractions, but I had already dilated to 4-5 cm and they would not let me go. I had to stay all night in the labor and delivery section, in the most uncomfortable bed, and DH had to sleep on one of those awful vinyl hospital recliners. We were both pretty cranky once morning hit! I had gotten a grand total of 1 1/2 hrs of sleep, and I just wanted to have these babies!

So, at 8 am, another OB from the practice came in and DH and I were ready to lay into him! I started to tell him what was going on, and he just rolled his eyes and said "I know - I heard". He said that he was going to get these babies out of me that day (Tuesday). He said to take a stroll around the floor, he was going to do rounds, then he would come back and break my water. Well, he broke my water at 8:30am, and I was pushing by 11:30am.

About the epidural - you all know how freaked out I was. Let me tell you - I will never have another child without one! When I had my daughter, the contractions were all in my belly, nothing I could not handle. Apparently, Maggie was facing the wrong way, and I started having back labor. OH MY GOSH!!! TALK ABOUT PAIN!!!! The epidural was nothing, as far as pain, just a little pinch and sting when they did the numbing shot. The worst part of it was being completely still during a contraction. Once that epidural was in, though, the pain completely went away!

So, they wheeled me into the OR to push, and right next door, in thte next OR, another woman was giving birth to twins at the same time! There were so many people running back and forth, I lost count, but it seemed like there were 15-20 people in the room at all times. I only pushed through 3 contractions, and Maggie was here, and two contractions later, Jimmy was here! Here are their stats:

Maggie - 5 lbs, 9 oz. 17 3/8 inches long, 8 and 9 on Apgar
Jimmy - 5 lbs, 13 oz. 18 1/4 inches long, 9 and 9 on Apgar

Maggie was actually screaming as she was coming out of me - that was a wierd feeling! Then, the darn placenta took an hour to deliver! They did have to do an episiotomy (I did not even feel it - so don't worry about that either, ladies!), so once the placenta finally was out, he stitched me up and I was on my way.

Both babies latched on to my breast as soon as they were brought to me, and they are doing great breastfeeding. They both roomed with me, they did not have to go to the NICU at all. They are both completely and totally healthy! I am so thankful!

So - that's pretty much it. I am still pretty worn out. Since Monday, I have not slept more than 3 hrs in a stretch, and hopefully, I can catch up and sleep when they sleep this weekend.

OK - they are both up now, so I better end my book. I'll check back in when I can!

04-09-2004, 10:35 AM
Hi Frances,

Welcome back! It's so good to hear that you and the babies are doing so well You had me laughing with the part about DH ready to hit your doc when he gave you another shot to stop the contractions. I think if that was me I would have hit him myself! Glad you made it thru so well. Now we're all dying to see pictures. Good luck getting some sleep this weekend, I'm sure you could use it.

04-09-2004, 03:07 PM
So good to hear from you, Frances!!! Sounds like everything is going great and you've relieved a lot of my concerns.

Pat - I don't know what I'd do if I were you! Your age and weights seem perfect - I would be ready by now, too. But, I guess it's best to be precautionary. Just hang in there!! Thanks for the cleaning information. I've decided it is best to get some cleaning help - at least temporarily.

I hit 33 weeks today and went in for my weekly NST and biophysical profile. Scored 8 out of 8. Took a tour of the L&D. The nurses eased a lot of my concerns - they said they will teach me everything I need to know to begin caring for these little babies. They were also very optimistic that I've made it this far. So, overall, it's a good day.

DH is out looking at minivans! I hope we can make a decision soon. I'm going to take a nap. :)

Hi everyone else - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Easter!!


04-09-2004, 04:44 PM
Welcome Back Frances

I loved your story on the birth of those wonderful babies. Just reading your post made me tear up. You get your rest as you can and take care of them. Let us know how they are doing when you can. OH one more thing have the formed sleep, eat patterns, and are they on the same rutine yet??

04-09-2004, 05:04 PM
Frances, what a wonderful twin birth story. I'm so happy that you had such an easy delivery. I'm praying to do the same for myself. You have been blessed with 2 healthy babies and an easy L&D.

Congratulations to you and dh both on your new family! God Bless!

04-09-2004, 10:08 PM
Frances, it was so great to hear your good news!! I'm so glad that everything went so well after the initial upset! I'm still hoping to make it to 36 weeks. I hope my babies are as healthy as yours are!

I actually had an exciting day and was starting to wonder if this was "it". I went in for my NST and started having some light but regular contractions. It was almost time for my terbutaline, so I took it, but they didn't stop. I ended up with an extra shot. My contractions continued for 6 hours, despite double terb at my next dose, and were still every 6-7 minutes when they decided to send me home. I wasn't dialating at all. (I stayed at the 2 I was at.) Otherwise they wouldn't have let me go. The contractions finally eased up once I got home! Anyway, it's not going to be today!

04-09-2004, 11:13 PM
Hi Everyone,

Frances, I'm so glad to hear your success story. Welcome home and congratulations.

Roslyn, I went to my Ob today and she told me at this point to stop taking the terbutaline to stop contractions. I'll be at 35 weeks on Sunday and she said they don't want to stop my contractions and labor at this point. We may be delivering close together!

I finally finished my web page:


Well, my feet are swollen and my body aches. I'm going to lay down now.

Take care everyone!

g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04

04-09-2004, 11:47 PM
Frances, Congratulations again!! You can't imagine how excited I was to hear you had your little ones!!!I can't wait to see pictures of them!!!! TRY to get some rest...but please stay in touch!!!!!!

Cherie-- Nice to meet you!!!! I love your nursery!! Expecially the colors!!!! You and I may be delivering on the same day. I am scheduled for a c-section on 4-19. I should be 37 weeks/ 4 days by then. I turned 36 weeks today!!!!

Whats with the feet swelling? I guess I hadnt experienced this before becuase I was on bedrest...but for the last couple of days of being up, my feet have swelled up so horribly. They look awful!!! I have no ankles to speak of. It just freaks me out because it doesnt look normal.

I went shopping for baby clothes for the coming home outfits...I mentioned before that I had preemie clothes for up to 5 lbs that I didnt think would fit. Well I went to Baby Depot (burlington) and they have regular clothes for up to 7 lbs. I found the cutest outfits!!! So just wanted to let ya'll know...

Alrighty everyone TRY to get a good nights sleep and we'll chat tomorrow :)

04-10-2004, 12:32 AM
Cherie~~ I agree with patricia. The colors of the nursery are beautiful. You page looks great.

Patricia~~I feel the same as you. My feet are so swollen. I never experienced this before with my daughter. I have cankles you don't know where the calf ends and the ankle begins. It is so grotesk.

04-10-2004, 07:30 AM
Frances, congratulations on your beautiful little ones. Keep in touch.
It looks like everyone else here will be having babies around the same time. I will be 36 weeks on Tuesday, and both my peri and ob had said that if I hadn't had them by then they would schedule the c-section for the end of the week......I go back on Tuesday, hopefully they won't change their minds. My ob put me on pain narcotics on Tuesday b/c one of the babies is sitting on a nerve causing unbearable pain, I haven't cried this much from pain in a long time. Not to mention I haven't had any sleep for days, and to top it all off my body must be so run down I caught some sort of cold thing. Sorry about all the whining!!!!

Take care everyone!

04-10-2004, 11:54 AM
Hi everyone!

Cherie - you look great and your nursery is adorable! DH almost finished our website, so I hope to get it posted by tonight.

Pat - my feet just started swelling 2 days ago and it's weird. I've never experienced it before, but it sounds pretty normal at this stage of the game! I'm on bedrest, but I guess just getting up to use the restroom or get water will do it.

Frances - I don't want to bombard you with questions, because you are sooooo busy, but I have a glider question. I remember in a past post that you bought a glider - which one did you get - does it recline, too? Are you finding it easy to BF both babies in it? I was worried it would be two small for two babies, but maybe it is best to get one. When you get a few minutes, let me know how it works for you.

Did the rest of you get regular gliders? Just curious.

OMG - I can't believe how close some of you are!! This is too exciting!!


04-10-2004, 11:23 PM
Hi Everyone,
I got a quick break and wanted to say hi! Everyone is doing great - I am just soooo sleep deprived. With breastfeeding, it has been tough. It takes me an hour to feed both babies, and they eat every two hours, so I get about 45 mins sleep between feedings at night. I woke up in tears this morning, and DH took over - he said for me to sleep today, just to wake up to pump (pumping only takes 15 mins). He said he would take care of them today, all I had to do was sleep, eat and pump.

So - I am feeling better. I still have a ways to go to catch up, but at least I don't feel like I am going to fall over!

Angela - I got my glider at BRU, and it definitely is not big enough to feed both babies. I am feeding them one at a time for now - once they get more head control and can latch on themselves, I will give tandem feeding a try. I ended up getting one of the cheaper ones ($150). I am not looking for it to last longer than a year or two, so I was not real worried about getting the best quality one. This one feels really solid, and doesn't feel cheap at all. The only complaint I have seen in the online reviews is that it wears out within a couple of years.

You also asked about a routine - well, we are working on that! They pretty much eat all the time right now, which is normal - they are working on getting my milk supply in. I have been waking one up when I feed the other, just to keep them from getting on completely different schedules. Whoever wakes up first gets changed and fed first, then I change the other, which usually wakes them up, and feed that one. So far, it has worked out OK, other than needing an hour to feed them both!

OK - time to go to bed for a few minutes!

Everyone take care.

04-11-2004, 09:38 PM
Hi Everyone,
At 3am this morning we went to the hospital for a false alarm. Per my doctor's orders, I stopped taking the terbutaline on Friday. All day Saturaday I was having contractions and at 2am this morning they were 4min to 7min apart. I was also having difficulty breathing during the contractions. We went to the hospital and they checked my cervix, no change at first and not dilated. 1 hour later my cervix had softened and baby A's head had dropped, but still not dilated. They sent me home about 6am. Last night before I went to bed I felt baby A's move deeper, so I could tell something was going on.

For now, I'm back home and waiting for the big day. I'm very tired so I'm going to go to bed early.

Patricia, my feet and hands have been swelling alot in the last week. I went for a pedicure yesterday and by the time I got home my feet were so swollen, my sandles didn't fit. But nothing seems to fit anymore!

Take care,

g/g twins
EDD 5/14/04 (40 weeks)

04-11-2004, 11:40 PM
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy]

Okay this new format is freaking me out a little!!! I dont do well with change :)

Anyhow, Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!!! I hope everyone had a great day!! So much for my gest diabetes diet-- i must have drank like three cokes today!

Frances--Im so glad your still checking in with us! I too have a lot of questions for you too, but I wanna give you some time to rest first...so maybe next week?? :rolleyes:

Cherie-- maybe your the next one to deliver??? Pretty scarry!!! :eek: Please keep us posted!

Well Im glad to hear Im not the only with the swelling...Angela, your post made me laugh because my brother has been referring to my feet as cankles, but I didnt know what that meant and was to afraid to ask, now I know!!! :p

Gosh, it seems like anyday now we'll all have little babies!!! I can't wait!!!

Talk to ya'll soon!

04-12-2004, 10:48 AM
Frances, It is so encouraging that you are checking in with boards. I was so overcome by emotion when I had read that you had your babies!!!

Patricia, I can relate to the cankle comment, I have been telling my DH that I have cankles....your brother must be a Jack Black fan.

I have a question for those that have had their cerclage taken out. I go tomorrow to have mine removed (36 weeks!! Woohoo). I was just wondering what I can expect? I am just picturing them removing my cerclage, I will start to dilate and it will magically be time to have the babies. I would love to hear from those who have had their cerclages removed and how quickly you went into labor.

Take Care,

04-12-2004, 03:09 PM
Hi ladies!

So good to have the board back up! I was disappointed on Saturday to see that it was closed. Don't they know we have ladies who might go in to labor at any moment!?!?!?

I woke up Sunday morning at 2am with contractions. They were a little bit harder, but still very few were even painful. They continued for about 2 hours--had to double my terbutaline--but then they went away.

Nothing exciting since! Last night I tossed and turned all night. I'm very thankful that I'm normally able to sleep! And at least I'm thankful that my stretched tummy muscles were calm enough last night that I COULD toss and turn! If I'd had to lay still, I would have been miserable. Is anyone else having overstretched/tearing stomach muscles? I sure hope they heal on their own!

Cherie, your nursery is beautiful!! I LOVE the purple!!! I also wanted to use quilts, so I based my nursery off of a mauve quilt that I have. We're still not done. <sigh> The main thing right now is just to get it ready for my mom to stay in, since the babies will be in our room for now. Keep us updated! It sounds like you may have your babies here soon!

My Dr. said that our ankles swell more the lower the babies get. My feet/ankles have been swelling for about a month. It's the strangest thing because my feet have always been bony!! Now even my really long toes sometimes look like sausages!

Stephanie, I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain! I do hope, for your sake, that the babies come soon and that they're perfectly healthy! Hope the cerclage removal is easy for you.

Michelle, I got a recliner thinking that that would be big enough to nurse 2 in. But the best advise I've heard is to nurse on the couch! That way you can set a baby on either side of you and not have to have help, or reach over the side of the chair. I've got the easy-2-nurse pillow, so I'm hoping to eventually be able to get one latched, then reach for the other one.

Frances, I'm sorry you're so tired! I'm sure we'll all be there before long! I'm hoping to deliver this weekend. I'm glad that your husband is willing to help. I know that my DH will be a wonderful help, too.

Pat, congrats on 36 weeks! I'll start wondering every time we don't hear from you! I've got to hang on until Thursday!

Oh, guess what I realized? I count up from the day I ovulated to know how far along I am. My Drs. count down from my due date and they're always 1 day off. Anyway, I realized that my due date is really May 13th, because this year was a leap year! That puts May 13th at exactly 40 weeks. That's a Thursday, which is my roll-over day.

Well, I'll talk to ya'll later!

8 is enough
04-12-2004, 08:20 PM
good evening girls!
I just thought you'd like to known that I haven't posted in awhile because our girls were born on Good Friday at 9:50 & 9:53. My water broke while I was driving to my mom's house and the girls were delivered by section 2 hours later. Reagan was born first and weighed 4# 3 oz. and Robyn came second and weighed 3# 9oz. We had to come home today without them. Since they were born at 33 wks, their lungs hadn't developed so they are receiving oxygen with a through a little hood that fits over their heads. We can't hold them because they get so excited that their breathing really gets out of whack. But they have hair and their color is really good and we can touch them. It was the hardest thing in my life to leave that hospital today. I cried a river of tears. I'm just not used to this. I've had four big babies and I was not prepared at all. One thing! If I'd thought more, I wish I would've pushed more for my ob to check me for dilation or effacing, b/c if I'd known more I might could've put myself on bedrest ya know? But that's all over and there's nothing I can do but wait to bring my little one's home which they thing will be in 2-3 wks. So, pray for these little ones to hurry and grow!
My sil put their pics on the web www.cbphotos.com/proofs/twins but I haven't been there so I don't know what's there, I came here first.
I never thought I'd gone this early so rest, rest, rest!
And Frances, Congratulations again on your two little newbies! OK who's next?

04-12-2004, 09:37 PM
Jennifer, Congrats on having your babies!!!! I was wondering who would be next!!! I totally empathize with you and your family for having to leave them in the hospital :( . I can't imagine what your going through....even though I keep trying to prepare myself mentally of the possibility of that happening to me, it still cant compare.....I will keep you and your family in my prayers every night. I know things are probably gonna be crazy for the next couple of weeks with hospital visits and all, but please keep us posted!! (Please don't think this is corny, but I try to be very specific with my prayers, so updates are good..) Again, congrats!!!!!

Rosalynn, You know when I was in the hospital one of my nurses had me a day off of what I knew I was....week wise that is...ANyhow, it was starting to annoy me because you know how proud we are to hit a new week and all. So one day I finally bought it to her attention and told her she was a day off on my due date..and she told me everyone was this year because of leap year..something about the wheels they use don't account for leap year. To this day, I dont understand what she was talking about...but i thought it was interesting that you mentioned leap year.

Oh Jennifer-- Nice to finally meet "you"!! I loved seeing the pics of the babies, but I was also happy to finally see you too! I loved the little feet in the easter eggs....cute!

Frances, I hope your getting some rest!

Angela and Cherie, still pregnant???

Michelle hang in there.....

AHHHH whos next???? :eek: ITs all becoming so real

04-12-2004, 10:42 PM
Jennifer~~First of all I'd like to say congratulations on your little angles. I will keep them in my prayers. Before you know it they will have gained weight and the doctors will be telling you to take them home. Keep us all posted on their progress. I know it broke your heart to leave them, but take some advantage get a little rest while you can.

Patricia~~I am still here letting these guys "cook" a little longer. I am so miserable at this point. I can't sit, stand, walk, lay down, you name it, nothing is done comfortably. I have this horrible pain in the joint right where my right leg connects to my pelvis (you know where right) Well anyway I think that one of the babies is on a nerve right there or something. I can't use that muscle to lift my leg. I can't step onto a curb if I wanted to, it's too high. My little girl has to help me get dressed, since I can't reach my feet she holds my pants or underware, and pulls them to the point I can reach. My feet are so swollen that I feel like I no longer have toes, like its just one big toe all the way across. :o Other than that I feel alright.

Everyone take care.

04-12-2004, 10:52 PM
Hey y'all,

Sorry I haven't been able to type much. My right hand gets numb very quickly, so I can't do the marathon posting/surfing I used to... ;-)

Frances, we are just so happy for you. Thanks for the update on the babies. I'm sure you are exhausted...can't wait until you are rested enough for another update. In the meantime, you take it easy and just take care of yourself and those babies...

Hey Jennifer, wow - congratulations!! Thanks for checking in to let us know how you're doing. The babies look absolutely wonderful...you're right - good color, etc... Hopefully, they'll get bigger and stronger and can come home soon. I can't imagine how you all must have felt to come home without them. I do think you are right about the rest of us putting ourselves on bedrest - just in case. I have tried to do that for the last few months, and I hope everyone else is able to take it easy, too... Thanks for the web URL - the pictures are great. Please keep us posted as you have time. I know you'll be busy trying to recover from surgery and going to visit the babies...

Hmmmm, I didn't know anything about this whole leap year thing.... So how does that work. At this point, my weeks change on a Friday - although my technical due date is May 15th - a Saturday. So basically, my real due date would have been the 14th, is that what I'm understanding? -Or, do my weeks really change on a Saturday?

Patricia, you're right about it becomming more and more real. I just cannot believe that we'll have two baby boys in a few weeks....amazing. When we first found out we were pregnant, May 2004 seemed like a million years into the future...at least it did for me. -Then when we found out we were having twins, April seemed like a more likely possibility - but still far off...

I still have a fair amount of nesting that I'd like to do before they get here. I have a lot of it done, but there is still some organizing to do. My Mom was a big help - getting things washed ahead of time and making up casseroles. DH just got back from another trip to SAMS....more food for the freezer and bulk toilet paper/paper towels, etc....

Well, my fingers are getting numb, so I'll sign off for now. We're holding steady with everything. My next OB appointment is on Wednesday. I can't wait until my next (and final) Peri appointment on the 20th. I want to see how much they weigh....

In the meantime -- for those of you still in the 'waiting room' -- 'stay pregnant'!! For our new Mommies....take it easy and try to get some rest...

04-12-2004, 10:57 PM
I am so miserable at this point. I can't sit, stand, walk, lay down, you name it, nothing is done comfortably. I have this horrible pain in the joint right where my right leg connects to my pelvis (you know where right) Well anyway I think that one of the babies is on a nerve right there or something. I can't use that muscle to lift my leg. I can't step onto a curb if I wanted to, it's too high. My little girl has to help me get dressed, since I can't reach my feet she holds my pants or underware, and pulls them to the point I can reach. My feet are so swollen that I feel like I no longer have toes, like its just one big toe all the way across. :o Other than that I feel alright.

Everyone take care.

Oh boy, do I know what you are talking about. Honestly, I have been having that horrible 'leg connects to pelvis' pain since Thanksgiving - no lie! ;-) For me, it's on my left leg...but it's the same thing. It doesn't always hurt terribly, but it's definitely getting more and more intense...especially when I am doing any walking.

Like you, everything is very uncomfortable. My DH has been such a great help in getting up/down and bringing me things. I don't know what I would have done without him - that's for sure.

Well, take it easy and try to sleep with a pillow between your legs...that has helped my hip/leg pain a little. Sometimes, switching the side I am lying on also helps. Just think - this will all be over sooner than we can imagine. In the meantime, I'm definitely hoping to be able to 'cook' a bit longer. ;-)

Keep us posted....

04-12-2004, 11:48 PM
Today was a pretty quiet day--not many contractions. I'm so glad that it's over, though! My Dr. thought that if I could make it until my appt. tomorrow, that the babies could probably come home with me. I want that so much! We're so close!

Jennifer, I've been wondering about the ladies that we haven't heard from, and you were one of them! Congratulations!! Your little ones are just precious. I can only imagine how hard it was to leave them in the hospital. A friend of mine had a c-section, then her baby was in for 3 weeks. She said it was really hard to recover from the surgery, with pumping and running to the hospital all the time. Try to get yourself well, so that you can take care of those babies at home in a few weeks! They look wonderful in the pictures. So sweet!!

Oh--the deal with leap year. The pregnancy wheels are based on 365 days in a year. Well, this year has 366! The wheel doesn't leave a space for Feb. 29th, which put my EDD at May 14th, a Friday. Well, if I was 40 weeks pregnant, it would only be May 13th. If that extra 2/29 space was in there, the wheel would say May 13th too. So, for anyone who's Drs. didn't take that into account, our real due dates are a day sooner. If you're counting up and not backwards from your due date, TL, then you're technically due on the 14th. :) It doesn't mean I'm any further along, I just finally realized why everyone else was always off!

Angela, are you sleeping with your feet up on pillows?? I have trouble staying that way (especially on my left side as well!) but I try, and it does help. I have bad knees and the weight is really getting to be too much for them. I've gained about 57 lbs. (!)

Well, enough from me for now. It's so hard not to live on here right now, just to make sure that I didn't miss something!

04-13-2004, 12:11 AM
TL---glad to hear your still baking!!!

Rosalynn---I think Im obsessed right now. I keep checking in all day to make sure no one else has had their babies. I'm addicted to ya'll :p !

I keep thinking---why haven't we heard from _____ today??

Isnt that funny?? You'd think I have no life ir that I dont have anything to do....when I actually have soooo much to do, like file my taxes :(

well, this is it for tonight...i wont check in till tomorrow......hope to hear from cherie...sounded like she was sooo close last time she posted.

I've been having contractions on and off all day--what if Im next :eek:

36 weeks/ 4 days :)

04-13-2004, 10:55 AM
Hi everyone!

Jennifer - congratulations on your new arrivals!!!

To the rest of you - because my hands also get very numb :), I can't type too much, so no individual replies. Sorry!

I went to the doctor's yesterday. I'm 60% effaced and 1 cm dialated. He said to continue with bedrest and we'll shoot for another 2 weeks. The pressure is so severe and I'm also having that same pain the others have mentioned - I'm calling mine some type of groin pain. My left leg gives out when I walk sometimes because of it.

I've tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs, but it doesn't work. I'm sleeping the same way I did prior to getting so big (50+ pounds so far), just not getting the same amount, right?! :)

You know you are uncomfortable when it's no longer exciting to go to the doctor's. I used to look forward to getting out of the house, but it takes forever to shower and with my hands getting numb, I can't spend any time on my hair or make up. I just have to laugh...

Talk to everyone soon - everyone's doing just fabulous!!


04-13-2004, 11:58 AM
Hi Ladies,
Jennifer - congratulations! I am so happy for you, but I can't even imagine how hard it was to leave your babies at the hospital. I will pray for them to gain weight and come home soon.

The babies are doing great! I guess I should be posting on the N-1 board, but I don't want to leave you all! I will just wait until we all have our babies, and then we can post together on the new board.

We had our first pediatrician appt yesterday. Both babies are past their birth weight already. Jimmy is at 6 lbs and Maggie is at 5 lbs 12 oz. I guess the neverending breastfeeding is paying off! They are finally getting on somewhat of a realistic schedule, though. They are eating about every 3 hrs, which is much more manageable. Plus, they are latching on great, so it is taking only about 30-45 minutes to feed them both. I am slowly but surely catching up on my sleep.

Well, sorry to tell you all, but the hand swelling does not go away immediately. I have still been waking up every morning with swollen and sore hands. That is why the web page is not updated yet. (Well, that and the aforementioned neverending breastfeeding!)

I think the leap year thing explains why they gave me that terb shot when I went into labor. They had my gestation at 35 weeks, 6 days, and I had it at 36 weeks. I think they wanted me to go one more day to be officially at 36 weeks on their calendar.

To everyone else - hang in there! (I know, I know - easy for me to say, huh?) Just remember - the longer you keep them in, the healthier they will be when they come! I know you are all sick of hearing that - I was - but it is so true!

Also - go ahead and fire away with the questions. I will do my best to answer anything I can. Talk to you all later!

04-13-2004, 12:11 PM
Its nice to know I'm not alone with this leg pain, but I am sorry at the same time that you ladies also have to deal with it. Yes, I am laying with my feet propped up every chance I get. The hard part is once I start to doze off they don't always stay that way. My pain in my right leg, so it is uncomfortable to sleep on that side. I do sleep on my left side with a pillow between them. That is hard to keep my feet up as well. I alot of times will wake up just because I can't get comfortable. I have been caught by DH sleeping sitting up. In the beginning I think DH thought I was exagerating. Now he seems to understand more. He'll help me up off the couch and etc. He's stopped making fun of my huff and puff. Ok I'll be checking in later, but for now I am gonna go lay down.

OH I almost forgot....When I do go into labor I might have a friend get on here and post for me to let you know.

8 is enough
04-13-2004, 07:27 PM
Thank you! thank you! thank you! for your prayers, they are all being answered! Every day my little girlies are improving more and more!
They were only "taking in" 25% oxygen today so they are going to take them out of the hoods tonight, pray they don't have to go back because if they stay out we get to hold them!!! And they didn't have any residual left in their bellies. (They have an og tube to feed them because they want all of their energy spent on breathing. So they pull out whatever is in their bellies to see if they've digested what they had at the last feeding and give them the difference.) So they moved them up to 7cc's of breastmilk every 3 hours. That means that together they take in 1/2 ounce every feeding. The rest is fatty lipids through an IV. I turned off their billirubin lights (it looks like they're in tanning beds) and took off their little foam visors so I could see their little faces and Reagan actually looked around for awhile. I talked to her and it calmed her down soooo much. The nurse was really impressed. Her respiratory rated dropped from over 100 to about 70.
I feel sorry for you girls in so much pain. I am still thinking about all of you and hoping it gets better. Maybe warm baths might help the leg pain? At night before the girls were born, I would lock myself in the bathroom and turn the jets on our tub and fall asleep.
Frances did you say you were tandem nursing or feeding one at a time? Are you having to eat more for more energy? I rented a pump today so I could store some milk. Do any of you have any suggestions on the best containers, bags or bottles? I never stored any before but I'd hate to throw it out. Just when I did, I'd be wishing I had it later. I don't even know how long it lasts stored. Please help!
Well, I wonder how our other preemie babies are doing?

04-13-2004, 08:10 PM
Just checking in to say that I don't think that I'm going to go into labor today. I felt great when I got home from the Dr's, then needed a nap, didn't get enough, and now I feel even more tired! I don't handle sleep deprivation very well, I don't know what I'll do when the babies are here! Guess we'll see in a few days!

At the longest, my Dr. will schedule my c-section for the 29th. Yay! Now that we've made if far enough, I want to be done!

My swelling was down enough this morning that I've only gained a total of 54lbs! It's just nice to be back in the 45-55 optimum range!

Michelle, I figure that I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant with twins and NO ONE HAD BETTER NOTICE THAT I'M NOT WEARING MAKE-UP!!!!! I usually just put it on in the car, but I've been too tired to do even that the last few times! As for showering, I know that I won't end up staying if I shower! Last time I had to stay for the weekend, and guess what? I'd been exhausted and said, oh I'll shower in the morning. And the times they've kept me for hours-just about the same thing. Anyway, I'm trying to stay very clean all the time now, just in case!

I'm finally feeling more pressure down low, even though Julia's head has been there for about 2 months. 2 weeks ago I measured 44cm, last week 42cm and this week 43cm. The Dr. said that it's because when you "drop" the top of your uterus isn't as high. Anyone else "shrinking"?

Guess what?!? My mom has been sick and now they've diagnosed her with pneumonia!!:( She has been really, really looking forward to the birth of her first grandbabies and it would be awful if she had to miss it! Thankfully, she's way past being contagious, so if she can just get to feeling up to travelling the last 3 hours from my grandma's where she's staying, she can be here. I feel good enough today to think I can make it a few more days, but other days are rougher and I just want them out right then!

Frances and Jennifer, thank you for your updates! We'll continue to pray for your little ones, Jennifer, I'm glad that they're doing so well! And Frances, I'm encouraged that you are already getting just a little bit more sleep! I sure hope that my babies are as healthy as yours seem to be!

Pat, you've made it the furthest yet, I think! Only 6 days left! Good job, girl!

04-13-2004, 08:34 PM
rosalynn, Im with you-- I dont think these babies are coming today.
No contractions, no pains, swelling is down. I really don't think these babies are in any hurry to get out.

I do have my weekly appointment tomorrow. So maaaayybeee he'll see that I've dilated more and decide for me to stay and deliver. I doubt it, but nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right? Either way tomorrow is officially my last doctors appointment before my c-section. I can't believe it!

Frances and Jennifer -- thank ya'll for keeping us posted! I get so excited to hear from you girls! Jennifer, Im praying for your babies everynight! They'll be home in no time!! Frances, you make everything sound soo easy!!!

Question for Frances === Did your gest diab go away as soon as you had the babies? Or do you still have to check yourself everyday?

My DH has been really staring at my belly lately. I think it just freaks him out a little. I used to so little, and now well...not quite so little. Anyhow, I think my stomach has been fasinating him because he's a man of little words and today he called me to say that he made an appointment for us to go have maternity photos done. The ones where mom is showing her tummy and dad is kissing her tummy....ya'll have seen them, right? Well at first I was like no way!!! But the more he asked the more I thought it was cute. So I think we'll go and get those done tomorrow. Funny, right?

Angela, Im so sorry you're in so much pain. Mine is not everyday. Some days are good and some are bad. Like today was such a good day. I didnt even feel pregnant! Hang in there!!! In a few weeks all of these symtoms will be some fading memory.

Oh frances, thanks for waiting for us to join you in the 1st year board!!!! I cant wait till we're all in there chatting away about our babies and their milestones! :)

Michelle, two more weeks!! You can do it! Forget the makeup and hair! Its funny because when i was on bedrest i could only shower every other day and boy did i complain about that. Well, now that Im home and can pretty much shower everyday, I DOnt! I'm like what's the point?? I swear Im going to burn these maternity pajamas as soon as these babies are born! You know how its a little difficult to eat with a big belly in front of you? Well, it never fails, everytime I eat I drop some food on my belly, so my pajamas have all sorts of permanent food stains in the stomach area. LOL

Hope everyone else is doing well and still pregnant.

---Tonight I think I'm giving my DH his instructions for getting online and letting ya'll know when I have the babies----

04-13-2004, 08:37 PM

I hadn't realized it was only 6 more days !!!

rosalynn, I was reading your reply and thought, "where'd she get 6 days from?"

Wow-- thanks for freaking me out!!! :eek:

04-13-2004, 08:50 PM
Jennifer, I was so happy to read that your girls are getting better everyday...I will continue to pray for them.

Frances, you truly are an inspiration.....I can't believe you are getting caught up on your sleep already, WOW. Are you feeding them at the same time?

Angela, I feel your pain......literally!! It really helps me to soak in the tub every night, last week my OB gave me a prescription for the pain. I was crying so bad at my last visit. It helps a little, but does not completely take it away.

I can't believe everyone is so close to the end!!!! I had my weekly appointments today. The Peri was concerned that Baby A's fluid is getting really low, but he was really happy to see that their weights had come up considerably since last time. Baby A is 6lbs and Baby B is 6lbs 10oz. They are both breech still :-( During my OB visit she was supposed to remove my Cerclage, but gave up after 45 minutes of trying (agony). She scheduled my C-section for Tuesday April 20th, it feels so good to have a date!!

I am looking forward to the First Year boards!! It is so exciting to check to see who has had their babies, we are all soooooo close!!!

Take Care,